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  1. Happy birthday Eden long time not seen :/

  2. You don't think? I thought people did have little chats in forums. :(
  3. If you didn't like the abuse you guys wouldn't always hop up and jump in a group with me now would ya? <3
  4. No one gave me honorary mention for Legendary Least Helpful Teammate? Or at least, Legendary Longest Playing Noob? <3 I can't add suggestions without taking all night, and I couldn't feel right listing just some over others. If you were anyone that kept me on the game for 2 years solely to sit on a Zaap and talk to you, you're in my book. My osa mentors are in my book. Anyone who volunteered for any activity in a group of Invictus guildies deserves MAD kudos for being cool as shit and helping everyone laugh themselves to tears countless times. And you know why. Lol. I was blessed to have such amazing friends and a guild of amazing people. Also including Darth, Youb, Oni, Ele, and my other "extended" guildies. Probably never forget any of you guys. If I can remember people from a game fondly years later, that's pretty Legendary. VIVA SPARTAN!
  5. Had to reroll when I made a mage that couldn't become a mage because a Dragon attacked the mage college exactly as I was trying to finish quest. The archmage wouldn't get the fk off of attack mode and talk to me!
  6. I love how we're honoring the spirit of the Totally Off Topic forum in the best way possible. Makes me warm and gooey inside. Anyway, come back. Apparently I'm not allowed to ever solo anything because everyone always mobs together in huge groups. Instead of leeching, we can teamkill and act assy to amuse ourselves instead of nodding off from boredom waiting for all the high levels to make you feel depressed about how worthless and weak your character is.
  7. Lol the session keys are shared, but my passwords aren't, so I kept getting prevented from posting a reply until now. Just wanted to say thank you so much, that was exactly enough to help me find it on my backups. <3
  8. Come to wakfu and we'll start a love triangle! I've been stalking you based on heresay for a week now waiting to see you pop up in game so I can pk you so hard your hair turned a decent human color. You saw it first, live on La Madre de Quivitar!
  9. I'm sorry, but I HAD to necro this, since it is too hard to resist. I'm Eden, previous owner of Invictus on Rushu. I quit, to move from Georgia to be with Youcannotseeme in Arizona, who I have been living happily ever after with since. We're in our late 20s and eventually decided to settle down halfway between, in Texas. There was no fuss, little drama, a few things we probably should have thought to ask about before we met and fell heads over heels, and nothing but happiness since. Guess it can happen. :P Problem is, no need for Dofus anymore, and then you realize Wakfu is more fun. Miss you Rushu! <3
  10. Getting into Wakfu finally, I'm on Nox as "Lock Star" and "Eden Invictus" (had to try to keep it obvious). Youcannotseeme is "Takeyoap" on Nox. We miss you, come visit us <3

    1. Diz


      I read your post in Le Madre about your relationship with Youcannotseeme. You won't remember me but some time ago, mid-late 2006, I was in your guild Bloodlust of Eden on Rushu. I remember you and I can remember Youcannotseeme too. You were both lovely people and I'm happy you've found happiness. Enjoy your lives together in Texas. :)

    2. Eden


      I still remember Georgina. That was the sweetest note we've ever gotten. I hope you're doing well and wish you'd come to Wakfu, we're on Nox with a nooby guild just like the old Bloodlust was :D

  11. Sorry I dropped in just to ask a favor, but Imps seems to have changed since I have been enjoying a Dofus free life, and I really badly wanted to find an old screenshot I probably posted here from years ago, to make a point to people who are whining on Wakfu forums. It's probably in post owning pics, maybe not, posted by yours truly, but I may have had a different account prior to the migration depending on how our lovely host handled it. You can quickly skim through to find it - you'll see a dark brakmar setting and a ton of white dots. Just a picture of me being obnoxious and fighting guards with like 12-14 summons or whatever. If anyone has seen this or can somehow find it you will get 2 brownie points. HEY INVICTUS. COME TO WAKFU, NOX NEEDS YOU. </shameless plug>
  12. Imps is awesome now, too bad I don't feel like checking back in on Dofus LOL

  13. Happy birthday, you crazy Osette! :D

  14. Haha hi. Yes I'm back.

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