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  1. Youbutsu

    Under The Edge

    More and more people are finding out about us from all communities and we're growing faster then we thought. #1 guild no doubt. Join us and let James scroll you. He does that for free.
  2. Youbutsu

    Trade rhinos

    Trade for tutu on 1.29. Hi Quadro.
  3. Youbutsu

    Dofus 1.29 Starter Pack

    Of course not. Who would do such a thing for that client :-). You set amount of characters you want the script to run. It types in usernames/passwords and even let you chose server and character slots depending on what you fill in. It takes me 1m22s to log in 8 characters and group them according to init (F1 to F8 bindings) by clicking an icon.
  4. Youbutsu

    Dofus 1.29 Starter Pack

    I love guinea pigs ! Excellent work mate. I love it so much. Got 3 different setups depending on what I'm doing ingame
  5. Youbutsu


  6. Youbutsu

    Dofus 1.29 Starter Pack

    This is so much what everyone has been looking for :-). Thank you so much
  7. Youbutsu

    Under The Edge

    Level 89. Join us.
  8. yeah, this is sad :-(...
  9. Youbutsu

    old characters

    They deleted a couple of 100 thousand characters but yours was not any of them mate. You were too high level to be affected by it. Does it matter though? We have room for you on the upgraded version of Rushu, Henual :-)...
  10. Couldn't find you on discord for some reason. Did you change name? Come to Henual. We have lots of players you can team up with. We can boost you again :-). In a few weeks you'll surpass the Eratz character!

    1. Azmorea


      No I haven’t changed it :x it’s still the same I thought about trying out henual tbh but I’m enjoying wakfu atm you should try it 🙂

    2. Youbutsu


      I have :-). Another reason to be on Henual 😅

    3. Azmorea


      Long as your having fun :x

  11. No, but I prefer players above the age of 25 more then the 9 year olds. Sorry Rob, I still respect you (and your guardians) but I don't feel comfortable with your jokes sometimes. Edit: I should add that there are some truth to what he says.
  12. The community. The grind. Being able to take a break and come back without being slapped in the face by complete overhauls. Direct communication with Ankama when something or someone is broken. The graphic (2.0 is awful in my eyes). No ogrines (p2w). No idols. No 4 man loot. Instead, we play with others. I'll update this list later :-)...
  13. Don't leave yet! If you just came back and are wondering what the hell happened to this forum and the game you used to love: We don't understand it either and the communication kept being broken between our community and Ankama the past 10 years. Don't blame us. The international servers died out so Ankama decided to merge them into one single server named Echo. If you are tired of having update after update and no chance to get your voice heard - here is your chance! You wont have to face any updates or changes that makes it harder for you to play and you have direct communication with CM's, Developers and Moderators through Discord or other players. Also, we will gladly listen and gloat about how awful you consider 2.x to be. This version of Dofus is considered unbalanced by some, but according to all of us it's still in better shape and much more enjoyable then 2.x. In 2017 Ankama decided to unlock the two Spanish servers on Dofus 1.29 to the international community for those who weren't happy at the 2.0 servers. There are 2 server choices but the names does not show in the English client. Eratz (First server choice) This server is mainly Spanish and French speaking. International players does exist but they are few and not gathered. The players are younger and many of them have never even tried playing Dofus 2.0. About half of the population has been playing on Eratz since 2011 and the exos are plenty. Evidently this makes PvP flourish on the server and many are paying real money for their success. Despite the negative factors the server is extremely active, actually more active then you'll find Echo on 2.x to be. Markets are packed with cheap resources and items. Anonymity is at large unless you actually manage to make a name for your self. If you want extreme activity, heavy pvp and speedy progress - this is the server for you. Henual (Second server choice) This server is a lot smaller and it's opening in 2011 was a result of Eratz speedy population boom. The international community is quite large and are actually starting to dominate the server despite all the French and Spanish speaking guilds. There's currently one international guild, Under The Edge, with closer to 100 individuals. A second guild, BLANK, was created to hold many of the alts. Recently a new Polish guild has emerged from the shadows as well, Polish Warriors. Every single player I've come across in our guilds are older and longtime players who left 2.x due to the continuous updates. The markets aren't as heavy as they are on Eratz. Items and resources are expensive and you wont find as many fully exo'ed players as you do on Eratz. However, that's exactly why we love this server. It gives us a perfect opportunity to help each others evolve, we get to know each others pretty well and we have fun together. With "we" I mean a majority of the server. If you are an "older" player, I can guarantee you will know at least some of the names on our server. Join Henual and ask in any open channel for our members. We will get in touch with you. So, before leaving Dofus: Make sure to at least check us out. Casual gamers are obviously welcomed too. https://www.dofus.com/en/more-dofus/1-29 https://www.dofus.com/en/shop/599-dofus-1-29-items https://discord.gg/5PSasY2 https://www.dofus.com/en/forum/1119-1-29-eratz-henual http://129dofus.com/
  14. Youbutsu

    linux dofus 1.29

    Yep! As Mr.Bobeur says, the first choice is Eratz while the other is Henual. If you chose Eratz, you wont end up in the same guild as us lovely people though. https://discord.gg/hnFMRB