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  1. @Youbutsu A hah, they were very competitive times up there, for sure! I never did catch up to Felicianus while he was actively playing though, even though I tried so hard! @stryke~ Yeahhh, my love for the grind of the game died down and I just never personally played much. I know Veledia used my account for a long time after I drifted away and I'd only pop on to zaap sit and say hello to old friends, haha. Glad to see you both!
  2. Hello Everyone! The nostalgia bug just gave me a little nostalgia bite and I wanted to say hello to you CrAzY people out here on imps village! I haven't played seriously in maybe a decade but I've already seen a few of you cool people that I recognize. I never even reached 200 lmao, good times. Cheers!
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