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Everything posted by aK-Cra

  1. Your screenshots is always showing "Temporis I " in the pulldown-menu. While the site says pre-registering for Temporis II.
  2. 11 minute warning. I wonder how many players are kicked during some huge dungeon end-boss fight. Anybody got a clue, what these guys are going to screw up fix?
  3. aK-Cra

    Spontanous Monday Maintenance?

    " The operation should take a few minutes " Uhm. Sure....
  4. aK-Cra

    The "What gear should I use" thread

    What gear should I wear? I'm too outdated because of a long break... Team of 4 (5) - PVM only. Frigost 3 Dungeons should be on the to-do-list. One character for every element (and a supporter). Lvl 200 Cra - Strength/Agi - for distant attacks from behind the lines. Lvl 200 Eni - Int - for medium range attacks and healing (50/50). Lvl 200 Enu - Chance - for damage and support (range/mp drain) Lvl 200 Sac - Agi - as tank and close combat. Is agi-lock still existing? (Lvl 199,60 Panda - as supporter) The equipment doesn' have to be the ultimate-h4xx0r-ExoMage-gear. Just regular items which can be paid please. 10 (or 11?) AP and 5 (or6?) MP would be fine. Any suggestions? Thanks
  5. aK-Cra

    Int Eni Advice For Solo/Group PvP

    Oh, thanks for that info. I'm a bit outdated to that mechanics nowadays...
  6. aK-Cra

    Random Screenshots

  7. aK-Cra

    Int Eni Advice For Solo/Group PvP

    Last one. 1 similar rings equipped? Thought that's not doable?