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  1. I hate being ignored. Sounds attention whorish, yes, but recently there have been some people who have tried to avoid contact with me because I've done something wrong. If there's an issue at hand, just talk to me about it instead of being rude... I won't bite. I promise.
  2. Supervillian. Mwaahahahahaha. iPhone 4 or Droid?
  3. Granted, you get your very own, national holiday! Unfortunately the government has decided it has too many holidays, so Halloween is no longer observed. Nice going, you jerk! XD I wish I had my driver's license.
  4. My sleep schedule for the summer. Sometimes I wind up staying up until 6 in the morning, going to sleep, then waking up at around 2. I don't like it a bit.
  5. I'm not saying parents should do it in public. I'm just saying they should learn to spank their children when they are getting way out of line. They should explain why they did, too. My mother always told me the reason she spanked me and my brother was because if she did not teach us right from wrong, the world will, and the world does not love us. We both turned out to be perfectly healthy kids.
  6. This. On that note, I dislike parents who do absolutely nothing to discipline their kid because they are scared to or too lazy. When I was in the doctor's office a few years ago I witnessed a mother of two children... both of her kids were running outside to the other side of the building and come back. They could have been snatched by some dickhead. The mother did nothing but talk to her BFF on her cellphone. If I hadn't been too sick, I would've told her to control her fucking kids. People need to learn to bend their kids over their knee and give them a few slaps on the ass.
  7. you-love-neph<3

  8. I don't like the fact that they're making new Looney Tunes shorts, some of which are going to be in 3D. I'll stick with the classics, thanks.
  9. I can't relocate right now as I lack money and I lack a car. I would *love* to have an entry-level position in either graphic or web design, but here in buttfuck Arkansas people care a hell of a lot more about their trucks and cars than they do about computers.
  10. Not having a job. D:< I swear getting a job here is like pulling teeth.
  11. I really hate it when my dad calls kendo "Samurai warrior" instead... yes, it does mean "way of the sword" and yes samurais practiced it and all, but he doesn't seem to get the fact it is nothing like the bs he sees in movies and television.
  12. Holy fuck, I completely forgot I posted that. LULZ. Thanks for the reminder. I am pretty jazzed about it, actually. lol
  13. I graduated Friday! :o And I got multiple scholarships!
  14. I graduated from high school Friday... and received three scholarships. Feels good man
  15. Kendo! I go to Kendo practice twice a week and it's proven to be a great stress reliever. I'm exhausted and sore right after, but it's well worth it!
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