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    Drawing, writing poetry,singing, acting silly, helping people

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  1. Hey Cappy! You might not remember me but we used to hang out and talk on Dofus!
    Do you have a way for me to contact you? Would love to talk again and see what you've been doing all these years. Was reminiscing and the nostalgia hit me hard, so yeah.

  2. Been a while...What's New?

  3. Hello dofus world. how are thingsvthese days? It's almost 2013

  4. Heya, actually I didnt get to do the snowfoux dungeon yet and recent;y just moved so i won't have internet access for a while:( We'll see. I'll let you know

  5. You didnt PM me,ll asume you did already tengu dungeon :lol:

  6. Hahaha I love your siggy, the cat leaping is hilarious :D

  7. This I like! Cause Rushu has that exact same problem...took me 4 days to find a crafter for shoes and a belt..smh! And I've been playing on/off since 2006, times have really changed :/ I would love to have an NPC available when nobody is online, it will pop up or be accessible for crafts. Usually when the crafter list is empty for more then 1 hr. The price you say is a bit much...just a good rate like 80kk-100kk maybe depending on the epic gear or mid-lvl gear the price should vary if they create this. :)
  8. Awh thanks ^^ The credit goes to the awesome Kayessa though, she's drawn both for me. :3 Should check out more of her art! ^^

  9. Hey I like your siggy and avatar :) Very original

  10. :( sad news...another kitty loses 9 lives and starts anew... Hope you're having fun on Rosal :o
  11. Not too good, been running around job hunting xD and relationship stress. How are things on your side?

  12. Thanks:)! How has everyone else's rate been going? Keep me posted :P
  13. Wow, I haven't logged in in a very long time. Thanks for the comments on my profile. How're you doing? =)

  14. Ahahaha >_>; UPDATE: It's August now and finally dropped 2 rare fish. Dofus loves me again <3 Lol=.= nothing epic, just a Siktrin Bass and a tupe-hallet pike, I already cooked them suckas and put em up for sale =) Glad that fishing nonsense is over. My timing is still the same it seems, just have to fish more frequently=.=
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