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  1. Title. Literally don't. I shouldn't have to block people in an otherwise enjoyable game for totally dumb reasons. If someone says multiple times they lost a family member via suicide, and no, they don't want to discuss it, and no, they would like you to stop talking in a certain way and seek help, maybe, just maybe DON'T THREATEN THEM THAT YOU'LL GO DO IT EVERY DAY FOR A WEEK. Don't tell them "I'm here for you!" Go. Get. Help. Don't threaten them with inflicted harm, self or otherwise. Stop trying to control and guilt trip
  2. So, I don't really have answers to your questions as I'm still relearning the ropes (TWF will have answers I'm sure ) but just wanted to say welcome back
  3. Welcome back to Retro Am on Crail, not the mono, but if you ever end up popping over feel free to say hi *edit* Or Echo, I guess, because TWF/Leah. *blames*
  4. I suppppossssseeeee so, retro server going down in 10mins :(...but lousy pigs until then >:)
  5. 3 manning retro. No one wants to play retro
  6. Bumped into TwF (<3), when discussing the changes he mentioned restarting at 1 in whichever class to relearn, not a bad idea imo. Just a thought.
  7. Riv

    Nostalgia in 2020 😂

  8. Now there's a name I haven't heard in a long time.
  9. Recently came back to check things out, trying things on Retro:Crail. Retro plays exactly like the old version befpre they made the 2.0 jump, unless I've missed something, with current version at 1.34 I believe. 2.x Seems like a confusing monster after not playing in ages, tons of spell/build changes and whatnot, but looks like a lot more content added too.
  10. :o! Took a cursory glance in Crail's Retro, nostalgia factor over 9000. Seems fairly empty so far though, in my experience.
  11. :0 Syddy! Are you going back in osa form?
  12. Hey buddy :o


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