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  1. I started a new thread a month ago or so about how I feel Dofus has gotten stale. One potential remedy for some players could be the Shadow server. Community events like rushers and temporis servers bring back many players because they feel fresh or give people new achievements to work towards. The Shadow server embodies this fresh atmosphere since literally no one has accomplished everything (highest achievement points is like 12,000). Additionally, since death is permanent, the game is quite challenging and you may have to "restart" from time to time. If you like playing Dofus, but miss the feel of the old Dofus and want more purpose and less grinding for no reason, I highly recommend trying out Shadow server. It's not for everyone, but I can say from experience playing both Shadow and Echo, it is more fun for the casual player.
  2. Thanks! I think it could be a nice remedy for players who are feeling bored or burnt out by the game at the moment. It's like a seasonal server but with 3x experience and loot perhaps?
  3. I can't add much to the topic of leeching coming from the Epic Server where it is all but non-existent. However on this server the removal of stars is a HUGE nerf. Since the server is generally pretty unpopulated, most mobs are usually at full 10 stars in an unpopular area, or at least a few stars for the more popular areas. The lack of stars just sets everything back to 100% exp and loot. I sincerely doubt there is enough activity on this server to weight any area enough where it would gain (or lose exp), and in the last week and a half I have only ever seen it at 0% inc/dec (no change). The system may work out well for merged official servers, but for unique servers like Epic or Heroic, it does not make any sense.
  4. Hello Everyone, I am new to these forums but not quite new to Dofus. I have been playing on and off since 2010. After casually playing Rosal for a few years I decided to spend most of my time on the Heroic Server (IGN: Braves-Heart/Terrah). Since the change to the Epic Server a few years back (x3 bonuses) I made a permanent switch and it has been a pretty enjoyable time. Personally it has almost all of the thrill of Oto-Mustam, but without the cheesy pvp kills and frustrating brown-nosing or alliance mechanics. The experience and drop bonuses make it easy to get started and progress without ever feeling stale, yet you are certainly challenged by the fact that any death is permanent. I wanted to start this thread to shed some light on this server and hopefully bring some players over here to join us. The thread will also serve as a bit of a guide to anyone looking to or currently playing on the server. A little bit about me: IGNs: Andromeda, Hydra, Orion, Vega, Polaris, Arcturus, Gemini, Rigel, Atria + other alts I run the only "English speaking" guild in the alliance UNIS. This is a guild for primarily English speaking players because, as you may have guessed, the majority of players on the server are French. I have done most content aside from some particularly deadly quests and a few endgame dungeons. I have died many many times. Shadow Server: - Death is "permanent" . This is only partly true. When you die in a pvm fight (quest and monster), you lose all of your experience and all of your items in your inventory. This includes quest items, quest progress, professions, as well as achievements. Later on I will explain how losing achievements is actually the best part about dying. You do not lose anything in your bank, on alt characters, in the markets, mounts in paddocks, zaap positions saved, and (as I found out recently) kolisseum rank. PvP fights, AvA, kolisseum, preceptor attacks, and challenges are not deadly. When you die you also receive a double experience bonus until the highest level you once were on that character. - Level progression is extremely quick. Many years ago I used to farm mastogobs with a chance scarier and leech players and alts for months to level up. On Shadow this technique of power-leveling is almost never seen. The only time players power level is if they recently died and have 6 other lvl 200 alts to carry them through some big mobs. Every bit of experience you gain from a fight at your own level gives you a significant boost to the next if not a jump of 2-3 more levels. This is the same for achievements. Recently I re-leveled my team from 1-180 on dungeon achievements of less than lvl 120 alone (literally nothing else). Since you lose all of your achievements when you die, you can receive the experience again from completing them (you also receive the resource rewards). Yes, technically, you can get multiple dofus per character on an account if you just die with that character and redo the quest. - A Profession-only character is highly encouraged. Since you lose professions when you die, most veteran players will have a character that literally never participates in pvm. This character can hold valuable items, kamas and any crafting professions you want to level up (x3 experience on this server as well). Ceremonially items or achievement based items should usually be held on this character as well since those go away if you die with them. These characters usually become the "mains" of most players, and Andromeda is my main and crafting character. Making and crafting are really easy to get into on this server as there is an abundance of resources to drop. - There is one main alliance. Currently, the server is "dominated" by UNIS and the aspect of AvA and territory wars is all but forgotten since the main focus is on pvm. Those who are not part of the alliance have the benefit of attacking perceptors and stealing loot, but otherwise the majority of players fall within UNIS. This makes traveling to zones extremely easy and the alliance can be a great support group or source of advice if your guild is not. - Making kamas is easy but sometimes not necessary. One of the main gripes I hear from players in official servers is that the economy tends to be dominated by multi-account players. As a multi-account player myself, I can clearly see why. The best way to farm popular resources is with a full team. On Shadow, this concept is actually a bit construed. Most of the resources that would otherwise be expensive to farm are actually fairly cheap since they drop so often and there is an abundance of dungeon boss resources since people are doing the achievements again and again. The most expensive resources are actually the ones that solo players can farm: Pebbles from Kolisseum and Rose of the sands from TH. If you receive 125 tokens every 1v1 win, you will be able to purchase a sparkling pebble every 2 wins (since they cost 250 tokens on this server). Each sparkling currently sells for 400,000 kamas. A decent pvp player could make a couple million kamas per hour farming kolisseum. This is not to say that this server benefits solo players more. In fact, most multi-account players end up farming their own resources and crafting everything themselves. - The server community is very supportive. In general everyone who plays Shadow is on your side. Unlike Oto-Mustam, players are willing to help each other, because there is no fear of backstabbing, betrayal or pvp killing. If you need help, chances are there is someone who can and will help you. Aside from the begging for kamas at a zaap (which does not work), most players have thousands of low-level equipments and resources that they would gladly hand over if someone was looking to get a head start. That being said, it is incredibly easy to get these items yourself and level up on your own, so you may find the early levels just as rewarding without help. - There is some content that will almost never be touched. There is a general consensus that both this server and Oto-Mustam are "behind" the other servers, and this is true. A handful of players have beaten the endgame dungeons, and those resources and equipment are rarely seen. Challenging quests and dofus are avoided, and I still have yet to see anyone complete the ivory quest on the server. Although this puts players at a disadvantage when Kolisseum is inter-server, I have grown to appreciate the extra sense of accomplishment that comes with obtaining one of these end-game rewards. A dungeon that may seem extremely casual to some on other servers can become a big deal here and for good reason. Having personally died with a team to multiple level 200 dungeons, I know the frustration, but I am still seeking revenge everytime I get my levels and equipment back. A large deterrent for most are the occasional bugs and disconnects. These accidents do happen, and there is no way to combat them, sadly. All in all, the nature of Shadow allows every player to constantly be reaching for a new goal, and there is never not enough challenging content. For reference, I believe the player with the highest achievement points has ~12,000. This is truly incredible, but may seem really casual to players on official servers. I will continue to edit this post in an attempt to organize some info and add more tips and things. I hope you consider playing Shadow if you haven't before. TLDR: Shadow, the epic server is a fast-paced challenging way to play dofus, that can be really rewarding. We welcome you to join us!
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