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  1. Managed to get windows tabs to work, for some reason it uses cntrl 1,2,3 and 4 as the tabs. Can't work out how to change that, anyone else worked it out?
  2. I've increased the delay up to 500 with no joy. Just seems to think the screen is larger than it is. Wonder if it's cause my monitor is 4k. Oh well. Cheers anyway dude.
  3. Cannot get this to work at all, it opens the clients and puts passwords in username then just switches around the clicks a dofus to open a few internet browser screens, Seems like it thinks the windows are bigger than they are but for some reason they shrink when the script opens them. Tried it when in the game and the game then has a white bar blocking half the right side of the screen and the click function only works for 2 screens. Very odd.
  4. Ah ok, I can't seem to get the log on to work, just enters password but in the username box and thats it. Will try with some delay fiddling and see if that fixes it.
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