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  1. on holiday again, have some time to go on dofus again and try sell bump
  2. Paying 400mk for an item that is still obtainable, outclassed by other items it's level and at any point will be changed to a quest item XD
  3. Bump, uni has started again for me so I won't be online unless I'm going to sell so please only contact me here
  4. You are indeed correct, it was Deejavus who maged it for me
  5. If you have nothing important to say regarding the original post I would prefer if you attempt to be cringe in another post please I only have limited time to try make a sale, i dont need notifications from trolls wasting my time thanks
  6. I was aware prior to selling it that there was 1 more on the server, so I believe this is the 1 you sold, which is why I was skeptical to saying it was the only 1 on the international servers. So I believe there are only 2 on the server, the one you sold and mine, however whoever the owner is of the belt you sold might be inactive But I appriciate what you said, by you clarifying that French transfers to international servers to conduct trade is now impossible, along with the fact you managed to sell the belt for 150mk while this was still possible, further makes the belt that muc
  7. When people spend 300mk+ for a vulbis dofus which at any point may be changed to a quest item, aswell as being obtainable then im sure the dazzling belt which is 1000x more rare is going to be worth alot also. I have already had plenty offers in the 100mk+ mark so obviously you just dont really know what you're talking about, maybe the belt is silly to you because you are not a collector but its not to many I feel like you didnt even read the post and seen the actual history about the item, or read that I mentioned I was willing to negotiate, Please leave your personal
  8. doing trades from french to international are against Dofus rules and gets you banned, so this is not a valid option
  9. Bumping this post as I feel its important to note my university starts up on the 25th of Sep so I would very much prefer to sell this item before this date or it may be a long time for anybody to hear about this item again
  10. Hello I am selling the very rare lvl30 Dazzling belt History about the item: Was an item only released on the French server Jiva, later discontinued removed from the game due to being wayy too powerful for its level, hence the Powerful dazzling belt (lvl80) was released instead. You cannot craft this item and without a doubt this is the strongest low level pvp item in the game, therefore anybody with this item will have an advantage over everybody in the PVP. This is an exceptionally rare item to find in the international / English servers, and with the above informati
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