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  1. Class Guides [v2.0]

    fixed the links so they link back to the archived posts.
  2. Haven't Played for close to 2 years

    Good to see that something good is implemented. I was pretty upset when my 10mk villa was put back on the market while on hiatus.
  3. Class Guides [v2.0]

    I've actually quitted a while back and don't really come on imps anymore. For some reason I felt nostalgic and came on today. Anyhow, if anyone want, they can take over this thread.
  4. The "What gear should I use" thread

    As in if he intends to stick with the set without mp hogs. You'll compromising with 8/4, minimal wis and vit for 15 avg increase in base damage for CS. With 600agi + power, that's ~100 more damage per turn...really the goal is to have around 800 agi for 1/2 CS to be worth it. And a decent CC on top of that, without a turq, it'd definitely be Abatz Sword / Furritung, maybe now Buck Anear's Sabre. I personally feel that its almost the same as int iop in terms of play style, cept without limited LoS per se.
  5. The "What gear should I use" thread

    I'd urge against it, 1/2 CS is somewhat like 1/2 Zoth Girl Hammer, its not worth it if you don't have enough agi to back it up. Also, imho without the class ring its just not as fun <_< Once you hit shroom level, you can have Full Shroom (11) + Harry Boots / Sandals Bino (4) + Bherbal Bherb Belt (6) + New Agi Ammy (5) + Turq (13+) and you will have another ring slot for Ring Bellious (Class) for awesomeness.
  6. Post your Guts

    Zoth Warrior Axe (post 160) or Dreggon Daggers with class ring :(
  7. Best items to shatter for?.. -seeking rewrite

    Added to list of guides.
  8. Show off your new colours

    Friend's feca after overhaul, loved his colour scheme from the beginning though.
  9. Post your Guts

    True true, however in retrospect, highest level item is 111.
  10. Post your Guts

    Level 5 clover is +7 non crit. Anyhow, very interesting choice. I wouldn't personally invest in agi.
  11. Post your Guts

    Respectable gear, but it doesn't seem you've scrolled anything just yet lol.
  12. LOL @ UR SIGGY!!11!

    Made me lol for 10 hrs straight `.`

  13. Class Guides [v2.0]

    The thing is, for newcomers its impossible for them to be fitted in the particular role. Let say xelors, or enus, they're mainly support and in order for them to be "effective" characters, they'd need initial investment. For characters like eni / iop / eca / sadi / feca / etc etc, the roles are pretty self evident. It would be pretty useful for people who knows what they're doing and looking for a better alternative. But then it's too much work, and actually quite impossible for one person to do a thorough job on all 12 classes and their specific roles with respect to their builds without being bias to certain "favoured" builds. Its a very good suggestion, would encourage experienced players and not just anyone to put themselves up for the challenge. But then again, I doubt they'd have time to do something that doesn't really help the majority of the people.
  14. Official "I Dropped a Dofus" Thread

    Not necessarily, chest also contributes. Grats :]
  15. Post your Guts

    I meant french player lol, Trixxy has hax gear. D: