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  1. Yeah, check out Vangar's post above and can re-check our first post that I made which I edited and added our discord link.
  2. Bots never go away :c but prof wise it isn't that bad.
  3. We have players around all levels, anyone is welcomed to join. We've had players who have joined the guild since level 1 while some were 100+ at the time and now they're a bit higher since we're all constantly doing things together. We're composed of a lot of solo players, so we all have time to play with one another and help each other out.
  4. Introduction: Royalty was created on October 27th, 2019 and we have been growing quite in numbers since. I personally decided to have this guild made because I saw something that lacked in Dofus Retro that was quite common when I was playing years ago - A guild that worked together, a guild that did things together and a guild that accomplished things together as a family. We are a very active guild and we are all constantly doing stuff and helping each other out no matter what. I made this guild to make sure everyone who joins feels included in everything we set to do and for everyone to make friends and as the leader (along with my amazing second in commands and guildmates) I make sure of it . We are by far one of the most active English speaking guilds on the server since we aren't completely composed of ALL multi accounts within the guild but with actual players! We are also very new player friendly and love to make sure everyone has a great time here. We're all a happy Royal family and if you'd like to see what we're up to, don't hesitate to join us. Fun Note!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are now in collaborative effort with the guild "Atlantis" for the mono server. For those interested in being part of our friendly community of friends, you can join in on our discord below and get to know us. You can choose to be part of our community on the server Crail and join in on the fun with Royalty or head on to the mono servers and join in on the Atlantis (Currently on Mono Server X) fun. Regardless of anything, you can still communicate with both guilds as a whole on the same discord! All depends on your playstyle Our Discord: https://discord.gg/3sacGBZ Contact To Join: If you would like to join us feel free to contact us in-game by private messaging one of our lovely leaders: Princess Symphony Arch Mediator Pumpkin In any case that any of the above or not online, feel free to message any of our other members for any invite if you manage to see them in-game. Some of our friendly members that you may contact for an invite: Vangar Shaz Chris Numb Fallout Distant-Kills Sydney-Oldosa Baur
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