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  1. haha that am a funny joke :) nice work! i like it because of what it imply. haha :P
  2. You realise that's actually what you're doing though, right?
  3. Wow it seems like our rules hurt your feelings hmm really makes you think
  4. Ok well if you do those things while also not posting hate then it's not an issue is it.
  5. Tfw people to to portray people playing 1.29 as whining about this when this is unprecedented and I say that as someone who has been playing since 2004. From this it very much seems like Ankama are embracing making the 1.29 server seem as unappealing as possible (which they have been doing since the server's international release)
  6. Garne


    1. szi


      It's been a while: what's up?

    2. Garne


      Nothing much, just remembered our journeys on Dofus and it seemed like such a long time ago.

  7. If anyone wants to be best friends on Eratz my name is Garne I'm v nice and cool
  8. Do there be server downtime at the moment? It says that theres maintenenence when I try to log in. Very peculiar. Thinking emoji.
  9. Ankama's goal with re-releasing 1.29 is to try and make people think "wow 2.0 is so much better after all why did we want this".
  10. Yo add garne if you want a cute handsome babe on ur friendslist no losers allowed i will probably get b ored of this in 3 days so give me your kamaz
  11. I feel like that's the sort of embarrassing thing you don't share with people bud.
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