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  1. Osamodas Redesign: WIP!The most attentive of you will have noticed a little bit of information that discretely slipped into the calendar last week. We are already planning a September release for the long-awaited Osamodas class redesign! Oh yes, Update 2.35 only just reached your server this week and we are already spilling the beans about the September update! According to the content schdule, the two other major project in the pipeline for 2.36 are wide-screen format and interface overhaul. We are working hard to meet our deadlines... but you already know all that. What we're focused on today is a little development that we announced last week: an Osamodas redesign! When we say redesign, we're not mincing our words either! We have revised game mechanics, modernized the design of the class, updated spell effects and more... So prepare to discover a new generation of Osamodas! Right now, we are at the very beginning... early days, early days... well, you’ll see what we mean. But we still want to share our ideas and plans with you, so we thought, let's GO FOR IT! Come on now! Let's get CRAZY! Just show them! But remember: everything is strictly WIP* and it is possible and likely that there will be substantial changes between what we show you now and September. *Work in progress GAME DESIGNObviously, the "summoner" role of the Osomodas class will remain at the heart of their game play. We currently plan to have 3 principal elemental paths: Air, Fire and Earth (each with its own particular specialty). One of the new game mechanics proposed for this class is to "fuse" with its summons during battle, which will change its attributes and characteristics. Each elemental path is associated with a specific summons: Air: the Tofus specialist Fire: the Wyrmlings master Earth: the Gobballs guardian As for the spells, we are starting out with 5 utility spells and 5 spells for each elemental path. One of the utility spells, the "animal link" spell is devoted to the fuse ability in combination with the "Symbiosa" summons, which allows an Osamodas to control their summons for 1 turn. As for the "Spiritual Leash" spell... we aren't changing that one, oh no, it’s already perfect as it is! Air-type spells are specialized to avoid contact, allowing you to push away, attack without line of sight or harass enemies. Fire-type spells favor healing and allow you to unbewitch enemies. Earth-type spells reinforce tank abilities, allowing you block the retreat of enemies, draw them out and reduce their power. CHARACTER DESIGNWhen we say "fusion", think makeover! Hee hee, no, not that kind of makeover... Xa has done some concept art that explores what the final result of a fuse state might look like. Then, Rumo harmonized those sketches into sprites that suit the DOFUS universe. Here's the current result: But that's not all! The Osamodas sprite is also scheduled to take on a more mature appearance. There’s still a long way to go, but here are the first drawings: FX DESIGNWhether it’s a new spell or a modified spell, we still need some new effects! Like the Eniripsa, Iop or Xelor before them, the Osamodas will shine in combat thanks to some brand new animated effects! Here’s the proof: first drafts of the new animations: So, that’s what we have done so far. We hope that these tidbits of information will inspire you and awaken the wild beast sleeping in the heart of every Osa! As far as we’re concerned, our goal is to give you a redesign that is a change from what came before and create new game mechanics that are even more fun and enjoyable to play without increasing the difficulty. We’ll say it one last time: We’re still in the planning stages and things are likely to change in the coming weeks. We can't wait to hear your opinion, so don't forget to tell us what you think!
  2. Thank you for the suggestion, got it to work.
  3. Thank you all for the advice, I will try your experiments an test for success!
  4. Hi, Downloading the latest update, Dofus has always run fine before, but now the updater declares after computing space "unable to write to drive" I have plenty of space on the drive... so I am confused. Help?
  5. The Harness cosmetic overlay, are they like livitnem / subscription rewards where you can choose to associate and remove, or like symbiotic with only single use permanently attached?
  6. Good catch, I am glad Ankama chose only a semi-complex state based techniques.
  7. Eniripsa Class Revamp - A brief look aheadThe details of the modifications we’re making to the Eniripsa class will be revealed in due time with the publication of a complete devblog, but we wanted to give you a brief summary of what’s ahead to whet your appetite. This post will complement what we’ve already revealed during the DOFUS Live stream for update 2.33, and we’ll do another DOFUS Live on Friday, April 1 (not a joke!) to discuss this revamp in greater detail. We can confirm that the new Eni will have three elemental paths: Fire, Water, and Air. Each element heals in different ways. Some have some have spells that will heal or do damage, depending on the target, particularly the Fire element. The Air and Water elements will heal based on the damage they do. For example, a spell that does 100 points of water damage to an enemy will heal all allies in the area by 50 points. Air spells behave the same, but heal allies that are close to the caster, rather than the target. Each elemental path will have an area of effect spell. Here’s a glimpse of the AOE water spell: We have also revised most Eniripsa utility spells. The spirit of the original spells will be maintained,in that most of them will offer different ways to heal, and they have been redesigned to be more interesting and tactical. For example, Stimulating Word will now have a single target, useable every turn, and will add no longer add erosion.It will also put the ally in the “Stimulated” state which gives that ally APand increases the healing they receive for 4 turns. The spell cannot be cast on oneself, but it can be cast by the Coney on its summoner. As long as their Coney stays alive, the Eniripsa will be under the influence of Stimulating Word. This new state will be consumed to generate additional effects when casting some Eniripsa spells – including Lifting Word, which will now allow an Eni to swap places with an ally! Edit - From Dofus Forum
  8. Covex

    BETA 2.33

    THAT is the new state Ankama had to implement to counter bomb walls in the new dimension. They learned from the server spam bot attacks.
  9. I got one of the OLD wise candies, +100 for 30 fights. I happen to have a stack of them, all of which are linked to the account. So the new one linked too, but its the only item Ive recieved that did that. I wonder if it was supposed to?
  10. Class: Enutrof. Build: Chance / PP. Kamas/Time Available: 20 to 30 mil. Plenty of Time. Current team: Solo + MM. Lvl range: 200. Extra comments: No Exos, Eggs are fine. PvP or PvM oriented: PvM. Priority: Chance (Whats normal now? 1K?) Secondary: Prospecting (500+?) Tertiary: Open to suggestions, dmg%, dmg+, resists, wise, dodge? Whats your thoughts? I would like to have 11/6/6; I find 2 summons can sometimes be limiting. Please share your opinions.
  11. Interesting, do you think Ankama intentionally improved the damage? Does it have multiple damage lines because of Evolution state? Does it have a 4th element spell? Also, since Harpoon now attacks 3x Evo1 with the best combination of elements, a weird trybrid Pwr% & +Dmg build could be feasible, using the AI to determine best resistance. Thoughts?
  12. Thats why I am reading this thread. I enjoy Jorbak, usually have 5-10 stars on rushu, and I was hoping to read about other nifty funvhidden gems. Please!
  13. 'awful thought' Reroll Orb removes exomages, does that include elemental changes?
  14. On Recipes, Health and Bwaks... I predict that Ankama will implement unexpectedly a restriction that Bwak Eggs will become usable only near Bwak mobs, similiar to Treechorns & Cracklerocks. The best solution is to have multiple tiers of recipes, I'm really surprised Ankama doesn't have low XP simple recipes of low HP value, & complex, multiple profession, high XP and high HP value recipes. Further, they could diversify between HP recovery professions by implementing additional benefits. Like +PP, Ini, +dmg, +heal, +wise, +dmg%, etc by single use breads, fish and meats that only last a single fight. 'shrugs' what can you do?
  15. Trophies + Leeches + The Panda Cube mob soul would work well.
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