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  1. Gift Code Scam

    Well they need to feel you are getting a deal ,they will clean out you acc anyhow but they need to ask for a min payment it's human psychology.
  2. [S] Jumbow Meow

    He is trying to make money I do not see the problem.
  3. [B] Ivory Dofus

  4. Buying Ivory Dofus

    "Sounds great, I'll happily wait until the 15th if the price is right, keep me posted. " He is gonna want 100 mk not sure why he would sell it since he must have billions already unless he sells kamas But I not one to Judge.
  5. Dofus 2.45 Changelog

    I heard a rumor on JoL that they will not keep LoS on Clumsiness but reduce the mp it takes to max 2 take it with a grain of salt until you hear officially.
  6. S>Cloudys

    One left .
  7. S>Cloudys

    Sold 3 at 80mk lol 2 more for sale. when will the drunk rants ever end???
  8. S>Cloudys

    Hi selling a few cloudys I am looking for the outrageous price of 85mk LMAO you can pm IGN Pickmeup if you are stupid enough to pay GG pps Open to neg
  9. DUO leeching

    Hi how much for 5 chars thru Ilyzaelle iop(str/fire) eni(fire) cra(omni) panda(omni) enu(mp red chance) do I keep mats from achive or what deal do you do ?if you want mats?. Not duo just normal.
  10. Mystic's Dungeon Leeching Service

    ok mate GL. I demand a 50% discount on free Dungs!!!
  11. Mystic's Dungeon Leeching Service

    Prices still the same ?And do you leech vortex now?
  12. S>2 Abyssal Dofus

    Sold close pls.
  13. S>2 Abyssal Dofus

    sold one for 85 Another 80 last one for sale 79. pm allfome
  14. S>2 Abyssal Dofus

    Looking for about 85mk each but open to offers will have another 3 up for sale in a week so if you need one let me know to reserve at this price.
  15. Dofus 2.42 Changelog

    True many are still stuck at Mastrogob.