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  1. thanks for the update, i'm rather sad it won't be like the open world traditional MMO anymore like Wakfu, it would have been nice with newer tech, arts, mechanics and stories, but nevertheless still so hyped for this!
  2. Hi Gravestorm, good to know it's going to be released Internationally, what do you mean there will be no servers? like there will be only 1 server for the whole game? im still confused about the Haven Dimension concept, will most of the gameplay takes place inside of the player's Haven Dimension instead of out in the open world ? thanks for replying to me!
  3. Hi Gravestorm! I really enjoyed what you have written so far, and the only reason i made an account here is to ask you 1 question only: The most Important question: Is this game planned to be released only in France or International?? and i am a player from SEA ( South East Asia ), will we have like the Sea server or there will be an International server where Global players play together? Thanks!