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  1. Obtaining the crown

    Hi, My accounts just got hacked and the hacker who's writing this post understood I used the same username and password on both forums and Dofus as my memory is broken. Are you sure this version is secure? Have you tried it earlier? My username on both impsvillage.com and Dofus is my social security number 19040318 and the password is 1<3d0lph1ns. Other then this unfortunate hacking I must compliment you on the good work. How do I make sure that the original owner of this account can donate a measly sum for the cost of the host? I have hacked his Paypal as well.
  2. Under The Edge

    Still growing and made room for new members. 200 party this week! Another bunch coming up. No levelrestrictions but we want some activity. Casual gaming is cool but 2 months afk w/o mention is not. Välkomna gott folk!
  3. Passing the crown

    Integrate my topic then! About Myriad: She kept on playing on Rosal for a few years when it launched. She made a huge impact for many players and didn't really care for what happened here. Last I heard she married her ingame spouse in real life :-). This was 8-9 years ago. President Heros, du Maroc (even his nickname is political).
  4. Passing the crown

    Amakna Square, that's right! It could just as well have been named "Amakna Gossip Corner" haha. I even forgot the old name. I would've mentioned Quiv but he didn't leave such a fancy topic as you did when he left (and I've seen him lurking about every now and then as well). Myriad was actually the one who helped me and many others understand Dofus the first weeks. Without her, I wouldn't have kept on playing. She was however the second most nasty stalker ever seen on Dofus. Scary. I was the same age (23) as many known and active players when I started playing. Lyahazard, Infernal (-Mmm), -Soviet, Wonger, -Cheska, Tasty, Luciferz and half of our old guilds (both Blank and Superlative Exemplar) to mention some and another few 100's. Some of the kids back then are adults today and successful in so much. It's been awesome to see some of these kids grow up to become great adults. Hell, one of them will even be the president of Morocco in a few years. Today I'm still 23 but I would lie if I said this game and this forum haven't made an impact on my persona, language skills and open mindedness (hi @Azaelya) even in adult years. You guys contributed with a lot to real people. You're awesome - and to someone like you, I don't hesitate admitting it contrary to the new administrator.
  5. Passing the crown

    Don't feel any pressure @Rob. Of course you'll get this forum active and flourishing again together with the remaining awesome crew (yes, even you @Kiba - despite all them hard feelings from 70 years ago). With the recent topic from Kyek I felt I wanted to log on and post. I joined this place back when TS ran it not quite as successful as @Kyek. In the beginning it was filled with drama and e-penises (way worse then it was a while ago), but Kyek saw a golden opportunity to do something really good with this forum and he succeeded (I don't remember how it went, but I remember Time-Shaper being an ass about it). Some of you have been around as long as I have. It was thanks to this forum that the community evolved and the authors behind Wiki got information to contribute with the most. The Superlative Exemplar spirit leaked through this forum as well. Hats off for you Kyek. Imps Village has had it's ups and downs the 12 years I've been apart of it and I've contributed to both. The past years I've been less and less active here due to various reasons, one being the younger audience and the more aggressive format on topics and posts, another reason being me stepping away from Dofus 2.x to Dofus 1.29 which is finished and doesn't attract much attention from the current player base . Yes, I was and am an attention whore. I don't remember when or how I came across Rob but I've known him for quite some years now. He's the most badass troll I've ever met in this game. With troll I mean intelligent puns and making points by comparing issues to one another. I've also gotten to experience the serious side of him and his honest will to make the international community better. He doesn't care for bullshit, he's dedicated, honest and he wishes good for the good. It hurts to compliment him, because I know that he knows that I know. I don't use discord as you'd like me to, I don't use this forum as much as you want me to, we practically disbanded Blank (our guild) and we play on different servers. However, I sincerely have respect for you as a person and wish you the best of luck. You're the perfect guy to take on this task. A sincere good luck to the both of you. I also want to add that I found a nice surprise when trying to tag "@Kikn". /Dan
  6. Post your "owning" pictures here!

    Wish I'd been there. Would've taken 5 minutes to win instead :-].
  7. Under The Edge

    We had to move our alts to fit new members. Still got some alts to move, so if you want to join - now is the time. UtE is ranked #3 on server atm and we're having a great time with perceptors. In about a month we will be #1 guild. We already hold the best players on server, no doubt. This is the only international guild to consider. Welcome.
  8. Under The Edge

    Got me coming all this way to respond to your disgusting comment. I'm hurt, offended and fucking raging man. Come here and let me kiss you. July. Not a post since July. Love you Rob, xoxoxo. Ps. Welcome to Henual 1.29, a server with ton of surprises. Under the Edge is and will remain active.
  9. Eagles <3

    This comes as no surprise for those who knows me other then by nickname. I planned on making this topic picture- and videoheavy, but I have just too much and my motivation to share it is just too low. I started in August 2005 and have been playing on and off ever since. 12 years, 16 accounts and 70ish characters later I've decided to pack my bag and leave. A lot happens in 12 years. I.e responsibilities beyond the game, omg. I had a guildee at the age of 12 in 2006 and today he's 23 (says a little, no?). Okay, I'm 35. I've sold everything I've had and I have absolutely no interest in coming back. This time it wont change. I wont make a huge thank you post to everyone I've come across these years as I would forget too many, and would feel crappy about it. 98% of them wouldn't even be able to read it. #1. To everyone I've come across and actually enjoyed chatting with (mostly here): Thank you for being fucking awesome. #2. To everyone who helped building Blank to what it was and what it is: Even if you left 10 years ago -> you are even more fucking awesome and thanks for helping Rushu having a freaking blast. #3. To the remaining members in Blank: You know where to find me (get fucking Facebook already) and you know what I think of you as I've been selling everything off for 8 months now. I finally sold it all! #4. To the remaining Impscrew: Timeshaper says hello and keep up the good job. See #1. #5. To Ankama: You've provided me with joy and anger for 12 years, and I sincerely thank you for it. I've had a fun time playing your game and I've loved my characters, but your neverending quest for overhauls becomes too much. This comes from someone who's been around for every single one of your updates. #6. To all the cool kids on the block (so 90's ) who will be offended by this: You are pathetic if you honestly think that racism and bigotry is cool. Your lives will be terrible and you will regret so much before dying. An asshole will always be an asshole and what you do with it is better used in private. You are too young to know what internet is, why it was created, and what the purpose behind it is. You wouldn't survive a month without your parents (who you probably don't even appreciate) or Wikipedia. Try to get out more and try to respect your surroundings (that includes other humans). It's a win/win situation. To gain respect, you show respect. Be fucking cool. Hotel California actually shut down this time.
  10. Void

    Been coming across your members every now and then and got a really good impression. Good job with Void guys! Don't be strangers ☺! Join em! /Ling-Ling from UtE and International
  11. Dropping by again

    I would say hi, but nah :-(. You ruined my surprise of "I'M STILL HERE OMG ^___^". Don't understand how you knew I'd be here.
  12. OLD VETERAN player~

    I remember your osa well (asuming you are that raembo). Such a good player 😊! I can't answer you as Im stuck at 1.29 server and know little about the latest updates. Cool to see you however!
  13. Veldin's Youtube Channel!

    Good job man! Welcome back to Henual for more dungeons!
  14. Incapability of Xelors

    S> Summonskill 1.5mk ^___^
  15. Veldin's Youtube Channel!

    Omg, TRAITOR!!!