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  1. Interesting they will "sanction" the use of Remastered. Will have to see how many people get caught and what penalties they intend to give. Does anyone from the French community know more about actual cases of moderators cracking down on this? How can they even tell, unless the version of remastered has a backdoor to it that alerts the moderation team specifically.
  2. There used to be a mac widget that took kept track of pet feeding times, it was invaluable when I had multiple pets to be fed on time https://www.apple.com/downloads/dashboard/status/powerpet.html Unfortunately the software is no longer available to download and taken off the original page. Does anyone know of a windows alternative? Thanks in advance
  3. I changed my spells to be shortcut shift+1 etc. for a workaround that. If you were using ctrl+1 for other things I dunno an answer, would like to know too.
  4. Fair enough. Haven't logged in those hours myself. Good to find another fellow Kiwi, is your IGN the same as your username? Mine is Valfreze, would be good to be able to play with someone with similar time zones.
  5. I've been back playing since the weekend and I've literally never had to wait for queue on Algathe after getting p2p. Had always cursed my timezone and no one being online, it was a blessing in disguise. Only took me 10 years to find out.
  6. Decided to go Str/Agi on my Cra. Made a set for 199ish grind, I'd love feedback on it http://dofusfashionista.com/s/shared/NDA3NDUyOXEiCHc_/ Main things I wanted to achieve: relatively cheap until 200 set over 1100 str, over 900 agi (inc. power) over 100 MP reduction Appreciate input to improve ont the set
  7. Thanks for reply. The linked set shows nothing except Dofuses - could you please check on your end as well? Also what is your reason for dropping MP reduction? It's the single thing that keeps me alive in PvM, having close to 100 MP reduction allows me to solo mobs comfortably with Poison Arrow using idols.
  8. Came back after 3 years. Str Cra, currently using this set https://imgur.com/W7jPBlJ I've had this set since a long while, wondering if I should upgrade anything now that I'm 180+. Priority is Str>MP Red>Wis at 11AP+ Or perhaps I should wait till 200 for a new set? If so, Class: CraBuild: Str, although open for hybrid Str/Cha or Str/IntKamas/time available: 15-20MK, on a budget.Current team: Cra soloLvl range: 200Extra comments: PvM mostly, if Str Cras are viable in PvP I'd like to branch out a little
  9. Hey there, been away from Dofus for 3 years+, came back to find out a lot has changed. Rushu is no longer, spells have changed, and lots of new content. Currenlty I'm playing a 173 Cra, looking to join a guild to do some dungeons/xping so I can get into 190+. IGN is Verlaine, look forward to seeing you!
  10. But it is. Negative attitude is toxic and contagious. If you did nothing, people will almost always go down the path of less resistance - which is in a downward spiral. We're evolutionarily wired to be more receptive to pain than to pleasure. Let me ask you a question, if you saw a newspaper headline saying "BEAUTIFUL DAY TOMORROW, HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEKEND", would you react to it to the same level as if you saw a headline like "WORST DAY AHEAD, PREPARE FOR GALE STORM WINDS ON WEEKEND". Seriously, who gives a toss if the weekend will be great, you probably already knew that. You're not going to
  11. People get to a point in IV and Dofus that they do this for recreation and find a way to complain. By all means if you do want to complain, do so, and I'm not here to stop, moderate, or judge you but I have to wonder if you complain about how hard RL is, how much you hate your job, etc, etc, why indulge in a recreational activity that gives you another opportunity in frustration? Complaining is addictive, and despite its negativity there's an intoxicating thrill about it... just a bit like drugs, binge drinking, and smoking. Walkaway if it is taking from you more than you are experiencing joy
  12. Touche. Such an elegant post, I like how you have framed it on the positive side. I would definitely like to read a thread about why people still play, what features they like better. I don't regularly play anymore because my interest wanes after a few hours of play, and grinding puts me off to refocus on RL things. But when I come to IV I look for a reason to play again, and it's the enthusiasm of the community that makes me want to play again.
  13. So much gold. Magnificence doesn't fade. But this reminds me that we went from "pwned" to "rekt". Oh the time its passed...
  14. Feca named Arslarn. Then I realised people call me Ars for short <_< So I made Valfreze, Val for short. I probably spent 10 hours reading for 1 hour playing, read every single guide available on Fecas at that point so specialised in Int and never looked back
  15. I use Elven Shovel, double steals and AoE. How much dodge do you get out of the set to justify Escapist? I personally used Voyager for that extra MP and ditched dodge and lock all together in light of Stabil. For tighter fights, I also use Xa Cloak, Xa Shovel, and Jackanapes/Ochre. 12 AP allows Mel Mel Drunk Tipple.
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