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  1. Youbutsu

    omg qued legit quitting???

    Never really knew you a apart from forums, but heard a lot about you even in game. You contributed a lot and in return you made some solid friends. This community is getting worse by the day, and today it's all your fault. Good luck man :^)! Now do the same achievements irl!
  2. Send me a pm if you want to know us a little on Discord. We have Eratz players as well
  3. I'm biased so better get your own impressions! I remember you and think you would blend in well with us. The Eratz community are struggling though. Awesome guys and I know they wouldn't mind quality company x).
  4. Was*. Dofus and forums are dead = no quiv. Now he's just some random brittish bloak . Just ban op. He's dead anyway.
  5. Youbutsu

    Cadderly's 1.29 goals and info

    Lovely to hear it's growing! We'll further people :-)!
  6. Youbutsu

    Cadderly's 1.29 goals and info

    Team up and make an Under the Edge!!!
  7. Youbutsu

    Long Time No SEE

    You beat me to level 100! Those darn fungi masters ! Hope all is well from one of the older players!
  8. hi u!!

    1. Youbutsu


      Huhu Heaven, still here ^___^. Still Revolutionized?

  9. Inky veil, suckerset, bherbal belt, mush obrero, az'tech and kimbo sandals. We're waiting.
  10. Youbutsu

    Population on 1.29

    seriously, it's always like that? I assumed this was during double exp? I know Eratz is packed, but hot damn. Henual looked the same the date you posted that screen, that's why I didn't comment.
  11. Youbutsu

    Help me get on my toes again

    Vafan göru på Echo. Kom till oss istället. Har t.om en dansk som snackar svenska! Visst måste du börja om, men det går jävligt mycket snabbare nu när vi redan gjort det en gång. Dessutom hjälper vi varandra :-). https://discord.gg/5PSasY2
  12. Judging by your signature and home-server I'd say some of them are, yeah. Take a look here :)
  13. Then we wouldn't have stayed for 2 years and have the most badass guild on 1.29 with people enjoying it. At first it was nostalgia but there is much more to it. Factors that 2.0 can't provide.
  14. Youbutsu

    Do You Like Fun?

    I play dofus and I am from Sweden. I am pretty much a SJW copy of Felix ofc I get it!! You hate Ankama more then anything ^____^
  15. Youbutsu

    Do You Like Fun?

    The franciasisise nation created Daft Punk and Justice so I must be grateful to them. 10/10 - You are on par with Frankrikes top bands!!!