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  1. You can count me and 5 other original rushu-beta boys to be on Algathe!
  2. Is it not? There were people playing with it on youtube and the website looked completely finished in their videos. Now it says its under maintenance. I assumed it may have had something to do with the investigations into the dup glitch?
  3. Youb, can you upload a zip file of Dofus remastered? The website seems to have went down. I'd like to be prepared for when the new 1.29 server launches
  4. regular one T_T if someone finds it, soul it and I'll pay you :D
  5. Been farming mobs for 2 days out here at Nolifis Island trying to acquire Tan San Ghost soul. Literally for two days straight, he has yet to spawn on any map. Two other groups have been leveling out here all of these days as well and they have yet to see any spawn as well. What in the freaking heck...................... zzzzzzzzZZZZzZZZzZZzzzzzzzzzzzZzZZZZZZZZZZzZzZzZzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  6. Sup youbutsfail and hello to everyone else as well! Haha. Good to be back! Dofus is like my baby, I can't ever quite leave it in the dumpster for too long before I go back for it.
  7. 3 Years of hiatus. Quit multiple times before in the past. Too many ochres and turqs stolen off my chars to keep count of. Finally playing again on Rosal :D Ciara (Previously Queen-Victoria which was previously Revoke) Ceri (Previously a cra which is now my eni-slave) Word to all my niggas. Peace out and swag out.
  8. Thanks for all your ideas! I'm personally playing on Rushu this time in response to one of the other guys. EDIT: I also added subchannels for the EU and NA server groups. EDITEDIT: I was just already in the REPLY section and was too lazy to scroll up to see who it was nyroc :p
  9. wow. -_- it was just up 10 mins ago
  10. NEW Teamspeak for Dofus!Welcome and Hello! Let's bring the community together again! have opened my teamspeak up for everyone who plays Dofus now! I have rooms for those that play League of Legends, TESO, GW2, and best of all - DOFUS! I also have separate rooms for each English speaking server! Everyone is invited to join and chat it up! Izmar you are, of course, invited as well. Come and join teh fun! (Although no one is on but me atm T_T) How to get started download and install teamspeak set up your microphone through the guided tutorial (push to talk recommended) click CONNECTIONS at the top corner of TS input for the server information type your dofus Nickname press CONNECT! SERVER DETAILS - Stuff about me that really doesn't matter.... Original character was a sram named -Chakren from Rushu english beta. Was totes better than SOVIET and Wetfrombirth, but they never agreed. Upon Rosal server open, I started as Revoke, changed name and gender to Queen Victoria - then changed name to Ciara on my 200 iop. I also created Al-Capone, 200 sac. I also created Orange-Piwi, 200 panda.
  11. Definitely bro! Do you have any samples of anything you have produced? I always love learning new stuff too! Any tips for how to improve my music from what you hear?
  12. Hey thanks man! Grey was created a year ago. :) That's why it isn't your taste haha! I was just starting to make music at that time!
  13. Would love for you guys to check out my latest musical productions all available for free listen/download at soundcloud.com/pashiamusic! One of the songs is pop/rap and the other is straight hip-hop. Let me know what you think! Leave some comments on my soundcloud as well! Thanks guys!
  14. I would like to put in a request for a dragolyre from you. If I'm online when you see this, pm revoke
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