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  1. I've been reading through the 1.29 wiki all day. It's like remembering an old friend. Realizing he was kind of an asshole and you mostly liked him cause he was the best you had at the time. I love old Dofus but there are so many QoL improvements it's missing and it has a lot of design flaws. I'll list a few: How professions are handled is a disaster. Total garbage. They had absolutely no idea what they were doing. Totally amateur compared to today's sleek product. Nowadays, it all makes sense and you get more exp for crafting higher level items. Which are now crafted based on your profession level and not the stupid slot system. Remember when you were fishing and had a huge chance not to catch anything? Remember the awful grind of lumberjack? Remember the cancer that was mining? When you had a failure rate for crafting stuff? I think this is the worst part about classic dofus as all of the professions are terrible. Except maybe farming. That was comfy. The old pet system was terrible. Taking care of multiple bow meows is a chore. They lose health, they die, you have resurrection powders. Eugh. Nowadays they're impersonal equipment. But, it's the price you pay for a superior system. Critical failures are the worst thing ever implemented by Ankama. The fact that they still exist in this version is an insult. I hoped to never lay eyes upon them again. Critical Hit calculation is stupid compared to today's flat percentages. A lot of spells are useless. Charming, but useless. It really adds to the unique nature of each character. But.... Resetting characteristics in 1.29 is dumb. Freely resetting your characteristics and keeping scrolled points is one of the best things to happen to Dofus. Spell points hitting the road was also a good exclusion. It was an integral part of classic dofus and managing your points was super important. But, it adds little value compared to today's system of spell upgrades. There's also way more spells to choose from. A lot of the gear is terrible and many weapons have absurd equip costs. Look at piwi sets. One piece of piwi today gives more than an entire classic piwi set. Speaking of gear, Ankama has done a wonderful job at streamlining gear progression. Most gear has its uses and I have enjoyed buying gear as I've been leveling in today's dofus. The UI makes my heart flutter but it's a bit of an eyesore. Like an ugly rug that holds so many memories. There will never be new classes. There will never be new spells. There will never be new monsters. There will never be new dungeons. There will never be new gear. There will never be new items. There will never be a KE. Certain bugs will never be fixed. There will be no additional balance changes which means certain reworks will never have happened. You're stuck in time. For better or for worse. But i'll play it anyway. Cause I remember that you had to work together back in the day. Farming at the gobb corner, prespics, treechnids.... That's where dofus is fun. Working together with one another to achieve something greater than what you could accomplish by yourself. Managing your differences and overcoming setbacks. Every level counted, every piece of gear mattered, your decisions were important. Sure, Wabbit Castle with randoms is perhaps the most cancerous experience in an MMO. But, there's something about it, isn't there? There's just something about Dofus.
  2. I've thought about it, and I truly think the Dofus of today is a lot better than the Dofus of years passed. There's been so many QoL improvements that it's hard to ignore. I don't know if I can love old Dofus again, but I'll certainly try. The issue for me is once you achieve everything, what's left? What do you do. I think it can only fail. But, it will be fun for a time. Once the nostalgia wanes it's gonna be tough for people to stick around. The charm in Dofus is in the community and if it's not there it'll be a hollow experience.
  3. Wow, that was quite a response. I didn't know if my survey was up to snuff or not. Each question actually has its importance, though. Thank you all very much for answering in such detail! I personally despise surveys. So, I tried to make this one at least slightly interesting. You have all provided very interesting answers and have filled in some of the many knowledge gaps that I have about time periods and servers of Dofus. I would like to actually give my thoughts on each response. Karalee: I'm glad you enoyed writing those answers out, Karalee. I enjoyed reading them! Your concerns are definitely shared by others. Especially your pebble problems! Mr-Hall: Mr-Hall, I think your answers are basic. In a good way. Your answers are quite reflexive. Like, if this survey was a body your answers would be the knee being struck by a hammer. I appreciate your responses. Nyroc: Nyroc, I also felt like quite a tough guy with my blop set on shika. Good times were had. I appreciate your pebble-centric responses. SamTheKing: Thanks for your responses, Sam. Your thoughts seem to be shared by others. Everyone seems very prudent in their gear selection. Veldin: Jesus Christ, Veldin. Mercutio: I like your answer