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  1. Pika

    Dropping by again

    Because you never left in the first place? :)
  2. Pika

    Dropping by again

    Hey! I was thinking how cool would it be that the servers merged just yesterday. Went to see the Dofus website and I see that they did merge, which got my attention. How're the servers now?
  3. Hey hoooo, anything changed since the last time I visited? I'm quite confident I'll find youbutsu here.
  4. Pika

    Dropping in to say hi

    Oh hi there. Somehow thought I'd find you around! :)
  5. Hello friends! I've remembered this game still exists, decided to visit the good old IV forums. Wow, it's been 10 years since I've joined! Well, any familiar faces still around and someone wants to renew contacts? It's been a few years since I've last been here, let's see if anyone's still alive. :)
  6. Pika

    Just dropped by

    Woah, it's been a while. I wonder if anyone remembers me. Came back home some days ago, decided I'll check Dofus. All of my accounts have been cleaned a while ago, and it was the reason I quit, barely gained access back to Pika- again. I've missed Dofus and I think I'll start it over with some real life friends to have some fun. If any of my old friends (you know who you are) still play, I would love to talk to you guys, I've missed you. See you in game, maybe. :)
  7. Pika

    hai gais

    Hey Kine, what's up? <3
  8. krava

    zz, sranje za hack :(, mislim da ti jos timesi igra na rushu, a ja sam ti na shiki ja isto prestal pa opet pocel prije par mjeseci(ako me se sjecas :D)

  9. Pika

    Anyone still playing this?

    Yeah opened a third ticket today, got closed in like 3 minutes and they say it's not their fault... Meh. :/
  10. A few days ago I remembered I used to play this silly game, but some months ago Jordi told me that there has been some massive hacking in Ankama Games and I was just like 'meh'. Yesterday I tried logging in and at first had to restore my password and secret answer, which have been changed. Then I logged in and my character was naked. I've talked to Jordi and I have heard that people have gotten their items back, so I've tried sending a ticket as well. Well, no luck, I'm not getting anything back. Eca was fully geared, had a high turq, had a decent summ of money and some other items. Sac's mail has been changed and I can not access her at all. They don't want to give her back. Eni's been dead for a while, can't access that either. Is it worth coming back? I mean, I saw Vel coming back, and some others are still playing? What are my chances of getting the items back? I was thinking about asking to talk to the superior of the guy who I've gotten in support, but he said it's my fault, I got keylogged, and now I can't reply to the ticket any more. I think Ankama is actually breaking the law, it was their fault, and after 5-6 year of paying for the game, they can not just take your hard work from you because of their own incompetence... Dunno, I'm really pissed off, just wondering if there's still people playing Rushu and I'd like some opinions on this.
  11. Pika

    Well this is awkward...

    I'm your clique. 'Nuff said. Hai Chris. <3

  13. Pika

    Official "I Dropped a Dofus" Thread

    I lol'd xD. Grats on the Turq <3.
  14. Pika

    Official "I Dropped a Dofus" Thread

    Gary's Crimson drop :lol:!
  15. Hai ya keene!