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  1. Here is the picture! Thanks once again!
  2. Thank you guys, so much! :) That is exactly what I needed! :D
  3. Ivy

    Besos, guapa!

  4. Hello, all. I doubt many people remember me, since it has been a while since I played and even longer since I posted. You might know me as Maegan (Meg), Charlotte (Lotte) or Auralia depending on the server and the character I was on. I need hep from the Dofus community. I am getting married to my Dofus husband in real life in less than three weeks. His Dofus name was Apoc(olypticmage). I would LOVE to have our main characters as our wedding cake toppers, but I need pics for that. My Dofus screenshots are on a USB stick 400 km away and I can not get to them. Basically everything I found online has the new design, and since we met in 2006 (and played for several following years), I would like to get pics of those characters in their old look. If you have any screenshots you would not mind sharing, I would really appreciate it. I even emailed Ankama a few weeks ago with this request (nobody answered) and I tried to call them on the phone, but I could not reach them. :( Kind regards, Ivy
  5. Lissy

    Volim te puno~ It's been a while haha.

  6. You too? Lol. Kyek is bringing the old gang back :lol:
  7. Ivy

    Imps update status

    Nice update. :) One thing though... I keep changing that little box on the forum index from showing my subscribed subforums to showing my threads, but it keeps going back. I wish it could remember what I set it to.
  8. I like how it looks now. Well done :)
  9. nah i dont mind them... i just wasnt getting any for... years? hello rtd
  10. Yeah it does, but boy, was it a shock. Sooooo you still playing?
  11. Ivy

    Happy birthday, JPS!

  12. Ivy

    I'll spend nearly 2 months in the US this summer/fall. Texas and Florida is where I'll be, buy maybe, maybe, maybe we can still meet somehow somewhere?

  13. Oh my God. I started getting New post notifications from Imps Village yesterday. Geez!! Serryl!!!
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