to the flavor question, Mercutio. Your thoughts on people are understandable and your ideas for the economy interesting. Ala: I like your responses, Ala. They are thorough and provide a lot of information for me to use. I especially appreciate your post about old drops being less valuable. spenceroon: Glad to see you returning, spencer. I spent some time playing a WoW private server. My friends still play. But, I don't really like WoW. I've also never gotten very high leveled. I'm 90 on my osa and that's the highest I've ever been! Xentra: I appreciate your thoroughness in your break description, Xentra. Also, I played on Shika for quite a while. I am all to aware of their markets. My God, they were terrible. I can't imagine how they are now! Your taxing scheme idea is a very intriguing one, as well. I can also appreciate your sobering attitude towards people. Your answer to the time period question is not one I was looking for. But, it is actually a question that should be addressed and one that I should have made more clear. However, what all of you didn't know is that this is just a ruse to find out everyone's on Dofus' favorite flavor! Suckers. Now I know exactly what kind of ice cream to sell when I open up my Cold Dofus Creamery. I've noted a lot of edited posts. That's good. It tells me that people are seriously considering their answers. Thank you all very much for your responses. I hope to see even more!
  4. Blops and Plain Cracklers have always been my bread and butter.
  5. Hey, Imps. I'm writing an essay describing the issues that Dofus faces and has faced. The main concern that I have is that I need to support my arguments with facts and information from public sources. I have decided to approach this in the following fashion. I will first troll several years worth of patch notes to discover any sort of correlations between the present and the past. Next, I will delve into the official and unofficial Dofus forums to look for concerns raised or praise given. I will then address my own concerns and praise that I have for Ankama. Lastly, I've decided to put together a survey. These questions have been designed to be as general as possible and attempt to not be biased in nature. I have also tried to ask questions that I myself could easily answer. Participation is not limited by your experience in Dofus. All types of players are welcome. If you feel the need to answer the questions to this survey anonymously; please pm me your response. The results of this survey will determine how I approach the issues at hand. Please be as honest as possible and try not to fudge any numbers. If anything, this survey may make you think of answers to questions that you have never asked yourself before. You may discover something about yourself. Thank you for your time. 1. Which flavor do you prefer: Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, or neither? 2. How long have you played Dofus? 3. What servers have you played on and for how long? 4. How many breaks have you taken from Dofus? If possible, go into detail about those breaks. 5. What is your highest level character(s)? 6. What is the level of interaction that you have with other players? 7. How often do you buy or sell goods in Dofus? What are your preferred methods of doing so? 8. What are your views on the economy of Dofus? Please go into as much detail as possible. Include specific events, if necessary. 9. Is the economy of Dofus in need of improvements? If so, list the ways. 10. How much longer do you see yourself playing Dofus? 11. How much longer do you see Dofus being up and playable? 12. What are your views on the general populace of Dofus? In Dofus, how do you tell a person you can trust from a person that you cannot trust? 13. What time period was your favorite period to play Dofus? 14. What updates have you appreciated the most and appreciated the least?
  6. Is it open for submissions?
  7. I have a friend playing agi panda right now. His dodge roll capabilities, combined with good damage at an interesting range, with his support spells being leveled makes for a fantastic character.
  8. I have some friends that I play with. Dofus is a lot more fun in a vent or skype call. Ask on the forums, pull in friends from other places, or ask on /r to find some good training buddies. You really need to be in a guild to get the most out of Dofus. With the new alliance system; it's going to get pretty crazy. I've started back on Rushu and have been at it for a while. Yeah, the golden years are over. You can still shoot for the silver, though.
  9. What the hell is erosion? I haven't played in several months. Any other big changes besides Rogues and Foggers?
  10. And so Wakfu finally arrives in open NA beta. I think I'll be checking it out. Will you be there? Sorry I kind of disappeared from Dofus. Things happen and whenever I quit Dofus I completely drop everything related to it.

  11. Hey i'm on for a few hours if you get on.

  12. dorm = house that I'm currently in. Don't know why I said dorm.

  13. I'll try to catch you then. Usually hunger drives me back to my dorm and I rarely come back around then.

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