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  1. pimpsvillage

    B> Tatouh/Tatouf

    i got it, help, how do i close? or i ask rob
  2. pimpsvillage

    B> Tatouh/Tatouf

    How come it has an average price if they do not exist?
  3. pimpsvillage

    B> Tatouh/Tatouf

    Open for offers! Anyone
  4. pimpsvillage

    B> Tatouh/Tatouf

    I think this is the Ilyzaelle subforum "No character or account of that name is recorded as being recently active on this server." [12:25] Tezar does not exist. [12:25] Zetharius does not exist. [12:26] Althenia does not exist. [12:26] Ankou does not exist. [12:26] Skorpa does not exist. [12:26] Arterios does not exist. [12:26] Vezar does not exist. [12:26] Athysius does not exist.
  5. pimpsvillage

    B> Tatouh/Tatouf

    level 100 offering 25mk (open for your offers) online around this time i posted this post IGN: mq https://www.dofus.com/en/mmorpg/encyclopedia/pets/15607-tatouh