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  1. Today, march 5, 2021, a new update has arrived on the Dofus Creator website where you can see not only all the invocations of Osamodas, but you can also see the damage caused by them! Take a look there: https://dofuscreator.com See how beautiful the display of damage from summons was: Don't worry about the photo, the Dofus Creator has translations in English and also in French. If you still don't know, or deliberately don't use the Dofus Creator but play Roublard, also know that on our website you can see the damage to all the bombs! You can even choose the shifts in which they are buffed and see the damage from explosions and glyphs, check out: I’ve already mentioned here other times, but there are always new people coming, so know that currently Dofus Creator has exactly 10,623 public projects created by other players, you can see all these projects and filter by your character’s class, the element, game style (PvP or PvE) and you can even filter the price of the set you want to find! It seems like a lie, right? But it is not, take a look at the projects tab of the site: https://dofuscreator.com/projects This update that just arrived brought several other news, you can follow everything that arrived on the website on the release notes page: https://dofuscreator.com/release-notes Remembering that the Dofus Creator has a strand for the Dofus Retro! You can use here: https://retro.dofuscreator.com/ Currently, the Dofus Creator also has a beta application available on the PlayStore that works offline, but for now the only version of the database is in Portuguese, but soon it will arrive in English and French, take a look if you are interested: click here. Thanks XD
  2. Hello guys, I want to introduce you to the Dofus Creator. Dofus Creator is a website builder for Dofus 2, it also has its version for Dofus Retro. You can access it here: https://dofuscreator.com Retro Version: https://retro.dofuscreator.com What you'll find in the Dofus Creator: Assemble your equipment and visualize its damage Save your projects Find projects made by other players Filter projects by: classes, element, characteristic, game mode, server and PRICE Some innovations: There is a view counter for each project on the site You can see the price that each item in the project costs Did you like another player's project? You can copy it to your account and change anything you want Many item filters The Dofus Book is the past The most popular builder is the Dofus Book. However, as time went by, the Dofus Book had no modifications to make the site good, it stopped and many players continue to use it just because they have never experienced anything better. Dofus Book x Dofus Creator: Do everything in one interface Is it serious that for each item you want to equip you need to change pages in the Dofus Book? You even need to leave your screen to see the spells on another page. The Dofus lab is like that too. In Dofus Creator you open the equipment catalog, view its features, add buffs and change its classes without leaving the home screen of the website. You don't even need to create an account to do this. Extremely fast and dynamic Dofus Creator doesn't store your items in a database, but in your browser. This means that when you use Dofus Creator, items load quickly, making the page much more dynamic and simple to use. The Dofus Book maintains its database of items in France, this means that you have a giant lag several times while browsing the site, am I wrong? Productivity Dofus Creator offers shortcut keys that allow you to structure your project very quickly. Try it, press the R key to change classes, and whenever you want to see your spells press S. Do you prefer the dark screen? Press D to change the page's theme, and whenever you want to add buff effects to your character use the B key. The X key shows all shortcuts on the interface. Last update The Dofus Creator is always receiving updates. With each new update something new is added. This week version 1.6 has arrived where it is possible to know the number of views that the projects obtained, changes in the item filters in the equipment catalog and various implementations that the community itself suggested! You can find out everything that has arrived again on the release notes page. Try Dofus Creator In the beginning it is always difficult to leave a website that we have been working on for years, such as the Dofus Book and others, to start working on a builder with a different interface and modes of use. The Dofus Creator was made to be fast and make everything practical, in a day going through the site you will get used to it and will use it forever. https://dofuscreator.com
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