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  1. Pentecost


    But it is. Negative attitude is toxic and contagious. If you did nothing, people will almost always go down the path of less resistance - which is in a downward spiral. We're evolutionarily wired to be more receptive to pain than to pleasure. Let me ask you a question, if you saw a newspaper headline saying "BEAUTIFUL DAY TOMORROW, HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEKEND", would you react to it to the same level as if you saw a headline like "WORST DAY AHEAD, PREPARE FOR GALE STORM WINDS ON WEEKEND". Seriously, who gives a toss if the weekend will be great, you probably already knew that. You're not going to be bothered reading the article. But if there's a disaster ahead? Heck you better read it. This is the same logic that has kept human beings ahead of themselves as primates in the evolution. If there was a tribe that did not value pain as much, they would be wiped out because of their lack of perceptiveness and never have the chance to pass on the genes to the later generations. And hence you and I will never be here. Only those who had an heightened sense of pain would survive. So these are important characteristics, but is it important in the modern life? We don't live as cavemen anymore! So if you allow yourself to be reacting to the environment like this, you will live life on other peoples terms. And most people do, and they live a miserable life. Turn on the TV and you can get plenty of negativity. Journalism has to do that to survive - it's what people are wired to read. But just because it sells, does it mean that you have to be helpless and vulnerable to whatever the environment hurls at you? No. You can choose what you are exposed to. Turn off the TV. Cut off negative people. Stand guard at the door of your mind. And like I said, I'm not here to stop, moderate, or even judge who complains here. You can do whatever you want. I don't bother to check how old each poster is, but I will treat them as adults, and it is their own responsibility - I don't need to tell them what's right and what's wrong. And those who complain - they are the only ones who know that they are giving up their own power to control themselves. It takes real emotional muscle to not be negative in challenging times. It is so easy giving up and being bitter like every other wimp and loser out there in the world. I also believe the best study of life is "how it is". Not "how it should be". So am I out there to preach that everything is always good and there's nothing bad out there? Of course not! See things as it is. Not things better than it is, and not things worse than it is. And it is absolutely important that you do not see things worse than it is, because otherwise I have to ask you, why are you trying to make things worse than it is? I'll give you an example. 1. You say hi to your colleague. 2. She doesn't reply your greeting. 3. You may now think that she is having a bad day and doesn't even want to bother talking to you because she's so busy. Do you see what's wrong in this example? Most people think that the formula is: Reality> Emotion. As in, something happens in reality, then you feel the emotion associated to it. There's one ingredient missing. The missing part in the formula is: Reality> Interpretation > Emotion. Somewhere in your brain you made an unconscious choice that whatever reality that happened to you is bad, and therefore you labeled it as your colleague having a bad day. All that could have happened is that she just didn't hear you because you spoke softly. Or she hates your guts and doesn't want to talk to you. Or you were so sexy that she was too shy to say hi to you. Whatever. The fact is, it can be anything until you know the truth. And people associate negative interpretations because its easy. If you want to further yourself, it is prudent to see things as it is, not worse than it is, then finally better than it is. Because if you're a leader, in your group/peers/organisation or just want to be able to lead your own life, you cannot take people to where you haven't been. If you cannot see how the piece of information will be beneficial for you, or act on it to make a positive difference there is zero direction in your life, and you'll just be a victim of circumstances.
  2. Pentecost


    People get to a point in IV and Dofus that they do this for recreation and find a way to complain. By all means if you do want to complain, do so, and I'm not here to stop, moderate, or judge you but I have to wonder if you complain about how hard RL is, how much you hate your job, etc, etc, why indulge in a recreational activity that gives you another opportunity in frustration? Complaining is addictive, and despite its negativity there's an intoxicating thrill about it... just a bit like drugs, binge drinking, and smoking. Walkaway if it is taking from you more than you are experiencing joy out of it. No one is holding a gun to your head to keep on playing Dofus. Instead of looking at things you hate about this game/community/people, look for things that you like about it. Even if you think you just 100% hate it, you might have a mixed bag of positive and negative associations. Just like if I had a camera at a party, where one side there was a brawl and the other side people were having a good time - and if I handed you the pictures only capturing the brawl, what would you think of the party? Pictures depicting of people throwing punches, getting wasted... would you call that a positive or negative experience? Unless you're delusional, it's a terrible experience! Your choice of focus is the camera's lens, and people are doing exactly this to amplify their negative emotions. They dig deeper and deeper into negativity, picking up details of the horrific picture they didn't even notice in the beginning and feeling worse about it. But what if you could do this to the opposite side? The beauty of the human mind is that it is powerful. It is powerful enough to hurl you in a frenzy and destroy you, or you can use the same power to empower, feel positive, and make life an exhilarating process. So turn your camera's lens to the good side. Notice the things you liked. As you shift your focus to the things you like, you'll find details in the picture that you never noticed. The more and more you do this, the more you get locked into a positive cycle. Ever heard of the reticular activating system (RAS)? If you haven't, it's a simple concept that you can experience it right now. You have 10 seconds to look around the room to count the number of things that's blue. 10, 9, 8, 7...... got it? Now focus on this screen Did you get it? Because when you focus on things, you only see that. Same thing happens if you get a car and start noticing all the other same cars on your road. So if you're so focused on the negative, you can only pick up negativity. Start focusing on the positive and you will find details that were you would never have been able to pick up. And this isn't just the game, it goes for your life too. So there's my complaint on complaining that was intoxicating to write
  3. Touche. Such an elegant post, I like how you have framed it on the positive side. I would definitely like to read a thread about why people still play, what features they like better. I don't regularly play anymore because my interest wanes after a few hours of play, and grinding puts me off to refocus on RL things. But when I come to IV I look for a reason to play again, and it's the enthusiasm of the community that makes me want to play again.
  4. Pentecost

