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  1. You know, that only means you have to come play with us on echo . Really, it is a lot of fun though, I’m genuinely enjoying it. (Still confused 95% of the time but that’s fairly normal for me ).
  2. I know the feeling lol. And ty, I’ll add you ig - just had a moment of weakness earlier and subbed all three, novice pack not so bad and I’m telling myself I’m just doing a test run
  3. Oh, that sounds really lovely actually. And fast when it comes to the leveling, gg! I agree everything is new and there is so much to take in but I really like it too so far, the quest system seems really nice to me - it gives you some purpose and I like that. And it makes it easier to relearn as you go I think as well. I was so confused at first btw both with professions and those spellpoints lol, was so frustrated couldn’t figure out how to put the points in I’m currently running around on three (one too many for me tbh,I do like running two but I’m trying to relearn a bit before deciding class and server), doing quests around Astrub familiarising myself with some of the old classes (cra, enu, sadi) before wanting to try one of the new ones. Still so undecided if I’ll regret locking myself to one acc or not but if Izy is as active as everyone says then perhaps no need to multi. I’ll sub one acc this week, make a decision lol. People do make the game what it is, I’ve forgotten a ton but that’s one thing I noticed, I remember it being such a nice community and from what I see here that really seems to still be the case.
  4. Ty, yes I think it might be a good idea since it is easier to immerse yourself with just one too. I’ve gotten several recommendations for Izy now so I’m thinking maybe that could be a way to go. Now they changed the professions too that part would make it easier, the quests too. I’ll run around a bit more then sub when finally decide where to try lol.
  5. Yeah I’m nubbing around on echo at the moment and realised this will take some time to get into lol. Looks gorgeous, but everything is definitely incredibly confusing. Still very much enjoying it though, we’ll see how it goes when I get my bearings. Retro looks interesting too, I’m happy they gave that option as well.
  6. Hi, I played this many years ago but cannot for the life of me remember my characters or account (no access to that email either) so am considering starting over - and it’s been long enough I’m completely blank on knowledge. A lot has changed, so I’m wondering if I could get any pointers on the different versions? Touch, retro, 2, I’m not sure where to start or where there’s an active community. Would like an active, friendly server and preferably with people also playing in late 20s and up too (so I’m not the only one feeling ancient lol). Leah
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