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  1. They will be worse for sure, the strength of Croum and El Scarador lies in possibility to adjust their bonuses to fit your needs. RIP Croums, you will be missed.
  2. Elriot! Long time no see! Glad to know that you are still playing, I'll contact you once I'm in the game for sure. I've already joined a guild, it looks like that you are in the same alliance now as I am :D I even managed to get one of my characters in Inquisition, so it is all fine now :)
  3. Hello people, perhaps some of you still remember me - I used to play and be active here few years ago. Now I decided to try to return to the game. There are so many changes in Dofus that I have no idea what is going on anymore :) It will take some time until I get used to it I guess. I was so happy to see that guild I've created 10 years ago still exists! The problem is that all the members seem to be inactive :( But still, it was so good to see that it is not gone and that it has survived for such a long time! Well, perhaps this time I will finally make it to level 200 - it is kind of funny, my character is almost 10 years old and it is still stuck on level 199 :D Anyway, if there is somebody who remembers me, please let me know. It would be awesome to be able to meet some old friends!
  4. Well, it would be not a bad idea to check how it runs with Linux. It might be related to how Flash is handled in Windows (I have seen some posts on Adobe forums where people were complaining about Flash causing their computers to reboot). I think I will check it later.
  5. Checked, priority is set to normal. I disabled UAC long time ago.
  6. Already did that. I actually tried many configurations of RAM (replacing stick with each other, run with only one stick plugged in etc. - nothing changes).
  7. Thanks for your replies. @winged-one: BSOD are not turned off - also, there is no info about error in logs, it really looks like a normal reboot. I'm running 3 accounts and as far as I have seen memory usage of all client I run (combined) is never higher than 1.5GB. But you are right - it might be a memory related issue, will try to check with memtest. @august: My OS is Windows 8 64 bit. Disk is clean and defragmented.
  8. Seriously, this is so annoying. The worst (weirdest) thing is that it never happens outside of Dofus - and I'm doing a lot of stuff: playing different (much more resource consuming) games, encoding video, working with Photoshop etc. Everything works perfectly unless I'm playing Dofus. It doesn't even show any BSOD or another error message - it just reboots without warning. There is nothing in Windows event log prior to crash (only one message after reboot that computer was not shut down properly). CPU / GPU are not overheated, I've monitored them and temperature didn't even reach 50°C... I even did some maintenance job last weekend: cleaned and reconnected everything, replaced thermal paste on CPU etc. Does somebody have any idea why it keeps happening? And why only in Dofus? I'm pretty much lost at this point :( My computer specs are: CPU Intel i7 920 @ 2.67 GHz RAM 12 GB 1333 MHz GPU GeForce GTX 660 Ti MOBO DFI LAN Party Jr X58 PSU Chieftec 650W Please, help :(
  9. Sorry, I'm going to stay on Rushu after all :)
  10. I thought that I will never come back to Dofus. I don't know why, but I suddenly felt kind of nostalgic and started installing the client. I haven't paid for account yet, but I probably will... I'm really sorry that I left without a word, leaving unfinished Dofus Set Creator and other stuff... As far as I can see it doesn't even work anymore (well, it was outdated and useless anyway). I see that there are many changes to Dofus itself. I wonder whether I should stay on Rushu or start over on another server? Does owning several account still helps? Ah so many questions :) I will not promise that I will finish DSC this time :) I don't even know if I can get sucked into Dofus world again... Will see. Anyway, glad to be here on Imps again :)
  11. Domain has expired, I forgot to pay. Sorry about that, it should be running again within next 24 hours. About new version of DSC and open database - I apologize for leaving it unfinished again :( Well, this time I'm not going to post here and give you "false hopes" until everything is finished.
  12. Damn, I feel stupid now :) Excellent solution, I'll just upload all the items and mark them as "waiting for moderation", so moderators will be able to check whether item is valid or not, either correcting it in case of some small errors or removing in case of totally outdated entries. Of course, there will be a lot of items missing after that (for example all stuff which came after I stopped updating DSC), but it will not be a big deal. The thing I'm affraid of is a lack of moderators - right now there are 3 of them (including me), so we might not be able to deal with 1744 items in reasonable time :( Sure thing. I'll start working on API after database structure and all interfaces are complete. I hope that while I will be preparing API, database will be filled by people :) API will be based on JSON and SQL-like queries, so it should be easy to manage in any language. The basic concept of DSC 2.0 is about builds. You create as many characters as you want and you can make numerous build for each character. Creating build will be similar to this stat calculator. Each build will cover entire career of your character - from level 1 to 200 - so once you select level to make calculations for, you will see exactly what stats will your character have at a given level. For example, you could create a Cra, say that you want to scroll theirs int to 101, then put all points into int till level 200. After that, you could select level 100 of this Cra, and you will see that they will have 274 int. Therefore 274 will be base int for this build on level 100. Besides base, you will gain bonus to each stat from: - items - sets - buffs Buffs will be as simple as possible - you select stat and enter value. The final formula for each stat is, obviously, base + bonus from items + bonus from sets + bonus from buffs, so you can adjust it as you wish with changing buffs. Of course you will be able to save custom sets of buffs. I'm planning to add built-in buffs too (from all buff-type spells), so you will be able to just select them from a list instead of entering everything manually. This is why I need spells in OpenDDB :) Sure thing :) Thank you!
  13. Sorry for another delay, I got involved in other project (which, to be honest, is much more important than Dofus). I almost finished it, so I'll be back to work on OpenDDB really soon. I believe stuff I'm working on now (mentioned in this post) will be done by end of this week.
  14. Well, I logged today just to see that my house is no longer abandoned :) Problem fixed on its own apparently, thank you for tips.
  15. Ok, one more question then - how do I submit a ticket? :D Well, I know that I have to browse cattegory tree on support site, find category matching my needs and submit ticket there, but I can't find anything related to houses (with exception of "How do I sell / buy house securely"). Can somebody help me?
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