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  1. Oldtimer back, kinda.

    Alright. I`m in dofus touch if anyone wanna play. Guild: Snow, alliance HUE
  2. Oldtimer back, kinda.

    I have to think about starting pc again youb :P but nostalgia is poking my back. What lvls are you guys atm? Edit: Heia sverige hehehe
  3. Oldtimer back, kinda.

    Well, long time since I was here.... But for those who remember me, i`m on dofus touch with a lvl72 feca, (again). If anyone wanna catch up, my really creative ign is "Myway" Lol!
  4. Auayayaya

    Happy xmas and new year from an old dofus player!
  5. teachers who complain they are poor

    Hi all :lol: Long time since i`ve been around. Ellabella, I agree with you completely! Pfff, i`m a teacher as well and beeing a teacher here in Norway is really hard. This isn`t a joke guys: 40-50% of all teachers with a teaching degree quit as teachers in 3-5 years (here in Norway). Google it up, you might find something in english on the subject. If I could choose again, I would be something different, but I can`t do anything now couse of all the loans (house, car, education etc). I miss dofus guys, though I can`t play. Mac, I can`t believe you are still playing dude! :P Nice to see you around :P
  6. Vet du hur många norrmän det krävs för att skruva i en glödlampa?

  7. Post your "owning" pictures here!

    cra sadi same sadi lol
  8. [official] Post Your Picture Topic!

    Damn duff :P I envy you with all the diving you are doing :) Cool pics :o
  9. [official] Post Your Picture Topic!

    The old ones sounds best :D I would love a jacko pastorious bass, if anyone know what i`m talking about :D
  10. [official] Post Your Picture Topic!

    kasslabarack, I always thought you were a girl!!!! :D I googled Ryan Martinie DiWa. I really like the bass he`s playing on, a warwick jazz bass if I'm not wrong.. :D or is it a thumb bass?.. I cannot quite see the resemblance him <-> me though :P
  11. [official] Post Your Picture Topic!

    Just had a concert near Oslo at Kjellern Rock festival. Me on bass;
  12. [official] Post Your Picture Topic!

    Love the hat kafka ;=P Damn, I thought you were living in Norway sagadaw :D
  13. [official] Post Your Picture Topic!

    Yupp sagadaw, i`m norwegian :D Better that than all those swedes like youb and amne :D hehehe At least we got the oil xD
  14. [official] Post Your Picture Topic!

    I`ll make some pr lol; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rhodesian_Ridgeback Yeah, they grow fast couse they are big dogs, not the biggest ones though, I give mine 3 meals a day, i`ll check later how much he gets... Edit; I spend about 600 NOK a month on food, that`s about 90$ or about 80€. His toys lasts max 3 days lol. Edit 2: "Whole dolphins, I would imagine." ROFL :D
  15. [official] Post Your Picture Topic!

    Thanks :P Lol yeah, he`s around 30 kg atm, and he`s still a puppy! only 8 months old ;)