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  1. I cant seem to download the ankama launcher, the setup freezes... Anyone have the 32 bit file to share? I see ankama removed the option to seperately download it... Thanks
  2. The issue for me is that I don't have the most stable wifi connection, as in every few hours it has a disconnect of about 3 to 5 seconds... Pretty sure I'm not the only one, I started playing on hissering while 3/4 of my accounts try and get into Algathe.
  3. Anyone else think we picked the wrong server (Algathe)? The queue times are simply ridiculous and the population is extremely high. For instance Hissering is a near empty server, if all the english players went to Hogmeiser it would have (imo) been a predominantly english community. Thoughts?
  4. I suggest using 2 accounts and joining 2 different english guilds. Guild chats and pm's are so active that I started ignoring the french text
  5. I just returned aswell and I chose Retro. I have not regretted that decision in any way! Everyone is fairly new / low level, people are actually doing "ALL" of the low level content (not just leeching), and the english speaking community is very pleasant! Guilds like Platinum, Omni and UTE are all filling up quickly and provide more than enough community. I suggest you try it out and get to atleast level 20 before you dismiss it P.S. This is also a good time to start on Algathe because massive loads of adventurer sets / gobball sets are being dumped in the markets for very cheap prices since people are growing out of these sets. So no need to waste your time on trying to drop these things Hope we see you there! - Exer
  6. Jesus Hao is level 82 already what the hell
  7. Dear god the queue is so much torture... 15:45 I log in and get in queue position 2459/2459 16:30 I am 500th in queue and I get dc'd... 16:35 I queue up again and its a 3100 queue 17:20 i am 800th in queue and BAM , connection lost to the server... this is so frustrating I only had 2 hours to play today... Just needed to vent EDIT: 18:30 and I'm in lmao
  8. Getting a full gobball set as a duo - accounter
  9. I am not surprised, just relogged and the queue for Algathe is >3000
  10. Just click on download on dofus.com. Also, if anyone wants to team up on Agathe: My name(s) on there are Exer & Axar. I have no idea what im doing but feel free to join Also I suggest avoiding Astrub zaap. The amount of people there made me DC
  11. I don't think so no, I just hope its playable with the 1.29 client because I can't download the ankama launcher on my chromebook
  12. Just wanted to let you guys know I will also be going to Algathe See you there! - Exer
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