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  1. Looking for the ideal Elements for the following 4 man squad: Cra Rogue Enutrof Pandawa (For endgame PvM)
  2. Agreed, Wisdom's not the end-all of EXP gain these days as it appears as though Ankama have done some tweaking to the EXP formula to average things out to prevent leeching via full Wisd sets. When both my Iop & Cra were 199, despite the Iop having 800+ Wisdom, the Cra gained marginally more EXP with only 400'ish Wisdom. I can only attribute this to the Cra being slightly more ahead in terms of % to 200 (Or Ankama's hard-on for Cra's resulting in them having given the class a stealth-buff to their EXP gain).
  3. I think the devs have already ran out ideas and scraped the barrel by making chameleon rehashes of current gear for cosmetic items. ...Which they then made pay-to-acquire rather than as Kolossotoken sinks or Omega perks.
  4. Cheers, just a note to remember to remove the vit bonus from Seemyools.
  5. You close your mouth, Legend of Korra was fantastic.
  6. How many years did we have Bow Skill (Cra) and Bow Skill (Weapon Mastery) again?
  7. Final Fantasy 8 Magic The Gathering Final Fantasy 6 The 1987 Rock Band NO RAGRETS.
  8. If the god Iop saw fit to give a speech in Astrub personally addressing Twelvians, the situation must be dire indeed… See for yourself by logging on right now and testing the Update 2.45 beta! Something is rotten in the World of Twelve… You've probably spotted what we're hinting at. In fact, it's very likely you've run into them: those aimless beings with dead, glassy eyes that look like they're straight out of Externam… Ever since the Veriun Dead turned up in your humble little adventurer's life, and the statues of the gods were destroyed, you've had plenty of
  9. Try that in Dimensions. Now we'll get to relive the good old days of afking in challenges with team-mates to avoid stroken/wing monster aggro's.
  10. Lack of public funding to keep them maintained.
  11. Dearest Community, We are still having no idea. Please enjoy these GIF's in the meantime. May all your caches be cleared, Sato.
  12. I would very much like to see the completed Ochre, Abyssal etc. quests on your lev60 Ougi's quest log. Sapeuh's videos of his low level uber Elio stomping in 1v1 Kolo are basically watching him masturbate for 10 mins. The generous achievement EXP, additional character EXP multipliers and the halving of exp from 199-200 suggests more than anything that Ankama wants its player base to breakneck to 200 as soon as possible. There we go, now we're at the root of it.
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