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  1. @-Killer-: Can't speak for Eratz, but I know Annie and Ana is there (they're on Henual too) and they manage just well with just 1 (yes Annie, I know you do more sometimes). On Henual we have a whole bunch of mono accounters and some of them are the ones most well put on server. There is a reason though. They've proven to the community that they aren't people who give up, thus they make friends. Some however (if not a majority, and none of the mentioned), do the easy way, and buy kamas. As for quiet guilds, I can't relate. I've never been in a mono account guild (well, yes - if you count 2005) but our guilds are too noisy. We just won't shut up. I think what you lacked back then was a community, not mono accounters. If one person play 4, another 2, and 2 other guys play 1 each (4 people total) - is that not okay either? This happens pretty often on our servers at least. If you are interested I can introduce you to an experience on Dofus that I think would suit you pretty well. Our Discord: https://discord.gg/YdD9c6 (link expires in 24h). Mono isn't for me either, but I wish you the best of luck.
  2. Razielle (a.k.a Ds-sabin, the guy the sword was named after) is playing on Henual.
  3. No, that's not what I mean and the ones not included doesn't really matter that much if we can't communicate, does it? You even failed to take it out of context...
  4. Hi Emil ^___^. Funny you're still around, haha. So I was correct, you do love me x). No, I never chose 2.0. Actually none of us (1.x folks) did. Just as you say your self. We didn't ask for what Ankama did with the 2.0 update in 2010. In fact, we were against it from the very start. Blank with 240 individuals was cut in half member-wise. My friendslist grew smaller each day. So was the case for all the other 100's of thousands of players who quit since then. It's not Dofus. It's not nostalgia. I like the grind. I want to be able to "finish". I want to be able to finish all content and play whenever I want to. That long term strategy you talk about has been broken ever since they forced 2.0 on us. I never liked it and I got happy as hell when they let me go back and do what I do best. Grind. The community isn't "split" up. The community is gone. How many players do you know still playing since 1.29? How many did you know in 1.29 back in 2010? You didn't have any problems picking up the game, good. I found it absolutely disgusting having to re-learn how to play my classes. Or re-gear since they changed my main element spells. When I finished, it was time to go on another break, leaving what I originally started aside. Coming back again, I had to re-gear again. It's not what I want. My wife when they changed foggers and masqs (her only two characters) - they lost a customer right away. Made it less enjoyable for me as well. I dont argue 1.x is better. I argue it's better for us who play there. "Nostalgia" for 2½ years? Come on man. What kindoff an idiot do you take me for ? 2.x offers a lot more content, but none that we want and none that we asked for. That was your likes. Sorry that you were wrong man. Objective I agree. That is why you do 2.x and I do 1.x. This is also the reason why I wont do 1.3 but stick on Henual 1.29. It's solid (I just wrote this?). Ankama is keeping me from building a friendly community on 2.x. It works for a short while, but everyone quits. That is not the case on 1.x. No, again - it is not about nostalgia. If I play lets say, Spiderman on PS4. I don't want Spiderman to turn into Pokémon (which literally is Dofus 2.x). I don't think you know how old I am x)... I was older then you are today when I started Dofus in 2005. Would I watch a Dofus 2.x movie? Fuck no. Did I watch Wakfu on Netflix? No. Would I watch a dofus 1.x movie? no. I play to play, that's it. Ankama keeps me from doing that, and so do you. I can take you as an example. I would never represent what you did, therefor I could never be in the same guild as you (even if I personally dig you). What you did is typical for the behavior I don't want around me and why other nice players quit. Change name and continue. Change name and pretend to be someone else. Change account or what-the-f¤"%-ever. I'd have someone in the guild I don't appreciate. You know I like you, but you also know what I feel about what you did. Between the 400ish players in our community I actually like every single one and I very rarely hear any complaints. You are welcomed to read through our logs if you don't believe me. Ankamas POV is changing. It took a really long time, but it's changing. Taken from SAOL (Swedish Academic Wordlist): Nostalgia: "A sad but enjoyable longing home or to something lost". For the records, our language is older then yours x). Quoting doesn't make it correct. Objective, no? ^___^ 1.29 was never lost. It was taken from us against our will just as 2.x was forced on us. Fucking Pokémon, why would I play that? FFII fan here. That's why I liked Dofus the first place. No, it's not inarguable - it's just you not arguing that well. You won't win that discussion but it's nice that you side with Ankama afterall (it's exactly what they think as well) ^___^. Even if they made 2.x better, we would still not play it. Dofus 1.x and Dofus 2.x are completely different games. NOTHING is the same except some of the names on the classes. I can't actually think of a single thing that is the same in 1.x and 2.x. They're just completely different games. That has nothing to do with nostalgia. Maybe the first day you log on, but that disappears pretty fast. Can't exactly be nostalgia if you live it in the moment, can it?
