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  1. Maybe you should activate messages so I can write you ><! Henual. Ask for the guild "Guild". Say you know King and every single Alex in it.
  2. You really caught the player behind the characters on the seventh picture. Good job man .
  3. Yeah, it was the time restriction I was referring to. Glad you got it . Don't ever worry about cost if that is the case. There are many people who'd donate to keep this up. Nobody wants their hands dirty anymore. I say you should just let it go to sleep alongside with the game. Both will always keep their charm either way. We wont get new players, only returnees. As always and unfortunate, a declining bunch. Rough estimation is only one fifth of our discord are active (100~ : 500~). No idea how it is at other networks, but experience tells me it's about the same everywhere. I'll stay un
  4. 2012: Frigost III. Exp bonus. Six new endgame sets. Alliances (?). Öh. And more. Tldr; The_Golden_One mentioned something that caught my eyes and I could relate to. Most likely because I was guilty, without really giving it a thought. It's often hard to adapt to an established community. Impsvillage has its own culture and all of us have been here for more then a decade. The atmosphere was somewhat rough compared to OF. Nothing compared to discord or reddit (latest works like piss imo). My endeavor with Ankama is no secret, even if it has changed. They killed the game
  5. Many of us has been trying to get in touch with you the past days, but you're never on! I think you'll get happily surprised about our guild. Guild (yeah, that's our name - long story) is an international guild with lots of people you'll know. A rough guess is that you'd know at least 10-20 people by name. Without a doubt one of the most active guilds on retro servers. We're on Henual and our core consists of people that never quit. We're staying put no matter what. There's no reason for you to play alone unless you chose to (as many do).
  6. As if I would ever quit . April 1st. Had to do something no matter how lame it was. Hi muffinman. Belokk says hi as well.
  7. Lol, u r a loser. U sux. Bob rox. Gamino 4k.

  8. We're amongst the most active guilds on Dofus I believe. Very nice to see you here :-)! https://discord.gg/dVjwSE That's where you'll find us mate!
  9. Not playing on your server and wouldn't have joined if I did (UtE noob here), but I have to say good job, guys. You seem to have built a guild that might actually stick around for the long run. Will be interesting to follow! Doubt you need it but good luck!
  10. You two were only guildees for several years ... Rokit, if you ever want to give retro a try (you'd love the people on Henual) - pm me. I would help you out anyway you want. Scrolls, items, levels or even subscription!!! Very casual playing with names you'd know and recognize. We play here because we can just pick up where we left it and boosting you up is no problem. I know how much you enjoy achievements though, so my biggest hope is that you actually find people at Echo who can keep you the quality-company you deserve.
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