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  1. liike to be fair i have a very strange very novel build based around sword of judgment and fairly high resist. sword of judgement in the right context can really win matches by basically keeping you alive long enough to make the other teams life miserable while other people on the other side do the damage. But I absolutely would be 10 times better off with my own custom kolo team. I do really well with fougernauts and ecas, osas are alright. IF I had to pick a team I'd prolly go with fouger and sadida to match my iops style. My build just isn;t bliztkrieg its the opposite, the longer I have to setup the more dangerous I am.
  2. I was pretty unhappy with a lot of the update a couple a years ago and it was partly why I left. I'll admit that I couldn't get by on those kollosium fights without an ap mage and a ochre. But having played dofus off an on for 11 years, it just seems like the plausibility of a good match went away. And after a decade ankama never made iops any less flawed. When I came back I realized I had many range spells, it seemed like it'd be a game changer, but boy was I wrong. Every single kolossium map is just a range map on steroids, every spell every update every character is just maxed out range. It's pretty rediculous. And the damage people deal now is a return to the original issues with pvp, where the fights are over so fast there isn't even time to use strategical spells. I'm not really sure what build would work on my iop, but I literally can't get a hit in, there hardly seems to be any sport in it.
  3. I last tried to login over a year ago so I imagine when I clicked rushu it was empty, and I never knew about echo. I sent a support ticket. Uh but on the dofus .com page it has no characters listed. Maybe its a bug. Hope so. Uh, I definitely am on the right account, with the same years old password, so no hack I assume, pretty clearly no hack, cuz the rosal characters are missing too.
  4. I was going to login for the first time in a couple years,. turns out rushu got merged into another server, and all my characters appear to be gone. I guess I'm wondering if ankama just deleted them from inactivity? I have no idea what their policies are now or anything, I know you could sort of restore some in the past or there were some rules about it. had a lvl 200 iop, styles
  5. holy shit so rushu is gone lol. I used to have an iop I made in 2007 named Styles. Havnt logged in in two years, im not sure but it kinda looks like ankama deleted all my characters. very confusing
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