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  1. Surprise! It's a wild Fosjam! So, folks, you may have noticed that myself and Aza have been a lot less active across the last couple of years. Whilst things may have appeared this way due to real life commitments, we've still been active behind the scenes. Our team of mods have been sailing the good ship without needing our presence, which has allowed us to focus on helping those guys out when needed with admin powers and with fixing (and breaking!) settings in the background. Unfortunately, we've realised that the one area where we haven't been able to work to our best
  2. On any screen, if you click the "5 hours ago" under a topic (i.e. the time of the last post) it'll take you to the last post. Even for a previously read topic. PS we don't make these changes, IPB do. Not a lot we can do about it.
  3. So, a select few seem to have decided to be selectively stupid, and miss the point entirely. I, quite frankly, do not give a shit about what happens in game. Post all the fight victories you want (as is the entire point of the thread). What we won't accept is the insults, the name calling and the shit slinging. Play nice, kids. Anyone else who decides "hurr durr I'm going to purposely misinterpret the post what a lark" will be warned. Trust me when I say people have done it before. You're not funny and you're not a special snowflake for thinking of it.
  4. Newsflash folks: Nobody cares. Quit comparing wangs or I'm going to use mine to slap you all with a mute.
  5. I miss Turkey Twizzlers. Damn Jamie Oliver and his "healthy schools" bullshit.
  6. Hello there folks, Your friendly neighbourhood admin just popping up to clarify a point that should have been pretty damned obvious. If a user is banned, you should not be posting here on their behalf. Believe it or not, using these forums is not your right. When you sign up for an account, you agree to abide by the rules set out on the forums. If you abuse these rules, you lose the privilege of being here. However, some banned users seem to think that they can circumvent this by having other people post for them. And some idiots are helping them with this, by posting on their behalf. This
  7. whats beyond a bed or a bath LOL we don't have that shop here
  8. We had this before. It was called the Shika War Room, and it did not end well. This is most definitely a no. Full stop.
  9. Fosjam

    IV Mods what?

    The mod team have brought me out of retirement to dust off my old admin hat just to weigh in here. We have always taken accusations against the mod team here very seriously, (and in fact accusations against any member, hence the Scammers Registry strict rules), and so something like this requires some comments from myself. A couple of points of clarification: 1) Admins can see everything about you. Your IP when you do literally anything, including registering and logging in. This is how we catch out our repeat offenders, and duplicate accounts. It's also how I know about what you do in the
  10. Under the old system, all warnings had to be removed manually, there was no way to make them revert after a period. So, if you've got an old warn, you'll have to contact a mod to ask for it to be reduced. Unless you've continued that kind of behaviour, we tend to be happy to.
  11. Admin weighing in here. If you have an issue with a particular mod, you contact myself or Aza. (Or more recently, also ruggur or dacheat). Ultimately, Imps isn't a business. It never has been. Even when donations were still an option, they rarely covered the hosting costs. At all. Let alone software licences. Now, the server is completely paid for by Kyek. It is, however, a community. Which is why we are always willing to listen to suggestions. However, ultimately, what the admins say goes. It might suck for you guys to hear it, but ultimately we do get the final decision on things. This
  13. It's not often that we get this kind of... election campaigning and voting going on in here. Whilst we do take public opinion into account when we decide our mods, we do so by looking at their post history, and their wider impact on the community. This is part of why it's such a big decision making process. We don't really do it by "lots of people put them in their mod app as who they want to be a mod". Whilst this does sometimes suggest one of the people we choose, it more often than not leads to people suggesting someone we definitely don't want. Usually people's friends who are actually tro
  14. At some point in the next few days I'll probably put up a few of the main changes, but otherwise most of them are fairly cosmetic or are behind the scenes mod tools. So enjoy! EDIT: One update is the ability for us to tag topics, so I added one to this one. EDITEDIT: And one nice new update is the ability to see where you gained your rep! Just click the reputation tab and your profile, and you can see which posts gained you rep.
  15. Deleted spam. Don't repost it guys.
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