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  1. Youbutsu

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    WLEOMCE ^_^!
  2. you should be deleted omg. Coooome Tribby - Some of us remember you!
  3. Youbutsu

    Post your goals and achievements

    -huntdown- ugly character. Replace.
  4. Surprised to see you mate! I think you're the 20th person to say something like this since I started this topic on Discord. I've decided to adapt and wont bother with it anymore. I found a way to make it harder on these cheaters without involving Ankama or breaking any rules my self. There's a reason I bothered in the first place. I didn't just get an idea to go against these guys. There was a few incidents between players and moderators that made me react and wanting a change. Players will quit as they always have. Who they are matters to the community but not to Ankama. They will never understand their own created red thread. How Ankama handled our reports actually only made it harder for us. It's simply easier to avoid and ignore. I can play on /away from now on. I wanted an answer but I see more and more that there already is one. I shouldn't expect anything from Ankama. 13 years of experience tells me it never worked before. This is what my old demented ecabrain needs help with. Reminding! I can give 1000 examples when I remember them. I'm backing down and will not return to this topic again. You're all right.
  5. You know what, I just felt like updating my self again by visiting their site and I got refreshed by their answer. https://www.dofus.com/en/more-dofus/1-29
  6. Yes, I can tell you a majority of the 1.29 players have done this. Oh, kamas though! Not characters.
  7. I do, but for once it would be nice to get an official statement. I could quote what I've already been told but since this Ankama representative told me so on Discord, I can't use it. You know, according to their own regulations. I keep getting asked to report but they always come back worse then they were before. There's a market. People will continue making and losing money. It's hard to explain but our 1.29 server has seen markets raise with 100% in just a few months. The bots hogging merchant maps has been there nonstop for 5 months. The same cheaters has been making money and annoyances for over a year. Transfers between 1.29 and 2.4 servers with several billions of kamas. Mostly Echo and Pandore. What's happening on 1.29 affects 2.4 too.
  8. Ok, I will. Thanks for telling me.
  9. Haha, well it's actually not. The guy quit in 2014 but we got to know him 2006. Some reasons are easy to understand. I don't mind when people buy or sell kamas either, but these cases are pretty special considering two owns the scroll market, another exo market and the last use regular resources to generate 20mk a day (his own words). I mean, these guys are known by the entire server and even Ankama - yet nothing is being done. I don't even have words for what Ankama is doing...
  10. I deleted content. You were too late. Can we have ONE normal fucking server please?
  11. Youbutsu

    Dofus 1.29 Starter Pack

    not about AHK OMG