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  1. i think it goes off after 48h(or 24) IF you wont sell anything in merch in that time
  2. Swing wat r u doin Swing stahp Take a week or two off dofus and then decide what to do, dont make any hasty decisions. I heard you are giving away your stuff too? Dont. You will regret it the day you come back(if you quit that is). If you really gonna quit then ill have to get your e-mail for ... purposes >.> Just arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh PS: I KNOW YOU MENTIONED MY NAME FIRST ON YOUR LIST CAUSE YOU LIKE ME B-)
  3. Nice one Tom, you made me look so noob in this video :mellow:
  4. http://impsvillage.com/forums/topic/126458-class-change-via-ogrines/
  5. topic can be closed. i sold crimson to one of my closer friends.
  6. hey guys im wondering how much 45% power crimson is worth nowadays. dropped it a while ago when getting one of last souls for EH and i dont really need it so ill probably be selling it too. if you have any ideas about price please let me know... and if youre interested in it you can leave me an offer in private message or in this topic. thanks in advance
  7. yes, im having problem with emotes too. sometimes its on just 1 acc, sometimes on more... even if they all stand on the same map and have same pets equipped some of them cant use emotes(sometimes cant even open emote panel cause its grayed out)
  8. Another 200 and another Ochre. This time both at the same time :P
  9. Sad day for Rosal :( Another veteran leaving makes me want to quit(for good) as well. I still have lot of stuff to do in Dofus but i have to agree with you that it's not as fun as it used to be few years ago. Thanks for being good friend and my Goult partner(3 times :lol: ). Take care. Bluczes
  10. My sac is 200, 10/4... i counted the leftover ap after using stim/smell. Isnt the -dodge on hel munster a problem? I was thinking of using that but wasnt sure... i didnt play for some time so not sure what exactly changed. Edit: Right now my team looks like this: -int/agi/cha eca(nomarow + cb parts) -int/agi/cha cra(sucker + cb parts) -agi sac (allister set) -int/agi eni(nomarow set) -cha enu(danathor set) -cha panda(danathor set) -str iop(broucey set) -agi/str masq(fuji set) but soon str/cha masq(oshimo set)
  11. Hey guys. After recent changes to CC i decided to change my sacs build. It have always been pure agi but now when it comes to dealing dmg i find being pure agi kinda bad(2 x assault + staff and i still have leftover AP). I was thinking if allister + nevark + awmi + thunderbuff would be any good for PvM? If not then what other ideas do you guys have? I want to hybridize agi with any other element(agi is a must because i lack agi dmg and lock is always nice to have). 10/4 or 10/5 without mount is ok. I would like to have at least 320 PP too(with 90 PP pet of course). At the moment it is wearing full alister + awmi + bherb belt + sunshade + sleet amu + ragoat(30pp<3). Also have a 19 turq. Thanks in advance
  12. yeah im confused about it too... we got magical orbs but spells seems the same :mellow: EDIT: tried to restart dofus and now i get a message that a file from patch is missing and i have to download everything from 0 :lol:
  13. aaaaaand the kama bug didnt get fixed after maintenance... i really hope its just a bug and not one of new "features" >_> really annoying when i buy stuff from people for more than 1mk
  14. its 999,999 kamas for me so its even worse :(
  15. it started happening on all accounts(all of sudden) 2 days ago on 2 different comps with 2 different connections... today i tried unlocking some accs on my other laptop and my other bro comp... it doesnt work on any of them... i also tried on friends comp and doesnt work either ._. tried sending a ticket but i think they are not getting it because i got no confirmation and when i check "my tickets" on site it doesnt show me the one i just sent i havent played regularly so maybe its finally time to stop for good, im really tired of all this ankama crap :P
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