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  1. Couldn't read. Background too bright.
  2. Add it to your game so we're semi-familiar with it when we create your community, duh.
  3. The game isn't dying, but the international community is. We've pretty much realized that Dofus always will be a French game. France is the strictest country in Europe when it comes to English. They even have a language-law to prevent English influences. It's not like in the northern European countries where English is taught at school and used in all media's (social such included). The guys and gals who works at Ankama are mostly cool and all, but they seriously lack the social skills for this type of culture. It's sad since it reflects a pretty cool, unique and national social structure. Fucking hell, it actually worked too - in relation to real life society. Anyway, I've seen some later player connections in French and it's familiar. Just check their latest one. They seem to handle that community semi-ok. In game and at forums, Discord etc. many of their remaining older players are frustrated . Echt and Lichen started this all, and Echt really made it blossom. He was our first CM and kept the community in a pretty personal development. It was great and infected the players. I mean, upon the first 2 years in dofus - we all actually played together. Until 2012 we all knew each other's by nick. Guildees and friends usually knew each other's irl name, age, sex and country. In 2009 it started going downhill and fast as hell in 2012. Those years had a lot in common. Since 2016 it's been decreasing faster. Ankama are keeping dofus commercialized and it doesn't work. Our community managers have all been as cool as Echt and I could gossip so much about them. But never getting listened at is tiresome. That's in common with all other communities, many official workers and volunteers included. It's been a pleasure knowing every single one of you (even them total idiots). I think it's pretty fucking incredible that I've literally witnessed kids from all over the world grow up to be parents, professors, artists, politians and hundreds of other outcomes. From a 23 year old Swedish perspective in 2005 until today. Yes, I am old. Better say it now, before all of you leave forever. Dofus was a cool game. This place is the religious book of our old community. Respect.
  4. I used the same set back when I did 2.0 but I rocked with iots wand and zoth axe ^_^! Massive damage and top cra set. Enjoy man!
  5. Impressive, now you're definitely stuck at Eratz :-). G g
  6. Op is, as usual, more active then anyone else. Gravestorm asked for our help but we failed him. Right now he's on Temp and our Discord (guild too, but not active). His contributions are made by hand and not copy paste. He's pretty unique. Appreciate the effort you guys put in though. Still takes a shitload of effort. Thanks :-).
  7. That's in the introduction of my thread in which you posted . Second is Henual. Ask in /r for Under The (inorite?) Edge . Just tell whoever you get in touch with, that we've been in contact here. Ling-Ling (my Henual nick).
  8. Never really knew you a apart from forums, but heard a lot about you even in game. You contributed a lot and in return you made some solid friends. This community is getting worse by the day, and today it's all your fault. Good luck man :^)! Now do the same achievements irl!
  9. Send me a pm if you want to know us a little on Discord. We have Eratz players as well
  10. I'm biased so better get your own impressions! I remember you and think you would blend in well with us. The Eratz community are struggling though. Awesome guys and I know they wouldn't mind quality company x).
  11. Was*. Dofus and forums are dead = no quiv. Now he's just some random brittish bloak . Just ban op. He's dead anyway.
  12. Lovely to hear it's growing! We'll further people :-)!
  13. Team up and make an Under the Edge!!!
  14. You beat me to level 100! Those darn fungi masters ! Hope all is well from one of the older players!
  15. hi u!!

    1. Youbutsu


      Huhu Heaven, still here ^___^. Still Revolutionized?

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