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  1. Introduction: A little background on this guild is always a nice thing for everyone to know, so get to know us! We were made on October 27th, 2019 and we're growing quite in numbers since then. We are a very active guild for the little amount of days we've been created and we are all constantly doing stuff as a guild no matter what. I made this guild to make sure everyone who joins feels included in everything we set to do and for everyone to make friends and as a leader I make sure of it . We're all a happy royal family and if you'd like to see what we're up to, don't hesitate to join us. Contact To Join: If you would like to join us feel free to contact us in-game by private messaging: Princess Puppet Relic Dravane In any case that any of the above or not online, feel free to message any of our other members for any invite if you manage to see them in-game. Some of our friendly members that you may contact for an invite: Doki Sleep Arch Mit-Mittens Diamond-Slayer Thecheshire Van-Healsing
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