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  1. I tried to log in a couple of times but was never able to do so, do I not qualify for the compensation because I did not receive it.
  2. The only thing that affects DT camo chances are the parents having camo. That's it, nothing else matters. You can't get it from a camo in the tree, pure trees make no difference, you can't get it from standing on one foot, facing east at precisely midnight on the server three to your left when they mate. If one parent is camo there is a 10% chance. As far as I know for fishies it's just a random chance. Nothing else matters. I could be wrong about fish but I do not recall seeing anything suggesting otherwise.
  3. Genetic collisions cause the matings to go down.
  4. Shre

    Spell Variants

    If you haven't already read this post in Letter to the community you'll want to.
  5. I couldn't help but think as I read his posts "and how many times over the years have I heard you say you dropped the ball on communication and should have listened to the players?" It's been how many years now? Year after year they say the same shit yet little changes. He has made it clear a couple of time that this will probably not be called Dofus 3 by saying it is the project code name but then goes on to make the contradictory statements that ElMatematico pointed out first page. Is it just getting lost in translation or is the company really bipolar? I got the impression that they want mobile users to be able to access the same game and same game servers as PC users. The problem if that is indeed what they intend is the limited abilities of mobile platforms will mean the PC version has to be dumbed down to the lowest common denominator. Obviously I could be wrong about one world for all platforms and that is the way it really should be done, but that is not the impression I got. @Gravestorm I'm not sure wtf you're talking about. There are plenty of ways they could improve Dofus. It used to be a fun, popular game and they have been killing it slowly for years with bad mechanics, bad class revamps and other bad decisions. They have turned the game into an annoying pain in the ass, which helped drive away players which made the game more of an annoying pain in the ass. Yes I know there are some of you in here who think the current version is fun, you are not in the majority. As far as them adding features to v3 that they want to add to v2, by their own admission they will not be able to do some things due to the limitations of flash. Nothing is stopping them from making the changes to Dofus that they can do now.
  6. Moldy are you having problems with anything else while playing Dofus? Like maybe you're the victim of a DOS attack while playing? Try running Dofus then see if you have problems with other sites/watching videos. You might also run a tracert to see if there is a problem along the route to the servers.
  7. Shre

    Merry Christmas!

    I've been good this year Santa!
  8. [01:46] --VU-- casts Soul Capture. is your problem. You need to cast mount taming
  9. They killed the class with all the new dung mechanics. Tanking is no longer something that can be done for most and it's a shame because it's an aspect of games that quite a few people enjoy doing. They might have been able to re-emphasize the role to make it work again but with the way all these gimmick mechanics work now I'm not so sure. Personally I think it's sad.
  10. You're still missing the point. Less diversity is a complaint that comes up in games quite often right? If you really want to bring new players into the game, which is probably what you need to save it, then having zero diversity through the leveling process is not a good idea. Players do like, at least I and the people I've played most often with, do like to be able to have some choices in how they build their characters and spells are a big part of that. Having spell levels and having to make choices based on give and take adds strategy to the game. They obviously do not get this by their comments on these changes and PVP calling it a "problem" that people will not know before hand what a player will be coming into battle with. How is that a problem and not an interesting strategy twist that could make the game more unique and fun? If you as a wandering wizard came across another person in your travels would you know what their abilities are going to be? Would you know how they are going to fight you? And if you had heard of their legend or had battled them before would you expect them to do exactly the same things they did last time?
  11. It's 2016, the whole year has been one big derpfest.
  12. What you're not realizing is that what they are saying is "we are going to add spell variants starting at level 200+ after we remove the spell variants that currently exist from 1-200 through spell levels". This IS in essence what they are doing. Every char of a class will be exactly the same for a given level up till level 200.
  13. Think this is the same as the third you posted but in case it's not.
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