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  1. Kulphin

    Merchant mode going off

    i think it goes off after 48h(or 24) IF you wont sell anything in merch in that time
  2. Kulphin

    Rosal Dimensional Portal Positions

    Enurado: [09:27] Portal hunt finished: you can find a passage to another dimension at [-12,-25].
  3. Kulphin

    Selling ore and wood

    hello i would like to get rid of all my ore and wood. prices 15% lower than market average. if you are interested please leave a reply, send a pm via imps or pm me in-game(Kulphin). im online between 5-8 pm dofus time
  4. Kulphin

    A long awaited farewell.

    Swing wat r u doin Swing stahp Take a week or two off dofus and then decide what to do, dont make any hasty decisions. I heard you are giving away your stuff too? Dont. You will regret it the day you come back(if you quit that is). If you really gonna quit then ill have to get your e-mail for ... purposes >.> Just arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh PS: I KNOW YOU MENTIONED MY NAME FIRST ON YOUR LIST CAUSE YOU LIKE ME B-)
  5. Kulphin

    Veldin's Youtube Channel!

    Nice one Tom, you made me look so noob in this video :mellow:
  6. Kulphin

    The Class Change

  7. Kulphin

    PC > Crimson dofus 45% power

    topic can be closed. i sold crimson to one of my closer friends.
  8. hey guys im wondering how much 45% power crimson is worth nowadays. dropped it a while ago when getting one of last souls for EH and i dont really need it so ill probably be selling it too. if you have any ideas about price please let me know... and if youre interested in it you can leave me an offer in private message or in this topic. thanks in advance
  9. Kulphin

    Kralove opening

    Huge success. Thanks everyone who helped. :)
  10. Kulphin

    Kralove opening

    Bump. Starting in about 10 hours.
  11. Kulphin

    Kralove opening

    Hi guys. I'll be trying to open kralove this Saturday (December 21st). Starting around 7PM dofus time . Hope to see you on tiles. Thanks in advance. Bluczes
  12. Kulphin

    Inaccessible emotes

    yes, im having problem with emotes too. sometimes its on just 1 acc, sometimes on more... even if they all stand on the same map and have same pets equipped some of them cant use emotes(sometimes cant even open emote panel cause its grayed out)
  13. Kulphin

    Kralove opening

    Hi guys. I'll be trying to open kralove this Saturday (July 27th) around 7PM dofus time . Hope to see you on tiles. Thanks in advance. Bluczes
  14. Kulphin

    Post your goals and achievements

    Another 200 and another Ochre. This time both at the same time :P
  15. Kulphin

    Kralove opening

    Thanks everyone who helped. 2 successful runs and 2 happy random people i took through dungeon. ;)