    Shagbark's Astrubian-English Dictionary

    So much gold. Magnificence doesn't fade. But this reminds me that we went from "pwned" to "rekt". Oh the time its passed...
  5. Feca named Arslarn. Then I realised people call me Ars for short <_< So I made Valfreze, Val for short. I probably spent 10 hours reading for 1 hour playing, read every single guide available on Fecas at that point so specialised in Int and never looked back
  6. Pentecost

    Post your Guts

    I use Elven Shovel, double steals and AoE. How much dodge do you get out of the set to justify Escapist? I personally used Voyager for that extra MP and ditched dodge and lock all together in light of Stabil. For tighter fights, I also use Xa Cloak, Xa Shovel, and Jackanapes/Ochre. 12 AP allows Mel Mel Drunk Tipple.
  7. Pentecost

    1 Versus 1 Kolo

    Bring on 1v1, faster match ups and less decline when you only have one more person to sign up. To heck with balancing, I lose nearly all of my 3v3 when I do it with randoms and I don't care. It'll make it more accessible than trying to challenge someone at a zaap or -1 0. They can just make it with no or little reward, like honour points and wings. Purely aesthetic
  8. Pentecost

    osa change

    If you can control like... 1 summon.... for 1 turn... with a 5 cd.... can that really be overpowered?
  9. Pentecost

    New Feca Builds/Strategies

    Int Fecas I think should be mid range, Str Fecas have a niceish position doing GoB beneath you. I tried the 199 Int/Agi build and was underwhelmed. Nomarrow with Otomai and Eculture fillers, 1/2 crits on Eternal. With my dodge around 50 ish I couldn't dodge much, 100 MP reduction took jack all unless I did Lethargy + Burning Glyph, and 5MP was not enough. Also HP is terribly low using Nomarrow. Being confined to fixed range does suck. With 200 endgame, I imagine AgeOld will come into the equation but it depends if you like to be forced into mid range combat. I would have needed 11 AP 6 MP, 100 dodge, 100+ MP reduction, 3.5+k HP, 1/2 crits to be happy about it and the price of Ochre/Exos/Turq was not worth it if 200 Omni was better.
  10. Pentecost

    osa change

    I think they should have the ability to have total control for a limited time. Like Boombot, you can only control your summon for 1 turn or something. And perhaps another spell where your spirit takes over the summon's and you leave your body vulnerable just passing turns so it doesn't break any lore/gameplay.
  11. Pentecost

    New Feca Builds/Strategies

    Guys what do you reckon of a lock Feca before pre 200 Omni sets? For PvM http://dofusbook.net/fr/personnage/fiche/134297-val/2.html 119 Lock, ~700 on GoR Never played my Feca as a tank and generally didn't like tanking F2, is tanking F3 and Dimensions viable?
  12. Pentecost

    Weekly maint update thread

    Might be this that I was experiencing. Became unplayable at one point and all ankama services were slow. Felt like Ankama was DDoSed
  13. Pentecost

    [Changed] Yosemite OSX and Dofus

    Hihi! My lag resolved after 12 am for some reason... Looks like it was just my connection?? Although it was a bit weird, I tried using another connection source and was still laggy. Thanks for the help all!
  14. Pentecost

    Returning Iop build help!

    Is this better.... :unsure: http://dofusbook.net/fr/personnage/fiche/134297-vale/2.html
  15. Pentecost

    Returning Iop build help!

    Exomaging is not a profitable venture without preparing to fail 100 times on the AP or MP. And a lot more runes to fix up each critical failure. If anyone has ever made money exomaging without the above, it's pure dumb luck. You might buy an AP rune for 100kk, succeed on first try and sell that AP exomage for 60 mil. Ain't going to happen in the long run.