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  1. Hey people, its a nice tool and I was wondering if it would be too hard to make a Dofus Retro v1.30 alteration for it? Do you just need to add the old items in? No idea how it actually works. Is the algorithm too complicated or would it be possible to make a DIY version of it in lets say MS Excel? Any thoughts on this? Maybe the community could work out something. I find it kinda sad that there is no resource or tool to even help you find lets say a hat with at least 50 intelligence. You have to manually search for everything.
  2. Where: Ayuto Level: who cares Goal: to have fun Rules: there is only one rule and that is to play no more than 1 account /w Courage
  3. I am home baby xD This was my first guild ever in DOFUS back in 2005 so we just recreated it. Everyone playing just one account is welcome to join. Server Ayuto. Cya all and have a good one.
  4. Thanks - I wont. Glad to hear someone shares the same sentiment even though they prefer playing more accounts. It will be a blast and I personally cannot wait for tomorrow. Good luck and see you in game.
  5. Come to think of it, I create a topic asking solo players if they want to create a guild in the new retro server and all the people who reply are multi accounters trying to defend and explain why multi accounting is the way to play. I guess this topic doesnt really serve its real purpose and can be closed. See you all in game when its out. Have a good one.
  6. It really depends on your mindset going into the game. If you played more accounts before you obviously had and still have a reasoning for that. Game is slower but that is exactly what I like, it keeps all the zones populated not just the high level ones. You "need" class x for y dungeon but do you really? I mean, honestly, the old Dofus is pretty, lets say easy or trivial when it comes to PvE. It might be the most effective / time efficient way to bring x class for y dungeon but if youre clever enough you can beat it with almost any group composition. Thats probably the difference between people as some just play for the experience / journey / challenge and do not care about when a set goal is met and other want to reach them asap therefore looking for the most efficient ways which will always be multi accounting obviously. I understand both approaches but like the first one much more. PS: One of the most memorable moments from the game for me is a Wabbit Castle run late 2005 or early 2006 cant remember when exactly. The group was all random people and we started at 7PM and I had to go to school the next day thinking "oh yeah 3-4h and were done, will get enough sleep"... It was a god damn fiesta, people kept separating themselves from the group and randomly dying to gwanpas and skeletons. Anyway we made it, we killed Wa Wabbit and got ported to Amakna at freaking 4AM and this dude ( think it was POONAGE) posts his +3HP Wa Wabbit hat and eventhough I was half asleep the second half of the dungeon this made me literally laugh out loud for like 5 minutes. Yeah and this memory for some reason stuck with me all these years.
  7. No, they will be tortured and crucified. Lol, jk - I am not sure how the guild is going to turn out but Id love it to be mono account only because I think these people have more to offer to the community within the guild than people who just like to play the game alone by themselves.
  8. Hey Archangel, I understand why people did use multiple accounts but I feel like it kinda goes against the concept of MMOs. I remember being in a 30 +/- member guild in 2005 and the guild chat felt just so alive and I had so many fun memories talking to and playing with other people regardless of beating a dungeon or dying to mobs/percs. Fast forward to 2008 and being in one of the servers top guilds with like 200 +/- members and all you could see in chat was hi or bye when someone logged in or out, being busy playing their team of chars and whenever a solo player popped up asking if any of these multi accounters wanted to do something they just kind of either ignored it or scratched their head and pretended theyre either busy or whatnot when in reality they didnt want to you to join them cause you would "steal" their loot and not play your turns perfectly within 3 seconds. Anyway, thats a good idea with the discord channel. Gonna give that one a try although most people who would be up for this will be recruited when the server launches I guess as Imps Village seems to be a rather quiet place nowadays.
  9. Hey folks, would anyone be interested in creating a mono account guild for the upcoming retro server? I am kinda sad it isnt mono account only by default (in my humble opinion the ability to multi account caused the games downfall) but from a business point of view it is understandable why they decided to go this route.
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