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  1. My god, 7 years. So much has changed, but I recently got the Dofus bug again so I might as well come back. Hey y'all. c:
  2. Aeth

    What you're watching.

  3. Hah, so how have you been?

  4. Just barely. Haha.

  5. your alive aeth. :o

  6. Aeth

    Oh god, tired as hell and adjusting to a new sleep schedule.

    Otherwise I'm fine and dandy.

  7. Edwin

    Hi, Aeth. (: How ya been?

  8. Anyone got the link for it? I'm a bit too tired at the moment to look.
  9. The test server is still up? O.o
  10. I'm usually on Survivalism or Sunspots as opposed to Aeth. I don't know what to do with her anymore; her appeal has almost died to me.

  11. who cares!? log on one of these days, i miss the old folk...

  12. Somewhat. I haven't leveled since the last time you were on Shika.

  13. miss you too, do you stilll play?


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