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  1. We're amongst the most active guilds on Dofus I believe. Very nice to see you here :-)! https://discord.gg/dVjwSE That's where you'll find us mate!
  2. Not playing on your server and wouldn't have joined if I did (UtE noob here), but I have to say good job, guys. You seem to have built a guild that might actually stick around for the long run. Will be interesting to follow! Doubt you need it but good luck!
  3. Awesome forums, awesome people, and Rob. Rob, Rob, Rob. Also Ikea. Applying in 6 years so you better hop on to rant on my application by then. Attracting people isn't rocket-science but are you up for the price requests? If so, I'll get us a thousand new and old faces. Good luck Imps!
  4. You two were only guildees for several years ... Rokit, if you ever want to give retro a try (you'd love the people on Henual) - pm me. I would help you out anyway you want. Scrolls, items, levels or even subscription!!! Very casual playing with names you'd know and recognize. We play here because we can just pick up where we left it and boosting you up is no problem. I know how much you enjoy achievements though, so my biggest hope is that you actually find people at Echo who can keep you the quality-company you deserve.
  5. Aside from @Rob, Alex (Natural) and bruttos, I don't think many are left at echo. Rob doesn't play, but I know he logs on. Alex is mostly busy at Henual and bruttos is bruttos. It's nice to see you around.
  6. Once you guys leave, no one will know
  7. Interpretations. Lots of them. I even gave you a serious clue. Moderators can see if you modified your client and how. They won't see your browserhistory nor will they see you through your webcam. If they had to rely on packages and data, there would be little need for moderators. Go ahead and report me, but let's just keep avoiding each other's once that's over with ^__^. This was the last, but maybe you'll get lucky approaching Ankama the same way you did me. Good luck.
  8. this.warning("InsertNameHere")<~~~~ To make this clear: You can drop it. You don't like me and that's okay. Since you decide to write 'broadcasting' you've already... Nevermind. Believe me if you want, or don't. Not my problem and not worth my time. I will not elaborate further with you. You never took it well when I was correct in the past. I'm never wrong, I just leave out information.
  9. 1. They don't need spectatormode. 2. They see your modifications. I'm not going to tell you that I'm a moderator and know everything, but imagine a mirror of your client. In that mirror you have a hidden spectator. Bloody Mary even sees your modifications with the new 1.3 client. It's literally in the code.
  10. It's old news made new. We've had mods showing what they can do and we've had players banned earlier. Retro isn't new. Henual and Eratz has been out for 7-9 years (I know you know). People are still banned from using tactical mode since before Ankama agreed to let us use it.
  11. Hi mate! This isn't exactly new. I'm closing in on my third year here. They see what you see if they need to. Result of game modifications is permanent ban. You're actually safer to sell kamas.
  12. I'm on Henual, one of the older and established servers. I'd recommend Algathe though. Lots of Polish players too :-).
  13. Huhuhu, so nice to see you here man :). No, Arena doesn't count for double exp.
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