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  1. DFuzzy1

    Solo player server launching in October

    is this what's gonna drag me back into the world of twelve why can't I quit you
  2. DFuzzy1

    'nother break. :v

    Why can't I leave you, Ankama :v I went on indefinite hiatus around summer of last year, but I decided to read up on some Ankama news a few days ago and now I'm a backer of their Krosmaster Arena Kickstarter (shut up and take my money!), so it's probably a matter of time before I start playing again (either Dofus or Wakfu, haven't decided yet).
  3. DFuzzy1

    Diablo III

    Rocking the casbah with my Monk. Just finished Act I last night. Manly tears were shed at the ending cinematic,
  4. DFuzzy1

    Which class to choose?

    Looks like Ankama was thinking the same thing. From next week's content update: Free Members can now group freely with Premium Members (and vice-versa), though standard combat restrictions still apply. Free Members will be able to create guilds. Now, time for some turf wars!
  5. DFuzzy1

    Which class to choose?

    I understand why Ankama has such a strict policy of non-interaction between subbed and un-subbed (botters screwing up the economy by collecting resources and giving them to subbed people), but it makes me a bit sad that I can't hang out with unsubbed people and show them more of what Wakfu has to offer. edit: On second thought, unsubbed people can't go beyond Astrub, and there aren't too many useful things to farm there (keys and equipment, I suppose), so I need to think about this a bit more.
  6. DFuzzy1

    Official cra nerf

    It amuses me that Drhellzerkers have all that MP but have no way of leaping/jumping away from someone :lol:
  7. DFuzzy1

    Content update May 2nd - What to expect

    There are active support spells that you cast (Attraction, Transposition), and there are passive support spells that are always in effect (Blood Pact, Moribund).
  8. DFuzzy1

    [Amakna] Government Representation!

    Just like real life... :rolleyes:
  9. DFuzzy1

    Content update May 2nd - What to expect

    I see your point. Around 20 levels to max out a support spell (so all 10 maxed by lvl 200), plus the grind to 200 in Dofus IS pretty ridiculous (so plenty of time to work on attack spells).
  10. DFuzzy1

    I might as well say hi. x3

    A wild Sydney appears! I'm almost lvl 70, would I make you feel derp? :(
  11. DFuzzy1

    Content update May 2nd - What to expect

    One could argue the same thing about characters with different profession specialties, no? Dofus only lets you pick 3, while Wakfu lets you work on all of them ;) On a more serious note, an increased level cap would mean more support spell points, but different builds also depend on different attack spells, and it would still be a huge time investment to level up spells from multiple builds. I haven't played Dofus in a long time, but I don't think everyone's the same build for a given class, even with a 200 level cap.
  12. DFuzzy1

    Str Iop - what next?

    I played a Water Xelor in OB and liked it. I switched to an Air Sac for the official release, but a guildie brought up the fact that Water Xelors with high Willpower are still viable due to the fact that they can deal damage (especially if Time Theft kicks in), cripple enemies, and help give the team AP through Xelor's Hourglass. Sure, the Hyperaction levels will be through the roof, but hopefully that enemy will die next turn anyway when the rest of your team goes to town on it (or you can switch to another target). But I digress, since this is a Str Iop thread. I just wanted to see if I could make use of the fact that Iops can actually achieve decent Stun levels through Increase.
  13. DFuzzy1

    Official cra nerf

    They never had much of a chance to begin with :( Arrow Blow - Whoopee, a melee skill that might take MP? I can just Disengage/Retreat/Beacon Sneak and keep shooting your face off. Seismic Beacon - A faux AoE beacon that requires LoS between enemies? Whoo. Lashing Arrow - Not a bad skill if you don't need to move, but you might be better using that MP for Long Distance Combat. And now that they're nerfing it to one cast per turn... <_< Piercing Arrow - A faux AoE spell that requires LoS between enemies? Whoo. Riddling Arrow - KABOOM! 20 damage. However, this might go up in popularity now that they're nerfing Riddling to be 1% for other arrows.
  14. DFuzzy1

    Str Iop - what next?

    With full Willpower, the stun chance is still at least 50% for Charge. Power is just an added guarantee :) But I do realize that this build needs quite a bit of time to get all of its support spells leveled sufficiently. In the meantime, I'll be doing sub-par damage :( I wasn't considering PvP, but you already pointed out the drawbacks of this build. I was actually counting on low ini so the rest of my teammates could proc Show Off for me whenif my turn comes around :rolleyes: I don't like builds that are nothing but damage. I know there's an art to squeezing the most DPS out of a build, but it's not something I get a kick out of.
  15. DFuzzy1

    Content update May 2nd - What to expect

    Runes to increase Kit Skill will sell like hotcakes :lol:

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