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  1. I'll be online later. Catch me online, Xentrav.
  2. looking for anyone around. Starting up my team again.
  3. The only present of note was a scratch card in which I won £5000 but couldn't send it away recorded delivery because the post office only opened today. Scary having it in your wallet for over 24 hours.
  4. Jesus christ. Grow up. This was a totally shit read.
  5. Thanks for the info. So I've made quite a few kamas in game and rightly or wrongly I've begun to save for an endgame pvp set for my sadida. The only solid piece I've seen is a Lucloak and I really like the look of a souleater, can anyone recommend the ideal pvp set one could expect to see on a sadi. Level isn't an issue, remeber this is something I'd be working towards end game. In other news all my chars have hit 110+ and I've successfully ran crow and Shushu with my team. Aside from the lag spikes really enjoying the game.
  6. The craft bags, what do they do and how do I get them. So quick update. My six man team has had some changes. I'm currently running: 106 Sadi 106 Eni 105 Feca 111 Xelor 108 Enu 89 Cra. The chillberg (frig) questline was epic. Flashbacks of a freeze fight/waking up harebourg, all awesome moments. My team is really coming on in terms of strength to match it's survivability. Loving it so far. Managed up to Asparagh dung last night and I've noticed the early content is ridiculously easy but extremely enjoyable. Early mid game content is a little harder, not by much, but just as enjoyable.
  7. Remmington seems to be a pretty populated place. Pretty sure my guildmates would be happy throw you an invite. As for leeching, leveling is pretty easy, that said I'm not in a position to effectively leech anyone but myself.
  8. It was tldr as I'm in work at the moment, but the market places are combined.
  9. Miniclip was extremely popular in 2004 as it opened in 2001. I’d wager most of dofus’ international players from day one came from there. In your original post you said that its down to us as players to spread the word about Dofus in order to boost its popularity, chances are that most of our friends already played Dofus in its peak (1.29) and have all quit now. But realistically speaking, if an MMO wants to be big then they need to take the steps in promotion and advertising. Look at WoW, obviously what they can afford an Ankama can afford are worlds apart but some strategic advertising, paying the right websites for promotion, better and more appealing offers for inviting a friend (look at LoL) amongst other things I could suggest. Wakfu has a TV show, it’s on Stream, it’s advertised on a number of game websites, it doesn’t need people to spread it by word of mouth. You said that instead of complaining we should do something about it and present ideas? This is part of the problem. Ankama have an extensive history of not listening to the international community. They even go so far as forgetting to inform us of xp weekends. If that doesn’t scream “We don’t give a fuck about you guys”, then I don’t know what does. You ask how does us talking shit about the company help? Well, we live in an age were complaints work better than compliments. We pay subscription for a game that isn’t solo friendly, unbalanced in terms of PvP and with shit PvP anyway, so why shouldn’t people complain that the game they continue to love, throughout its faults, is getting less love than its two year old counterpart?
  10. Actually thats wrong, I reckon most of the old players found dofus through miniclip. Also we're not the ones getting paid for PR. A companys clients are only as good as the company. If the company is shit, specifically towards a user group, in this case, internationals, they can expect to get shit in return. If Ankama invested in some international media rather than relying soley on Twitter and FB they might see a surge in users. The fact is, even Rushu is looking quieter these days. Especially when compared to Wakfu (which I've taken up recently). Wakfu is bigger than DOFUS in terms of overall map size and yet on every single area theres a handful of players yet its inundated with problems. The reason its so popular? Steam. The proof, as they say, is in the pudding.
  11. I’ve noticed a few bugs, a few with mounts and the sadida doll AI is even worse than the dofus one, but nothing I’ve seen so far that I’d consider game breaking. I’ll keep you all posted on my progress and how I’m finding the game from the prespective of a newbie. I started Wakfu about a week ago and I currently have 72 Sadida, 70 Eni, 70 Feca (same account two heroes) 74 Sram, 71 Panda, 80 Xelor (another account, two heroes). At the moment I’m built as follows – Sadida – Water/Earth Eni – Pure Water Feca – Pure Str Sram – Fire/Agi Panda – Water/Fire Xelor – Water/Fire Ideally I’ve like to run a team of six using the above, maybe swapping out the Xelor for a Rogue for some more damage. Can I get some opinions on this team? I’ve also having some real issues with Sadida/Feca. Both seem very underwhelming any suggestions of advice would be greatly appreciated. Also, I’d seen a pet, like a rabbit that gives 60 hp 1 Control etc and that it used to be a subscription gift. Can anyone advise me on how it’s possible to get one of these now? Thanks in advance folks.
  12. Nowhere near ready for posting equips but just thought I'd say Wakfu is hugely underappreciated. Much better looking than dofus with a much better story. Much easier to solo and loads of people always looking for groups. If your thinking of trying this out then I strongly encourage you to give it a shot. Don't be disheartened by the overwhelming amount to learn, do the quests up to about level 40 and you'll know everything there is to know.
  13. Well I joined Remington last night and I must say I'm enjoying the game so far. I've made myself a sadi and I'd be grateful if someone could answer a few questions.
  14. In the process of downloading the game. Any suggestions as to what server I should join?
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