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  1. exodus152

    I'm so confused

    you can always check out the 1.29 servers, we still dofus hunt!
  2. dont forget to mention our amu hunt where we got 2 gelanos and no amu.
  3. Hello! First I doubt anyone on either of the servers would remember me. I was never a standout haha. I am looking to possibly make a move to the 1.29 servers. My ign is Tribby I played an eni starting way back in 04-05 around there. I also had a panda I played on as well. Just looking to find that dofus spark again if I am back to playing. currently playing around on a enu on 2nd server. been tossing messages out in /r and /b but have yet to receive a response. Hoping there is still an english community thats active on the server am really excited to play old school dofus. If anyone has any recommendations or advice I would appreciate it :P.