  5. VENT So, I've read all your posts and figured I'd answer Abraham since you love me so much. Hey, you must! Considering how small our international 1.x community actually is, I take your posts personal. You direct your posts to me! I've split my post into different topics, so you can choose what to read, unless you want to read it all (hi bob). YOU LOVE ME Ok, I'll be serious. Please keep in mind that I started during Beta, 2005. I've played on Rushu, Jiva, Zatoishwan, Rosal, Solar, Henual, private server and soon - Retro. I will focus on Henual (1.29) though. Retro is just to power up my pal's (I know how to do). Henual is constant and will never change. The community on that server can and will never die. I am 100% sure and I mean it, 100% (inb4Ankamaclosesitdown). I can present you with at least 20 other guys and gal's who'd say the same. This is why we know. Simple, no? The international community on 1.29 right now equals about 400 people. A whole lot, maybe 10o~ are from the FR communities and HISP OG 1.29. Most of us started between 2004 and 2007. The HISP community are generally a bit younger and "newer" to Dofus. Most often the most hardcore ones though. Many of them started in the launch of Eratz and Henual (2010'ish). A majority of us got our own teams. My self, I have three depending on situation. Lets say three fourths of us got their own teams. That's 2400 subscribed accounts only from the multi-accounters. We have tons of solo players too. Those generally do the best once they've shown us they'll actually stick around. In our guild, Under the Edge, we have about 90% of the international community and we operate on all servers. We will operate on Retro as well. Any other international guild forming wouldn't stand a chance against us (please, take it on - we beg you and appreciate the competition - fight us!). We are Old This is the main reason we play 1.x and not 2.x. We were around when it started and we enjoyed this version. This is the game we started playing and felt in love with it. Every single one of us. So calling it simple "nostalgia" - you fail just as bad as Ankama do. You have no idea what you are talking about here (you said it your self, it was your thoughts) so please let me fill you in. We avoid 2.x for several reasons. We don't appreciate the graphics, the overhauls, the constant updates, the music but to be fair; most of all - we don't appreciate the younger, demanding people. Apart from Illy, you can't compete with our community/ies (we are one on several servers). The average age is about 30 in our international 1.x community. Thanks to me and a few others, we raise that number. We Know More We are aware that we house people from all over the world (literally), with different experiences, different views, different everything - and this is exactly what makes us solid. We don't care what you are. We care about who you are and what you have to offer. On 2.x you might just as well go play on the newer French servers. What matters there is how strong you are and what you achieve in-game. Now, that is not much of a community spirit is it? We had the same lovely community spirit on Rushu and Rosal until about 2012 (this is basically when it all went downhill). We welcome people and present a solid game. Need to take a break for a year? Hey, welcome back dude/tte! When you come back, your items will be intact, your characters will be intact and the game will remain the same. Just pick up where you left and enjoy the people you come across. On 2.x you can't take a break for a month, you wont feel welcomed and you will see spam wherever you go. We Pay for Quality We want to play and enjoy the company. With us, you'll have that. We don't care about your character. We care about you (cheesy, I know). Even when we say we don't. We tried for many years to get Ankamas attention on 2.x. I've been preaching about community spirit since I started playing. I have always managed to surround my self with quality such, so I know I'm correct. You'll have an impossible time convincing me otherwise, but please try if you want to waste our time. On the other hand - you know that I am correct and that I know what I speak about. I'm a bit grumpy at