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  1. Hello everyone. I played from 2009-2013. Before i love team synergy sacrier/eni/cra/cra when there was no idols. What I Have Acct1: Pandawa Acct2: Eni (and so on) What I Want Number of New Accts: 2 - 3 Goal: I want do all dungeons with idol combination 200-300 score. Leaning Toward: So i think which one synergy of team be best. My ideas: Panda, Elio, Iop, Eni ( There game is based on a combination elio portals + iop's damage, panda tank absorb damage, and eni save if something goes wrong :D) So next, i cant choose. I have 3 ideas: Panda, Panda, Eni, Rogue ( There game is based on a combination with rogue aoe bombs damage, 2 pandas tanks control board set mobs and bombs, Rogue placed bombs, Eni save.) Panda, Sram, Eni Rogue ( Sram have fear for pushing mobs/bombs, and him a new spell "Mist" who can save team its i think +) Panda, Sacrier, Eni, Rogue ( Sacrier i see the sacrier very reworked, but attraction, an transposition he still has ) So if you have some ideas, you can help me sort out. Tanks.
  2. Hello, i have problem to enter to the game. I installing dofus 1.29 and when i tried push button ok to connect, i always see "NO_SERVER_ADDRES" how to fix it problem, where i can get this server addres and where need put him?
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