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  1. Time Fuckery™

  2. Time Fuckery™ It's better than what people call the other thing we did.
  3. If they're Str/Agi, they should. Fuji set doesn't have a belt. ;)
  4. I guess I'm the only one who likes my 9 range nonlinear Shriveling...
  5. Yes, but the enemy's resists or vuln don't dictate the damage you receive. You both start with the same raw outgoing number (based entirely on your hp). Then you get your (hopefully good) resists applied you your hit, and they get their (hopefully bad) resists and vulns applied to theirs. Say, 4000 hp You: 1000 * .7 - 30 = 670; 30% Neutral and +30 Neutral Mob: 1000 * 1.15 * 1.15 = 1322.5; No Neutral and two 15% Vulns It's not really different than AoE attacks you could damage yourself with (do we still have any of these or were they all patched?).
  6. That would be cool, but what would they do with Sacriers? :P
  7. Well, if it's any consolation, our FRiends have mostly the same complaints as we do. Maybe "concerns" is more accurate given their demeanor relative to ours (it really is different!). That naturally means we might be seeing some adjustments soon. I said as much a month ago. Look at other class reworks, and you'll notice that the big patch, is never the final one. Ankama can only really tell so much from the test server. They get much more useful information after the patch goes live and people play normally. Not surprisingly, the majority of people on test server aren't playing the same way they play day to day. And there aren't as many people. The test server works at finding really obvious stuff, while the more obscure tweaks are sussed out after it goes live. This isn't unusual. I haven't met a (good) MMO that never made alterations to existing content.
  8. It wouldn't be the first time something was lost in translation.
  9. Ah, so the Telefrag bonus multiplies everything...
  10. HAPPENED AND YOU GUYS AREN'T EVEN SPUNKING EVERWHERE???????????/ Not exactly that, but I did smile.
  11. I can certainly see your point. It really is basically a different class. Some of us are enjoying it. Others aren't. Enjoy your Agi Sram.
  12. This guy. This guy right here. :) I've generally found it more effective to detonate my Synchro on its second turn than trying to buff it completely. If the enemy's not in range, I use Rancidrode's opening combo (Dial, Needle, Tele, Dust, Rhol, Flight) to get a good 400% buff on it while the enemy is out of range. Next turn, I can usually just Xelor's Punch the enemy into swapping with the Needle, with plenty of AP left for Dark Ray and Shriveling. As for those two spells, although they do more damage against Fragged targets, the damage they deal normally is still solid. So burning too much AP to try to get a Telefrag is counter-productive... It takes practice and a "gut sense" to come to a point where you know when you'd be better off attacking than focusing on generating Telefrags. If your ONLY GOAL as a Xelor is to fully buff your Synchro, you're missing something.
  13. Please lower the salt content of this thread. Thanks. :)
  14. Hm, so you liked it better when the only thing we could do was take AP and... take AP? While many of your concerns are valid, I feel like you're being a little dramatic.
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