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  1. Under The Edge

    Ownzored might as I don't do almond mixes :-(
  2. Breeding Revamp

    Winged: Breeding is a way of playing. Not a profession. You have one shed like that. How long did it take you? What were you doing in game while raising the last 150? Image those who did this, let's say for 1-10 years? These are the people with the influence on the scroll market. People who are playing to regulate at least one semi-ok market. Hard work - hard kamas. More breeders has ALWAYS been welcomed by other breeders too for that matter. We compete with each other and we know each other. I don't think I've ever discussed prices with anyone. All of us profit anyway. I write as I'm a part of it - but I picked it up on 1.29 again and it's the same thing there. It always worked and was never broken :-). Edit: It will continue but the outcome will mean many dissatisfied customers. More accounts to abo for those who continue and lower profit for everyone. Many will stop playing as a result of it and knowledge will be gone. The market will become unstable for a very long time. People will benefit, people will lose. We've had this in other updates over the years. Bigger public paddocks - higher competition. Many quit. New paddock items - higher competition. Many quit. Echo server - higher competition. Many quit. The result: Current market. This update? Why now? The timing couldn't be worse. Maybe I misunderstand this whole thing and not seeing a bigger picture (I get you Happida). It just seem... I don't know, not-well-planned?
  3. Under The Edge

    Oh I remember you man :-). Nice to see you! 1. Bonta market is like always the dominant one. Brakmarians are the dominant pvpers however. 2. Brakmarians. 3. Yes. We have several people only in our guild who has this as their major income. 4. Yes, unfortunately. Specially in your timezone ( botting :-( ). 5. No and I miss that a lot :-). 6. Killingblow. 7. Yes and in ogrine shop as well. Right now, not sure (on phone) but not too hefty. 8. Yes. Between 2-8mk depending on how many in market. This always goes up and down. 9. Available in ogrine market as well. Cheap. 10. 3-20mk 11. 250kk 12. 50kk per polished diamond give or take 10kk. 13. 250kk. 14. 500kk. 15. I'm a breeder of all pow scrolls any many others. Up and down by a lot every week. Not a stabile market at all except for wis and chance (5mkish per 101).
  4. Breeding Revamp

    Make the rich richer and make it harder on the new players. This system doesn't benefit anyone. At my peak I was making over 100 million kamas each 6.6th day. I had closer to 20 18+ slot paddocks on Zatoishwan and competed with no one. Later I sold it all and continued on Rushu where the competition was higher but I still made over 50 million each 6.6th day (when I wanted to). The income will still cover the new items and the only thing this system do is making it harder and more expensive. The richer players will stay rich (prices will go up and breeders will earn more kamas), many will quit as their major income will be more complicated, and the newer players wont be able to compete. There's a limited access to paddocks even after the merge. I do this on Henual 1.29 today. Paddocks are about the same as they were in 1.27. Menus are terrible with no way to sort them out and you have to 1. use another account to mate your mounts or 2. use a guildpaddock to mate them. Still, I prefer that 1000 times more then the system that is presented here, haha. It might seem broken to gain this much kamas, but it takes a lot to do it. You have to log on several times a day and it demands strategies that makes it harder to attend the other aspects in game. It's not a profession - it's a way of playing. Some people do endgame content for income, others do breeding. VERY few do both. This idea is terrible because of the fact that you want to present the game to new players. This solution will chase them away.
  5. Under The Edge

    It means you need help to figure this one out .
  6. Under The Edge

    Level 61, 101 members (all active), most of our alts are placed in altguilds (prim. BLANK). We're currently leveling the guild rapidly to fit more members as we now are the #1 guild. Guild might be a couple of levels higher btw. We're gaining several levels a day right now. Come join us!
  7. The "What gear should I use" thread

    Don't ask for the impossible omg.
  8. Under The Edge

    No level restrictions yet. We care more about the player then the character. Just ask in /R and someone will be in touch with you. We are now the most active guild on Henual so people know us :-).

    I wish I hadn't answered you :-)...

    It's becoming pretty obvious what your problems with Ankama are, and I don't think Ankama is at fault. None of the things you listed are in response to my posts. 1. Panda class cape doesn't equal anything close to being unable to play. You even write it's fixed (even though you personally aren't satisfied with the result). 2. I didn't mention imps. I even forwarded a link to "Ask Ankama" at Official Forums where you have the possibility to be heard if you avoid "txt language" as "lol" and "no1". 3. See 2 and read what I wrote about community. It's an MMO. You're supposed to enjoy the game with others - which doesn't mean leeching. More players, more activity. Weird analogy, I know. You don't even read. You interpret and let your feelings be the base of your arguments. Notice how many likes your posts are getting? ------------------------------------------------------------- I made a comparison to Rayish post, haha. Glad you got it <3.

