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  1. So I just found out that when you click shop it routes you to steam to complete the purchase. So I need to know if there is a work around for a steam player to sell ogrines or maybe if you can just buy items in the cash shop then sell them to other players.
  2. Is this a common error, I got this error once before but just refreshed it a few times and it logged me in. the error has been going on for the past 8 hours or so never lasted this long before. could it be that im not a sub so they are letting all the subbers into the server and not letting anyone f2p just trying the game out before I sub if this is a common error and I wont be able to play the game when I want to then im going to forget about the game and move on to something else just need some info on this error
  3. Hello so they said on the forums that if you buy ogrines on steam they are linked to your account and you cant sell them for kamas the problem is I play with a linked steam account. So if I click on the shop and buy ogrines with the shop will my ogrines still be linked to my account or will I be able to sell them for kamas in the exchange
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