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  1. Hey bud,

    It's been eons (since Rosal days) since I've heard from you. hope you good.

  2. Chris. Yeah creapys as fuck right?

  3. whatever infinite whore :C , just come back to dofus when u feel like u have a purpose to be on it.... pls and thanks

  4. Sure sure, you keep thinking your closet goes to Narnia.

  5. D: im not gay >_>

  6. wtf, lol. There aren't enough gay black guys about, but at least we have you.

    I may play again in a bit, depending on how a few things turn out. Get haxxing out, fuckface.

  7. yes asshole :C if u played u would know this @.@ had it for 2 weeks now >_>

  8. Well I mailed that dirty jew a while ago on Dofus, saying all he has to do is just get on MSN and tell me he wants to do something and I'll play. Alas, it seems he's too lazy to even do that. But yeah likewise, if you wanna do something, give me a slap. I'm done with logging onto Dofus and idling around for hours waiting for something to come up.

  9. Well. I can certainly start logging in more often if you're going to do so as well. I'm logging every now and then to finish swapping sets once again. Really you just have to poke me if you're going to be active. Our beloved Jew will stay lazy forever, you may as well contact him and see if he got his wife pregnant again.

  10. Oi fucktard, you got your Ochre yet?

  11. Oh right, I didn't have a clue it were on the cards to come back again. I'm currently not playing, but if you're seriously considering running it again, I don't see why I can't help out with it. Certainly give me a reason to play.

  12. Wait, did the character count just lie? As I were saying, Ralfeh just mentioned about me helping with this years Rosalfest, might tempt me outta the woodwork, if we can finally get our team together. Depends how lazy you and the jewslim are.

  13. Screw you failface /rage.

    Yeah all good here, same old shit. Got bored of Dofus so tried out Wakfu, that ended bandy with enis being terribly bugged, the game sucking ass didn't help either. So now I'm currently not playing either Dofus or Wakfu, and sulking instead. I'll play Dfus if there's a need to, but struggling to find a point to play, though Ralfeh just mentioned...

  14. Not thinking about Rosalfest? I was hoping you might be able to lend a hand this year.