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  1. Stopped reading after you said "if you were to shitty of a parent". There is of course more to my story than I wrote down but if I did that I'd fill about 4 pages on this thread. Playing league didn't make me a shitty parent or a bad person or done anything wrong in my real life( in the aspect of how my life is going etc). It did however take up most of my free time that I could of spent more productively. I honestly wish I could make playing league a productive factor in my life but I felt the harder I tried the worse it got and it seemed pointless to try and use league as a way to make extra profit of any kind. Because I'm happy with my life right now, but of course I get greedy time to time with League. Before League I used to play other games but League ultimately was the only game I ever played that took up most of my time sitting through a game for over 40 minutes at times. With other games I always had time to do whatever I wanted even when they didn't have pause button. Just because they weren't as strict with the rules and the matches lasted less than 13 minutes and sometimes there wouldnt even be a time frame on games I played just do w/e you want whenever you want. I'll even use Dofus as an example, I used to play that game like my life depended on it but it never effected my real life and whenever I had to do something I'd do it without hesitation unlike League leaving a fight in Dofus is a lot less forgiven than League is a lot more things are. I never choose League over anyone else. If an emergency comes up you can believe I'll leave the game and not give two fucks about it. But it's when I have my free time and I decide to use that free time to play and someone comes along into my free time wanting my help for stuff or just wanting my presence at a place or w/e is when I end up either not doing it or I do it but rush so i can go back into the game and not get punished for it. I usually re-read what I write and what someone else writes and well I kind of skimmed through some of the rest of the stuff you wrote.. and I was unhappy with my current ELO always have been I want to reach the top and I truly believe I belong there. So I tried other means to try and get there. So the last thing you wrote is half true I did try BoL first but I did have it in my mind that I'd use it knowing that I might get banned and in my head I thought this is perfect because either I do this to get to the top or to get banned either way it would be win win for me. Like I said before there is a lot more to my story of course, but I wrote enough as it is and I would only write hell of a lot more if I did. 3 years worth of stuff I would write about. Now that I think about it, would be more than 4 pages. Edit: oh and yeah I never quit League, if anything I've had breaks because of military but I never quit league I've quit Dofus plenty of times before and returned. I don't think I ever mention quitting League I've wanted to quit many times before but never believe I said i'd actually do it or that I actually went with it. To end this, basically I would go back to playing League if I got my main but it doesn't look that way so this will be officially my last post on this thread about league, I only made a post about it because it was a big part of my free time so might as well post my end about it. And also this might be the last time I log on here too since dofus was the reason why I stayed here and then League but since I'm no longer playing both and all my buddies are no longer on dofus either no reason for me to stick around anymore. If you guys ever want to talk to me or add me on skype or w/e I'm thenamesed on skype. anyway toodles and good luck with w/e everyone else decides to do.
  2. So after 2000 games played and only being stuck on gold 1 and always going back and forth to gold 5 to gold 1 I finally got banned. I spent way too much time on this game and was addicted to it.. spending virtually any free time I had playing it. As soon as I woke up played it. During lunch time at work, played it, as soon as I got home from work played it. Literally when I'm playing it I say no to everyone that has a request or a need of my presence at home or away from home. So I couldn't really figure out a way to get away from this game.. so I decided to purposely try and get banned. I tried being toxic (which apparently I sucked at since barely got reported) I even tried feeding and I still end up winning those games I tried and people didn't care to report, and I know this because people just leave the lobby after match is over and majority of the time I got honorable opponent. I tried third party programs, I tried bugs, exploits, custom stuff to add to the game. Nothing worked. Then I heard that players who script or bot get banned the most or so when I search perma-banned on league through google is what I find. I ended up finding BoL and sign up and downloaded a few scripts used them, I was a god at dodging skills and getting KS basically my scores went crazy good. I did this for about a week without anyone really noticing until I decided to play new champs that I never played before and just straight up play them as if I were playing them for years with scripts. I decided to play on my shitty computer compared to my main which always has high FPS(180 and above) even with bunch of scripts I ran I played one game on my laptop which went down to below 20 FPS and the one game I played on it and won even tho I barely knew what was going on in teamfights, got a message right after that one game (Your summoner has been banned) Tried logging back on and it said i was permanently banned and I checked my email and it said for using malicious software or/and third party programs. And quite frankly I wasn't mad or sad if anything I was happy and a huge relief came over me since it was my main account. Sure I spent a lot of money on skins and other things etc. but now I'm finally free from it's hold on me. Not only did they banned my main account but pretty much all other accounts that I used the same email and/or credit card with. For those who this looks TL:DR : Basically I'm a league addict and did things against the rules to force a ban and which I'm happy about. The thing I hated the most about this game wasn't losing or the toxic afk/d/cs laggers feeders quitters rages etc it was mostly due to the fact I spent way too much time on it and that during the games I play I can't pause it and I'm usually stuck playing it until the match is over and each match goes from 30-45 mins and I can never do things for people I love, like my gf or daughter or family and whenever they need me I end up saying no to them. I'm finally free, now on to my next addiction hopefully a game where I can pause or leave and wont matter or the games are shorter like 10 minutes long per match just like back when I used to play call of duty or halo on xbox. To everyone else good luck on league and hopefully you aren't no where near the same addicted fool as I was.
