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  1. here you may see me abit (Cropped out of the frame) but i gave a guildie some educating lesson's on afking
  2. i can't believe this the agent i paid said he saw you on algathe.. damn
  3. Say NO to bullying we can stop cyber bullying
  4. So to say goal is 1.30 cured my crippling depression hearing the astrub city music made me tear up Main~(Algathe)
  5. What is up folks i am main and i am here to tell you a bit about my self and my guild i been playing since i can remember dofus the wis sac buffs etc the good ol' days with over 10k hours into the game yes my parents are proud. So joining retro i came back after 3 years away from the game i was hoping we will have the real 1.29 experience with every 1 teaming up and doing stuff but what i witnessed is the Army disease came over from 2.54 to retro, i am not condemning any multi accounters or anything do what floats your boat. I just play online video games for th
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