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  1. The new update has fixed my loading screen, it now displays properly. Thank you.
  2. Hi! I'm learning Japanese so I thought I'd change my Dofus client's language to it, this is how it looks when I try to run it in Japanese: The buttons that are shown work, as does the options window. I can even listen to the music as well. But the rest of the login screen doesn't load! Here's what I've already tried: Clear game cache. Uninstall, delete all files, reinstall with Japanese as the starting language. Change Locale to Japanese. Delete all the Dofus* Folders in appdata/Roaming I have no idea what to do next, please help me :) EDIT: Forgot to add, this only happens with language set to Japanese in Dofus, I can run the client in English and Spanish with no problem :/
  3. Set 1: If you want a damage weapon, can substitute either of the 60 stat trophies for powerhouse if you want to lower crits even more. Set 2: With a healing weapon, the - crit damage makes it heal very high on crits, can substitute with the bow but the staff benefits more from +heals IMO. They're pretty much the same set I guess.
  4. What I Have: Acct1: L200 Agi/Cha Sacrier Acct2: L199 Agi/Str Sram Acct3: L199 Int Osamodas Acct4: L190 Str/Cha Cra What I Want: I want to probably (still undecided, as cra is still leveling, all the feels, etc) replace my Sacrier with another class, if possible I'd like to reuse (parts of) the set but that's not really needed. I just want to know what would be the best class/build to replace her with, I'm almost fine with her as she is but she's sort of underwhelming in most scenarios nowadays, I feel like I'm gimping the team by keeping her. Ultimately my goal is to be able to do most/all dungeons by myself, is this even doable with a team similar to mine? Also I want to keep it at 4 accounts so I can, from time to time, team with my friend, who also has 4 accounts. Thank you. EDIT: I forgot to add, it's ok to add ochre / exos if needed since this will take a while anyways. Also if you think the problem might be with another one of my chars you are free to speak your mind of course!
  5. Pony, I don't think you will find what you want and by that I mean "being the one people need regardless of situation". The Sacrier class used to be that, and I hated it (and my main IS a Sacrier), it was bad game design to have all teams NEED a sacrier or at least be immensely more effective with one. They're probably far from what they used to be, but I find them fairly balanced now and still pretty powerful, plus they're well known so if you join a random team they'll probably know what to expect... and that can be either good or bad, depending on where the team is going. On versatility.. well I think Sacriers can be pretty versatile but only as versatile as your own Toolbox (ha!), and by that I mean how many different sets you have for each situation, normally one set for all elements does not work (unless it's Treadfast, and with Sac base stats, your weapon options will be severely limited) but that's in my experience, and opinion. However... If I could change my sacrier to another class, I would do so, as things are right now at least. I don't know anything about Foggers so I can't comment on them, they still seem to be relatively unknown and I don't think many teams would readily accept one, but I could be wrong. I don't think any class is the one people need regardless of situation to be honest, Enu, Iop, Eni, Panda is what I can think of but you aren't considering those, are you?
  6. I really like the Vulkania Dungeon.. if it can be called a dungeon.. but other than that: Best: Kimbo (Fun, Decent XP, Decent Drops, Leveling Pets!) Kolosso (Fun, Decent XP, X-Men!) New Skeunk (Fun if you don't have to run there) Dragon Pig (Gambling!) Worst: Peki (NEVER AGAIN) Old Skeunk (specially with randoms!) Obsidemon (It just looks ugly to me, all rocks and gas!) Korriander (Even if it's easier to me now, it brings up very bad memories :() Fungus (My team sucks for blitzing) Mastogob (Only because of the awful awful level cap... and the lurgi/sarapox)
  7. What a cute lil tumblr! Thanks, I was feeling too lazy to go and read the Wikia and do the quests again.. I guess I'll (ab)use your guide tomorrow!
  8. Hey hey, still alive.

  9. Alright, my first run... and as a little bonus, it's in Spanish! Nope, I wasn't kidding! Forgot to take a screenshot when choosing my name, I'm being creative, as usual! I picked Cyndaquil since I normally use Totodile, I'm using a Tactics Ogre naming scheme, I'll mix old and new names so, stay on your toes! (So it's easier for me to knock you down) Route 29, no pokeballs, yay! Route 30, no pokeballs! Off to a good start :) Oh my, who is this stud? El Zorro? Nope! He's just "Pokemon", no wonder he's so full of angst. Finally! Route 31! Pidgey! :D Hell yeah, I've got of the four sisters already! ¡Es muy eficaz! Cistina looks so cute! And she's also sleepy. Please not a zubat, please please. Well, shit. I don't remember her name in the remake, so old name for the poison hag. Team pic! I'll try to take less boring screenshots next time :>


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