Ankama for not listening to us. This appeared clearly after Kaoly quit and one of her moderators (one of the best ever) took over the CM role. I would rather pay 8 accounts on 1.x for real money then pay 8 accounts for kamas on 2.x. I have done such for over a year now. Ankama doesn't appreciate me, but they sure appreciate my money. Lucky I found people worth paying them money for. People from all over the world with common sense. It makes an awesome ingame atmosphere. Defensive For the records. I'm successful in real life, just as in game. I'd say the same about every single one of our members but one (he doesn't deserve it). This game tend to attract very intelligent people. When Ankama learns this (which they will with Retro), I am positive things will turn around even for you on 2.0. Oh yeah, as for Game Masters! 1.3 will... Wait, I have to go to the toilet, brb.
  6. I haven't played with you since that decade ago, but you were always a cool chap to have around. Go go! Take care man, see you in ten years!
  7. We will stay and we will be on the new server. Now be quiet!
  8. Couldn't read. Background too bright.
  9. Add it to your game so we're semi-familiar with it when we create your community, duh.
  10. The game isn't dying, but the international community is. We've pretty much realized that Dofus always will be a French game. France is the strictest country in Europe when it comes to English. They even have a language-law to prevent English influences. It's not like in the northern European countries where English is taught at school and used in all media's (social such included). The guys and gals who works at Ankama are mostly cool and all, but they seriously lack the social skills for this type of culture. It's sad since it reflects a pretty cool, unique and national social structure. Fucking hell, it actually worked too - in relation to real life society. Anyway, I've seen some later player connections in French and it's familiar. Just check their latest one. They seem to handle that community semi-ok. In game and at forums, Discord etc. many of their remaining older players are frustrated . Echt and Lichen started this all, and Echt really made it blossom. He was our first CM and kept the community in a pretty personal development. It was great and infected the players. I mean, upon the first 2 years in dofus - we all actually played together. Until 2012 we all knew each other's by nick. Guildees and friends usually knew each other's irl name, age, sex and country. In 2009 it started going downhill and fast as hell in 2012. Those years had a lot in common. Since 2016 it's been decreasing faster. Ankama are keeping dofus commercialized and it doesn't work. Our community managers have all been as cool as Echt and I could gossip so much about them. But never getting listened at is tiresome. That's in common with all other communities, many official workers and volunteers included. It's been a pleasure knowing every single one of you (even them total idiots). I think it's pretty fucking incredible that I've literally witnessed kids from all over the world grow up to be parents, professors, artists, politians and hundreds of other outcomes. From a 23 year old Swedish perspective in 2005 until today. Yes, I am old. Better say it now, before all of you leave forever. Dofus was a cool game. This place is the religious book of our old community. Respect.
  11. I used the same set back when I did 2.0 but I rocked with iots wand and zoth axe ^_^! Massive damage and top cra set. Enjoy man!
  12. Impressive, now you're definitely stuck at Eratz :-). G g
  13. Op is, as usual, more active then anyone else. Gravestorm asked for our help but we failed him. Right now he's on Temp and our Discord (guild too, but not active). His contributions are made by hand and not copy paste. He's pretty unique. Appreciate the effort you guys put in though. Still takes a shitload of effort. Thanks :-).
  14. That's in the introduction of my thread in which you posted . Second is Henual. Ask in /r for Under The (inorite?) Edge . Just tell whoever you get in touch with, that we've been in contact here. Ling-Ling (my Henual nick).
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