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  1. Cleared cache, and then 7 more attempts and I finally got the NPC to respond. Weird, but over. Thanks!
  2. So I've been working on completing lots of quests on three of my accounts recently, and am trying to knock out the Cania series of quests now... On step 1 of Ixnay on the Idnappingkay (http://dofuswiki.wikia.com/wiki/Ixnay_on_the_Idnappingkay), you're supposed to talk to three NPCs in the quarry area of the Stontusk Desert, and the wikia warns that you may be attacked by monsters from the area when talking to any of the NPCs. Two of my three accounts got through these interactions just fine, and seemed to have about a 50/50 chance of being attacked by a mob when talking to each of the NPCs. My third account, however, has attempted to talk to the "Exhausted Slave at -3,-52" at least 30 times now, and is ALWAYS attacked, so I can't progress in the quest. I feel like after this many attempts, it can't just be the random chance of being attacked anymore. Has anyone else experienced this or found any way to get around the problem? I've tried standing different locations on the map, changing gears, attempted on different days, after restarting computer, etc... no luck yet :(
  3. I'm mainly quitting, and have stripped down half of my team so far and put the stuff on my sacrier merch at -1,0... come see! 4 turqs 2 AP bherb belts Lots of carefully maged frig2 gear Lots of trophies Several hats and capes have afterimage of Alowa set
  4. Team Swatch-Guard Calling It Quits...

  5. Team Swatch-Guard Calling It Quits...

    Thanks for the feedback... I think I'm going to do some merches to sell off five of my account's gears and my hundreds of breeding mounts, but leave my original 3 accounts intact and geared up just in case I get the itch to come and play some dofus on a rainy day!
  6. I think I'm done... I've been playing since 2006 or so, and have been building up my current team on Solar since early 2010... I never seem motivated to get online and play anymore though. Thanks to everyone who's helped me out over the years, from my old days in HK on Rosal, to my many awesome guildies in Team America and random friends from all over... I won't name names because I'll forget someone I shouldn't! So I'm trying to decide what to do with my stuff & characters. Help me decide with the following poll! My current accounts include 8 fully geared level 200s, plus about 3 more 200s partially geared, several AP and MP exomages, 7 turqs, 1 ochre, hundreds of breeding mounts, etc... So what should I do?
  7. So I started breeding DTs quite a while ago, and it got to the point where I really just don't keep up with it anymore, which seems like kind of a waste... when I was actually tending to it and keeping my turkeys pregnant I could easily get 20mk or so worth of scrolls in a week by trading in any non-camo non-pure babies. It's probably been 2 months since I actually bred them though. Too busy with work to really do this part of the game anymore. So, in terms of what I have in my operation: Currently 428 breedable turkeys Breakdown: 228 female / 200 male 240 chameleon Ginger - 53 (all camo) I haven't focused on most other low gen turkeys, although i have at least a few of most types, for example: camo almond: 5 camo indigo: 8 camo ebony: 6 camo orchid: 5 camo crimson: 2 camo turq: 4 assorted cross-breeds of these. where i've focused has been developing pure-breeds and camo breeding stock on plum hybrids and emerald hybrids, as well as camo plum and camo emerald breeding stock: camo emerald: 21 camo plum: 30 ebony/emerald: 30 (18 camo, 9 pure-bred including some pure-bred camos) emerald/turq: 31 (11 camo, 17 pure-bred) plum/emerald: 14 (no camo - just started working on these, only have 1st and 2nd gen) A few other emerald stripes I've only just started to try and breed stock on: eme/ginger: 4 eme/indigo: 8 (1 camo) eme/crimson: 3 eme/almond: 5 (1 camo) Plum/Ebony: 40 (21 camo, 19 pure-bred) Plum/Ivory: 36 (14 camo, 25 pure-bred) Plum/Indigo: 37 (5 camo, 32 pure-bred) Plum/Crimson: 3 Plum/Orchid: 31 (18 camo, 13 pure-bred) Plum/Ginger: 10 (3 camo) Really hard to say what all this might be worth, It would probably net something like 250-300mk if I sold off my turkeys in the pet market, not taking into account that they're breedable - but I don't wanna do that because it would be a massive pain, and because it would overwhelm the market and tank prices if all of a sudden there were 20 camo plum/ebony mounts for sale! That in mind as sort of a rough baseline, with the earning potential of this operation for someone with more free time than I have, I'd think something like 400mk might be more reasonable for everything I've got, but if y'all think that sounds crazy let me know. I've never seen anyone try to sell 400+ breedable turkeys before! I might entertain things like ochres or exos as part of the deal, or ogrines or a sack of cash. If you're interested just respond with questions or PM me on Imps or IGN Enumerator or Extendable. Thanks!
  8. Post your Guts

    Really nice feca guts Norol + Sleepyhead... got to 199+20% on mine so I reset stats to full str. Still working on Frig3 though to get some of that new stuff. Currently in broucey and ethnologist wand =p
  9. Post your Guts

    The only reasons that I haven't thrown on that broucey set yet is I hadn't set on a weapon that I liked, and while she's still leveling the wisdom on henual is nice... but I'm close to hitting 199 so i can start ignoring wisdom I suppose... unless there's some awesome level 200 frig set I should be thinking of. I haven't gotten through any of the frig3 dungeons yet or else that shovel would probably be high on my list. Broucey with giger probably wouldn't be bad either, but that's what my iop is using and i try to mix it up and not duplicate sets on my team is possible, especially when it comes to weapons (chance characters are ethical wand and canni blade, intle characters and stormcloud staff and eternal want, agi characters are sunshade and trikidiki hammer... my str enu i retired was a thunderbluff hammer to compliment the iop's giger, but it would be silly to do a fuji + TB setup on feca!)
  10. Post your Guts

    Dropped one of my enus for a new Feca, to see if that helps my efforts to get through any of the frig3 dungeons :P This is sort of a first quick attempt to get her out of pure leech gear into something that might be more useful... can drop the voyager for a different trophy once my mount hits 100. Still haven't really decided what I want to do for a real final set on her. Pretty limited with my feca experience but I definitely need to keep her str-based to make up for the str-enu she's replacing. Hoping this will at least make her useful in some of these dungeons though. Advice? Thanks!!
  11. Post Your Awesome XP

    People stopped posting to this thread once the double-xp ended? Here's one from last weekend leveling up my new feca :)
  12. Mimisymbics! Post your skins!

    There's a good chance I went overboard here!
  13. Mimisymbics! Post your skins!

    Here are 2 ideas that I had.. I think I'm going to do identical set-up/colors on full team, but not sure. Right now I'm just messing around and trying out some looks. Thoughts?
  14. Just call me Al Bundy

    Cuz I got lots of shoes. I finally got my shoemaker to lvl 100, and am celebrating with a slightly ridiculous merch resulting from whatever I had laying around, so if you're looking for lots of class belts, moo boots, and other assorted junk - or if you for some reason need 11 slices of undergrowth or have an army of 42 srams who all need black rat boots, come to my merch! It'll be there for a full week while I'm in LA at a conference!