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  1. Haha, well...I thought this piece deserved more love than I gave it, certainly more than a cheesey filter. So I did a different version, with better lighting etc.
  2. Man...I spent soooo long on those flames -_-
  3. Hey all... I'm going to work on these when I get the chance, but I don't think I was ready for all the requests. I'll go through the request list on a first come first served basis, but I can't promise I'll get to everyone (life, responsibilities, etc.). Thanks again and keep your eyes on the thread!
  4. Feel free to PM me the deets. Here's yours, Rob. Edit: due apologies to Michelangelo, the painter and the turtle...
  5. Of course! Send me description...but pictures/images are best!
  6. Sure. Post some detailed info on what you'd like, and if you have screen shots it would be the most ideal. I haven't played Ankama games in over a decade.
  7. Gratis. Free. No money. Edit: let me clarify. I'm just going to take a few requests to make pictures for people as a way of reconnecting and giving back to the community. This won't be a long term fixture, more like just something I'm doing for a bit while I have some free time!
  8. Nostalgia compelled me to login to Imps again. It's quite cool to look at how the site has changed. I'm no longer a college kid futzing with a tablet and I'll gladly admit that much of the growth in my artwork was due to this forum. So I'd like give back a bit; what the heck, I've got free time and a tablet, so let's bring on the requests!
  9. Lara and the rerender of the face with the gun are both sick! Awesome stuff, and glad to see you're pursuing your dreams!
  10. Would love the Deus Ex... I also have Dota 2 invites if people want them.
  11. Happy Birthday sir!! Hope all is well ^.^

  12. Haha, I am definitely a suit these days. I decided to check IV on a impulse a few days ago...not really painting much anymore, but I miss the people here. :) I dunno about bringing art stuff to work...I sketch constantly, and have already been made fun of by another one of the associates here. After I get over my video game and work addictions, maybe I will dust off the old tablet again. Good to chat with people after so long!
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