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  1. Hiya if some of my old OLD friends still play, im back in game, playing on and off, depends of the mood... playing on Baby-Cakes (feca), Shionhooters (eni), Gauge (iop), Britney-Beth (sadida), so contact me in game, say hi and lets catch up.... cya in game. SpaceBallsDad, retired rushu sram resurected couple years back as 4 new toons i was poking on and off...
  2. But thats the way i lost previous one, i left it in public paddock , was sugestion of couple players, and i lost it, as i said before i left it in storage mode, maybe i shoulda pick breed mode? im not breeder, was long time ago, forgot how it works... one day i just got msg turkey abandoned me, something similar to that Now i need 4 more battle turkeys, but im scared to get them im taking breaks from time to time, what if i lose em again? Maybe couple patches back they changed is so expires even in paddocks if they are public?
  3. Alive and kicking! How's everyone? Anyway i play on Zatoishwan now for couple of months, maybe a year on and off slowly with alot of short pauses... even though my dear sram rest in peace in some grave in rushu, i resurected 4 new toons on Zato, Feca 18x, iop 16x, Eni 17x, Enu 12x and rising :-) If some1 from rushu still remmebers me and plays send me a msg to say hi :-) maybe you also have account on Zato so we can chat or hang out? Cheers all... Now now, dont be a stranger now.
  4. I had propecting turkey equiped on me, had another battle one in public paddock, some ppl informed me if i left it there i wont lose it at all, can be there like 4ever, but after few weeks, turkey abandoned paddock and i lost like 1,5mk... was really disapointed and sad, so before i get another set of turkeys, can some1 teach me how to 100% keep safe turkeys in case u take few weeks or few months break? ( 1 is always equiped on my acount, that one is safe, that i know) Dragoturkey in public paddock was left in "store" mode, maybe i sholda left it under breed? Anyway help...btw i hate how the
  5. Its nice to see that ppl from that time still play now :-) I seen some trade posts of youbutsu, i remeber him well if its still same account owner :-)
  6. hmm that weird :P cuz i never played iop class lol
  7. :-) wanted to say hi and see if after ALL this years any ppl still play that played in mine time when i was 19x sram on rushu :P
  8. "No country for old men" This film u can watch, and when its over u can go watch it all over again and will still be good as first time :-) "Fracture" - brilliant "1408" - i dare u watch it loud alone in the middle of the night "Rome holiday" - old black and white classic - one of my favourites "Under the Tuscan sun" - Diane Lane is stunning in that one "The secretary" - what a movie, omg "As good as it gets" - Jack Nickolson's best if u ask me, besides Shinning... "The Island" - very good SF thriller Alot more i can't think of atm, will add up in future if anyone still reading this p
  9. yeooo your alive! if you remember me ;p miss your killer intel sram.

  10. ee pa ti si sa balkana zar ne:)

  11. Just wanted to say it was shitty that they wrote that in your post. <3 I forgot the guild logo on my post as well and they should have flamed mine as well if they wanted to be a thorough dick. Want to share my recruitment thread?

  12. Happy Birthday!! may all your candles blow out and your wishes come true* hands you a big red balloon*

  13. I think close combat is dead, as few people that posted. Anyway time to boost all that spells we neglected to long, im sure there are few in any class For srams, maxed tricky trap, mistake and some other will be interesting But im really sad about weapon skills nerf sucks i have 4 skills at lvl 6 :)
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