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  1. So my professions are as follows: 80 jeweler 65 shoemaker 20 tailor 100 jewel magus 100 shoemagus (More to come) As far as pricing goes I'm probably the cheapest around and typically just ask for whatever you think is fair for the situation. I also don't mind using a few of my own runes if needed. I'm basically free all the time too, so just shoot me whenever and ill be more than happy to help ya out ^_^ Leave a post here or PM me in game at bread-basket, brolaf, or bucketz
  2. Sandeh

    Rate the above person's Avatar

    5/10 Its very blurry D:
  3. Sandeh

    This gets on my tits

    When you want to scroll a stat, but are unable to because ankama had a bug where you can't exchange resources for scrolls. I have to wait 4 whole days until the maintenance is over on Tuesday for this to be fixed. *sigh*
  4. Sandeh

    The rate-a-signature game

    8/10 Best guild ever part doesnt match the entire signature, neither does Rosal, still a pretty good signature though 8D
  5. Sandeh

    The rate-a-signature game

    8/10 Looks good but why isnt healing word a spell? D: Edit: just saw that your quote thingy changes every time you refresh the page... 9/10 :lol:
  6. Sandeh

    The rate-a-signature game

    9/10 Looks very clean and smooth. Also like the fonts. :)
  7. Sandeh

    The rate-a-signature game

    8/10 looks pretty good, but some edges a blurry...
  8. Sandeh

    The rate-a-signature game

    7/10 Bit blurry and writing is hard to read
  9. Sandeh

    The rate-a-signature game

    6/10 nothing special at all (im actually 14x :o)
  10. Sandeh

    Rate the above person's Avatar

    no avatar = 0/0? (but like the signature :P)
  11. Sandeh

    The rate-a-signature game

    8/10 pure win ;)
  12. Sandeh

    The rate-a-signature game

    8/10 interesting, but just a clip of anime put into signature size
  13. wot

    wrong person XD