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    Tracking down my lost guildmates and friends.

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  1. Welcome back to Retro Am on Crail, not the mono, but if you ever end up popping over feel free to say hi *edit* Or Echo, I guess, because TWF/Leah. *blames*
  2. I suppppossssseeeee so, retro server going down in 10mins :(...but lousy pigs until then >:)
  3. 3 manning retro. No one wants to play retro
  4. TFW TWF didn't miss you.
  5. Bumped into TwF (<3), when discussing the changes he mentioned restarting at 1 in whichever class to relearn, not a bad idea imo. Just a thought.
  6. Riv

    Nostalgia in 2020 😂

  7. Now there's a name I haven't heard in a long time.
  8. Recently came back to check things out, trying things on Retro:Crail. Retro plays exactly like the old version befpre they made the 2.0 jump, unless I've missed something, with current version at 1.34 I believe. 2.x Seems like a confusing monster after not playing in ages, tons of spell/build changes and whatnot, but looks like a lot more content added too.
  9. :o! Took a cursory glance in Crail's Retro, nostalgia factor over 9000. Seems fairly empty so far though, in my experience.
  10. Awwaaakeennn

  11. :0 Syddy! Are you going back in osa form?
  12. Hey buddy :o


  13. Riv

    Oh no

    Towser and Belokk same week :o The world is ending!
  14. Muzon wasnt belgian, he's brazilian iirc. :) hi youb~
  15. hey no shitte! xD hit me up sometime, bryonjanich88@gmail.com

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