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  1. can someone try dofus touch dodge server if it connects?
  2. When I open to check server status on official forums it says that I'm banned. Like what the fuck?
  3. Well, just wanted to leave my letter in here, I've been inactive for few months now, but finally decided to put most of my items on sale, as I don't see me playing anymore in the near future. Most of people I played with quit many many years ago so I wont put any special regards or anything just enjoy your game while it lasts. <3 Sikorsky signing off!
  4. Quit merchant at [1,1] Shika server, around 500.000.000 worth of items, go check it out~

  5. Started doing some work with college, future work and stuff. So I'm basically on hold with playing now.

  6. I didn't see that changelog and I've read everything. :O
  7. Also I've noticed that yesterday they removed capturing net from NPC at koalak zaap. Which is used to capture wild mounts, they added capturing net into recepy list now, made out of most useless junk you can find in game, I went straight into sellroom and bought all that junk. :P
  8. Usually most viable is to switch between fighting and pp set, you can go full fighting with lesser pp and full pp with less fighting power... And when you got these two sorted out you can combine on some average set to have good pp and good fighting potential, hope this helps to solve your problem, at least you're on right mindset right now. :D
  9. Ghorlum is healing 2.000 health each turn now. So its alot harder dungeon if you don't have damage dealers in your team.
  10. Come to Shika, join my guild, also... You look pretty amazing for a 70 years old woman! Strange that photo isn't black/white though... From old days.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. --Sikorsky-


      Sold soul.. :-P

    3. Amy-wabbit


      I changed my mind! :p Why don't you come to Rosal!? >:D

    4. --Sikorsky-


      I just see this message now, I am on hold with Dofus at the moment. :D Who knows, maybe one day..... But stars are far.

  11. Sorted out my characters, probably will have to buy 1 more mp exo for panda. After that I'm thinking of spell scrolls upgrades and after that I think updates will bring some new fun content into the game. While also rolling #ShikaTournament, #Dopples, #Kolossium.

  12. Thank you for your signature lol. It made me happy hhhhhh

    1. --Sikorsky-


      Oh I just see this now, glad to hear it, it's most precious thing in life, because when you're happy it means everything else is in perfect state. <3

  13. you can close this thread, problem solved.
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