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  1. Youbutsu

    Eng Guild

    Tried chatting with him (or her). The message this person sent me make little sense and I'm not sure what (s)he's after. (S)He asked me for items via pm but doesn't know which server (s)he's on (hence the posting under both servers). I've also never been in contact with this person before, so an introduction with just "got adventure sets?" (it was seriously all I got in the pm) made up my decision. (S)He asked for an English guild in our topic, but never asked to join us. (S)He wants a guild with only lower levels. (S)He didn't tell us anything about him/her self. Our guild is full with over 40 characters on hold in another guild. This person doesn't fit our requirements. We'd rather have an alt.
  2. Youbutsu

    Dofus Wiki Discord Chat Server

    I'd love to if it was 1.29 (where I already contributed years ago)... Would be a shame to see wiki go down when there's still an active community on echo.
  3. Youbutsu

    Population on 1.29

    Eratz is more packed then echo. Mainly Spanish speaking but also French. Some English speaking players but easy to count. Henual is really small, like the last years on Shika. The English community is big though. The biggest and most active guild (7x with 70+ individuals) is English speaking with players from our community. Eratz if you want action. Henual if you want casual gaming.
  4. Youbutsu

    You can now check the amount of hours you played

    I like that they added this so more people can realize it's time to quit. Excellent business.
  5. So I'm getting pretty close to an extra ap and wouldn't mind some help. I can either buy or trade to get some of these souls. Missing: Kanimantha the Maneater Minoknok the Visitor Dragostino the Tiny Kanarrie the Reckless Arepotair the Bespectacled Tanaked the Stalker Pandoracle the Opposing Force Tanno the Dominator Pandumonium the Joker Kitsuey the Red Romush the Montecchi Edvushmunch the Screamer Nidsally the Mushtang Doubles: Many... I can send my list if you want to take a look.
  6. Youbutsu

    You can now check the amount of hours you played

    I just guessed. Your skill equals about 25k hours
  7. Youbutsu

    You can now check the amount of hours you played

    I was afraid to look at first, but even if I combine all my accounts; I still don't get as much as @Junnsim (omg how does everyone know ). 500 hours total.
  8. Youbutsu

    Under The Edge

    Oh, a guild where low levels will stay low levels? Sorry, no. Everyone levels, so a guild like that would be impossible to maintain for someone interested. Ours (biggest guild on Henual) got mixed levels ranging from 12 to 200. There is one other international guild on Eratz but I hear it's pretty inactive.
  9. Youbutsu

    Under The Edge

    First server choice is Eratz, the other is Henual :). Another way to check is to click on ESP icon.
  10. Youbutsu

    Under The Edge

    I take your word for that. How else would you know.
  11. Youbutsu

    Under The Edge

    ???? WHOS DOLAN!?
  12. Youbutsu

    Under The Edge

    Hay Sram from Eratz

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