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  1. Extzk

    Official "What team should I use" Thread

    Hello everyone. I played from 2009-2013. Before i love team synergy sacrier/eni/cra/cra when there was no idols. What I Have Acct1: Pandawa Acct2: Eni (and so on) What I Want Number of New Accts: 2 - 3 Goal: I want do all dungeons with idol combination 200-300 score. Leaning Toward: So i think which one synergy of team be best. My ideas: Panda, Elio, Iop, Eni ( There game is based on a combination elio portals + iop's damage, panda tank absorb damage, and eni save if something goes wrong :D) So next, i cant choose. I have 3 ideas: Panda, Panda, Eni, Rogue ( There game is based on a combination with rogue aoe bombs damage, 2 pandas tanks control board set mobs and bombs, Rogue placed bombs, Eni save.) Panda, Sram, Eni Rogue ( Sram have fear for pushing mobs/bombs, and him a new spell "Mist" who can save team its i think +) Panda, Sacrier, Eni, Rogue ( Sacrier i see the sacrier very reworked, but attraction, an transposition he still has ) So if you have some ideas, you can help me sort out. Tanks.
  2. Extzk

    Dofus 1.29 Starter Pack

    Problem solved! Need change language your OS to United States...
  3. Extzk

    Dofus 1.29 Starter Pack

    Hello, i have problem to enter to the game. I installing dofus 1.29 and when i tried push button ok to connect, i always see "NO_SERVER_ADDRES" how to fix it problem, where i can get this server addres and where need put him?