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  1. Do you happen to still have the script or know where i can get one? I am clueless on how to do this. Just looking for a script to bring blinking window forward
  2. I would not be using to farm anything just trying to make running 6 screens easier for myself. As low level as I am ini changes a lot x: I know there used to be software but I just cant seem to find it for this game/patch...
  3. Hello I am starting a new 6 man team on Echo! I'm new to running some of these characters and was wondering what the best long term builds would be for each character as PVM characters. I am currently running: Iop/AGI Eni/CHA Enu/CHA Feca/INT Cra/INT Panda/STR
  4. THANKS! I thought it was pretty solid myself. Still currently running Incarnim quests as this is a super fresh pvm team. Also learning a few of the characters as I've never played as some. Omni for sure later on some characters but as low level as I am now ^.^'
  5. I am currently running: Iop/AGI Eni/CHA Enu/CHA Feca/INT Cra/INT Panda/STR Any tips for this team that might better! Also a PVM/QUEST team.
  6. I'm starting my first 6 man team and I have been able to find very little if not outdated information on multiboxing. I have also now seen any rules against it in my searches. Looking for some help with beginner multiboxing. I currently run ALT/ESC but its really a pain switching between six screens constantly sometimes getting battle positions mixed up. Anything helps! Also a brand new member.
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