  3. Ok, so I placed silver 5 for placements. Got a huge winning streak (I think it was 9 games in a row?) was getting roughly 25-32 lp increased as I kept winning. Skipped to silver 3 from 5 and the past 5 games I've just been winning and losing back and forth. So now I'm actually thinking since it's the start of the season and I don't have many games played maybe I can get help from you guys to improve my playstyle and what not get an outside perspective of what I'm doing wrong and what do you do to improve yourself or what would you have done differently, I started recording my games and started using op.gg replay and I've watched my games and I can tell what I did wrong and I am going to correct my mistakes moving forward. But I still feel like I need help in maybe shot calling or something cause majority of the games I do get fed the most but can never figure out what to do to just get us to win before it becomes too late usually enemy team /ff when I get fed but majority of my games have taking 30-40 mins all coming down to the last team fight wins the match. I want to try and end before this. Should I pick up new champs? This is me right now "click"
  4. Well normal ranked solo/duo que is back up for the moment. lol Until they fix issues with DQ.
  5. I play this game just to play the game. For fun and competitiveness that I don't get from playing casual mmorpgs or even non-casual ones since you need a lot of grinding for those, gave up on try hard top rank but nice just to get it if/when I do, like how I went from bronze to gold. I used to play halo a lot back at halo 2/3 and played it just for fun and might be bad comparison since they never really change anything in those other than add maps and stuff. lol With that being said I say it changes faster in comparison with other massively played games (well the ones I've played, which might be bad to compare here.. like dofus, strife, ragnarok online etc). I play this game a lot but barely watch LCS or any of the stuff riot shows on their multiple streams/channels but any time I see a change being made and I ask in chats "Why they change that champion or why they change this mastery or jungle etc etc" usually get a response of because in LCS or some random famous player abused this or that and now it has to be changed. So that's why I said the thing about LCS. All and all my comment in general was somewhat sarcastic at best and was sorta a joke to be honest didn't think anyone would take it seriously. I loved league how it was before with all it's bugs and broken af champions that ran rampant (like jax's dodges) but I still love league now with it's current changes and it's continued changes just some times I feel nostalgia just like in Dofus and wished things returned back to 1.29 xD
  6. This game it changes too fast and too much just for the lcs stuff...
  7. That really clears things up.. I used to play Dofus to try be one of the best in it, guess I can give casual play a try.
  8. I want a legit answer to this question as well.. thinking about coming back myself lol
  9. its a love hate situation for me but it's preseason currently.. who knows what changes will bring once the new season starts rolling... big changes for sure. So maybe taking a break before they change stuff might be good
  10. Just went against a support zyra with adc sivir.. the burst is insane enough where they dont even need to auto attack and kill us lvl 2 or even lvl 1 with thunderlords they only need to auto once after using their spells
  11. feeling is mutual but games don't end fast... after patch games have been going for 50-60 mins almost... if no one /ff but I do see games way one sided once someone gains a lead and is extremely difficult compared to before on getting back on your feet.
  12. grats, I just made it to gold 4... along the way though.. I'm going against top golds and low plats that play worse than bronze players and end of game the enemy team usually say that person raged or was toxic all game. I'm just thinking in my head.. boosted? lol If this continues I'm seeing myself in plat before rank resets.
  13. Yeah, I know I suck. But somehow I managed to get gold always last second before season ends... gets me to try harder.. I rarely play normals just ranked. I don't know how you guys manage to get those ranks with such short amount of games.. guess long win streaks... This next season tho I'm going try to break through the gold 5 though and try reach gold 1 let's see how this goes. I'm liking the changes a bit of getting used to.
  14. I reached gold after 1000 + games this season at the last fucking minute before they closing ranked down and I did it solo queue xD lmao....
  15. anyone from here want to duo? My duo partner is working and I just came from work.. I'm on NA thenamesed I'm almost gold but hate going in alone xD 85lp like 4 wins away from gold (this is including promo im at 85lp gaining 23lp per game)
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