    Ok, you don't care about what others write but you expect people to care what you write. Even though I specified my post after your reasoning, you still didn't understand what I wrote. Can you specify some of these problems that has been around for years? 80% of the players would not agree with you, I promise. It's human nature to focus on negative aspects rather then positive. Conformity sucks. When Ankama does something good, you don't see 100's of posts celebrating them. When they do something bad, you see 100's of posts complaining. This is how it is and if you never heard about this phenomena before I advice you start studying. The fact that there aren't 100 posts of people complaining right now proves you're wrong. I just checked OF. End of discussion. You're highly overestimating your own feelings and that isn't a successful way to go about when trying to make a point. Oh, I've done it in the past as well - so don't take it personal. "The company isn't good" you say. Yet you use their services and still lurk around this forum. Isn't that a funny way to see it? No need to explain your self. I know exactly what you're going through. Double standard sucks and I've done it too. "Don't hate the player, hate the company!" About your kama dilemma. If 1mk was that easy to farm, then how would Ankama make any money? Hell, how would the average player make an income if kamas wasn't worth anything? The purpose of F2P is to get a feeling for the game. Again, I could take my self as example as I started out as F2P, but you wouldn't be interested in reading that. How about a solution? Did you know you can communicate and share ideas to Ankama directly? If you want, you can forward one of mine: Hey Ankama, how about this! What if, when creating a new account - you get an offer of 1 week P2P upon verification by phone of the account? An idea would be to offer this once by number - so that players couldn't abuse this. Again: The players make the game. Ps. My vacuum cleaner sucks. I sent letters of complaints to Electrolux. They even gave me a new one, but that one sucked as well. What an awful company. You should see how I rant on and on at their Facebook about this.

    If you cba to write a story, then how can you argument for your thoughts? Its pretty hard to guess what you're after when you write short and negative comments. I'm not sure which bugs you are referring to but I know they aren't that severe (I was online on 2.0 w/o issues just a few days ago). I started playing on Henual 1.29 last year. The server was launched in 2014 so evidently it is way harder to catch up with, which seems like a "must-be-possible" attitude to be able to enjoy the game from your post. You also don't have the possibility to reset by using ogrines on 1.29 which is tedious at earlier levels. It's 3 times as expensive to scroll and it's way harder to level since you have no frigost, limited items, limited resetting possibilities etcetera. Yet, there I am, enjoying, competing and subscribing 6 characters for real money since ogrines aren't possible. Now, you might think my post is somewhat biased but that's just because I couldn't be assed to explain my self further and in return you didn't understand it. See what I did? Okay, lets explain this further. The thing is, Dofus is not about the grind to level 200. That competition ended 11 years ago. Level 200 it self is extremely easy now and content-wise there are several thousands of other aspects to discover. As for the 1 million kamas to subscribe via ogrines - congratulations, you have a dozen other ways to subscribe as well. Not that 1 million kamas is hard to farm either. Heck, I have absolutely nothing on Echo, yet I'm willing to bet you 100 million kamas that I can get 1 million kamas on a naked character within 1 hour. Want to take this on? Ok, so lets wrap this up. I'll be assed to explain my self now. How can I say level 200 and 1 million kamas is easy? Because I know people that are helpful and care (Exactly! Back to your first post). I know people that would help me start up again if I wanted to. The same people would probably even help me level a new character if I asked. I can mention at least 100 different individuals on Dofus 2.0 and 1.29 that would do this for me and I would do it for them. Now, isn't that a community or what? The players make the game and when you find the ones that are welcoming and helpful it becomes a hell of a lot more easier and enjoyable. With the launch on Steam, this population can increase. I think you've misunderstood what Dofus is about my friend. Oh and don't worry - I already have an answer figured out to your next post.

    Apparently you care. Why else would you bother responding. 1. It's dying, so presenting it on the biggest platform is a dumb move? 2. The reason behind the broken balance is a result of them working on it. 3. Lag and bugs are a result of them working on it. I don't care for Dofus 2.0 but I'm happy for Ankama and the community with the possibility of expansion in customers. What bad could come of it anyway apart from your broken feelings, right?
  14. Under The Edge

    No worries, you stay :-)! Good luck with studies mate!
  15. Under The Edge

    jajaja my turn